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  • Dork Age: The 2010s marked a low point in the popularity of the series Following the critically-acclaimed but commercially underwhelming Wario Land: Shake It in 2008, Wario stopped getting new platforming adventures and WarioWare, saw a steep downturn in popularity with the back-to-back failures of WarioWare: Snapped! (which was critcized for being an obvious Tech Demo Game for the DSi camera and not working much at all), WarioWare: D.I.Y (which was critically-acclaimed but sold horribly and was more divisive among fans due to its focus on user-generated content on a platform that made content sharing inconvenient at best), and Game & Wario, which was an even bigger sales failure than D.I.Y and whose decision to eschew the fast-paced microgames that had been the series trademark for long-form minigames proved to be controversial. Fortunately, 2018's WarioWare Gold proved to be a modest success in the series' native Japan and was warmly received by critics and fans alike for returning to the series' roots as well as upgrading the presentation, with full voice acting and lots of features, though time will tell if it truly revives the series, and the platformer branch of the series still lays dormant.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Captain Syrup. Even though she has only appeared as a villain in two Wario Land games and a sort-of Nominal Hero in another, fans generally latch onto her as Wario's Arch-Enemy.
    • Rudy the Clown is also a strong contender for Wario's arch enemy to the fans.
    • Ashley became very popular as soon as her debut appearance; Nintendo eventually took notice of it and extensively promoted her after the release of Game & Wario.


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