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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Due to the "optimize" button that allows automatic team build with the most optimized POW count, players often stick with teams that yield the best possible POW regardless of the fighters' roles. This can result on the more clever players able to trick other players in the "Arena" mode by setting their defending team with a relatively low POW number but features a set of fighters that can give out high damage output and abuse team attacks (a full team consisting of nothing but team attack duos can be easily spotted on the higher ranks).
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  • Critical Research Failure: Amy Rose in the game uses her Sonic Boom redesign, because they probably didn't research her correctly and just grabbed a random Amy picture to use for reference. Her Stage 1 form, however, uses her classic design.
  • Demonic Spiders: Any enemy that can give out cheap shots, not counting giant versions of themselves is this, but the worst offenders include:
    • Enemy Toon Link. There's a reason why Toon Link is an S-tier fighter. Being an "Attacker"-type fighter, he can inflict huge damage but his defense sucks. But boy... is his damage HUGE. A single regular attack of an equal-powered Toon Link can slice off a fighter's health from around a quarter (for the Defensive ones) to half (for the less defensive ones). And don't even get started with his special, which can result in One-Hit Kill if your fighter isn't strong enough. Thinking about a quick takedown? Nah, Toon Link's base stats are already so good he's still tough no matter the disadvantageous traits. And that's before we touch the possibility of Toon Zelda appearing alongside him...note 
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    • Enemy Fox, another S-tier fighter. Like Toon Link, he's an "Attacker"-type fighter, able to score a lot of damage despite lackluster defense/HP. His regular attack may not be much unless your back row is filled with weak fighters (he prioritizes attacking the back row), but his special takes the cake for inflicting damage huge enough to potentially One-Hit Kill a fighter of equal power especially if his/her health is less than half. His special also prioritizes in striking a back row fighter, so you can easily risk losing a weaker fighter (especially if you use the "optimize" option which puts weaker fighters on the back row) once Fox's special is activated. He's the bane of players wanting to 3-star a stage.
    • Pretty much almost every team attack duo from the enemy side due to how powerful team attacks are and the fact that the AI will always land a "Perfect!" tap, but special mention goes to Sonic + Amy and Toon Link + Toon Zelda. The former inflicts damage to the entire party, which results in significant health loss, while the latter is the only duo consisting of only S-tier fighters, so despite only damaging a line of fighters, the damage output is massive enough to result in quick KOs. To a lesser extent compared to the two, King Dedede + Meta Knight, due to their team attack hitting the back row, putting weaker fighters in risk if you place them there (either manually or via the "optimize" button).
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    • All companion Pokémon if they're allied with the enemy side. Thankfully they're only used in PvP, but battles featuring them often boil down to a Luck-Based Mission due to Random Number God being the basis of when a Pokémon can get to attack. Keep in mind that a Pokémon's skill affects the entire party (Charmander/Pichu affecting the opposing team, Cleffa affecting its own allies), which can either result in quick losses due to constant barrage of full-party attacks (Charmander/Pichu) or constant disadvantage/battle stalling caused by constant healing (Cleffa) if you're unlucky. And no, you can't harm these Mons.
  • Goddamned Bats: As long these enemies listed below aren't teamed with Demonic Spiders, they're simply this.
    • Pretty much any enemy that can stun your fighters (worst offenders include Fire Bros and Spinies). Getting stunned in this game forces a turn skip until the next round, so these enemies can quickly become more annoying as you progress further.
    • Enemies that can heal. If they're based on playable fighters, expect them to be highly defensive, making them hard to KO. Enemy Ash is worse because his special also generates shields which cancel attack damage, prolonging the battle. Toadsworth is also an annoying one because his regular attack alone can hit the entire row.
    • Blooper blocks in "Submarine" mode. In this mode, you have a random chance of encountering such block while digging for valuables. Once visible, your drill will consume extra power depending on the number of Blooper blocks left undrilled. Since newly-discovered blocks are drawn in a 2-block radius from your drilling spot, you'll be forced to tough it out until you can reach the visible Blooper block(s) and clear them all (by getting into battle(s)). This also makes Light Box blocks a double-edged sword, as there's also a chance of exposing faraway Blooper blocks this way due to its capability of exposing undiscovered blocks in a much larger radius. Thankfully, battling the underwater enemies isn't really difficult as long as your fighters are up-to-date, as the enemies in that mode will gradually increase in difficulty the more Blooper blocks are cleared.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Step one, play a "Treasure" mode session where enemies won't attack you at all (like Golden Lakitus). Step two, immediately jump into a non-PvP game mode. Step three, first round of a battle is yours to abuse. Why? The game forgets to switch from the "no attacking" mode present normally on certain "Treasure" mode enemies to the proper tactics if you jump from said mode to a non-PvP mode like, say, "Adventure" mode immediately. While the bug only lasts for a round during one single-player battle only because the enemy AI is reset after said round (thus it won't help in the next section(s) if there are more than one battle section in a stage), you can save up your party's health and delay enemies' specials by taking advantage of this.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • A playable fighter's signature "weapon" is based on their Iconic Item, and is thus separate from the Awakening system. Mario's is his hat, and Mario's new attacking method in Super Mario Odyssey is an alien that takes the form of his hat.
    • See the mention of Sun Wukong in the Shout-Out section of this game's main page? About 2-3 years later since this game's release, an official Kirby game also contains the same Shout-Out!note 
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • This game was released during what fans perceived as another one of Nintendo's Dork Age (2015-2017), so expect fans considering this game being better than the Super Mario Bros. Spin-Off RPGs whenever this game was discussed back then.
    • Also expect recurring comments regarding Nintendo's refusal to take down this game (and other unlicensed games like it) yet they are free to hand out DMCA take downs to fan games when this game was relevant. Became Hilarious in Hindsight when the game went down on its own anyway, unless one still considers Chaos Fighters 2 the one and the same without the Nintendo/Sega/Konami/Capcom/Blizzard (except M. Bison) characters.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: This game is best known for its copyright infringement more so than for its cookie-cutter MMO gameplay.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The "hit miss" systemnote . All damaging attacks sans companion Pokémon's skills (which are always accurate) have a chance to miss at least one enemy, dealing no damage to said enemy at all. No biggie here... except for the fact that most skills are multi-hit, and the system makes that if a skill ends up missing an enemy, ALL the hits landed by that skill will become missed hits on that specific enemy. Yes, this even includes team attacks, which can hit several times more than other multi-hit skills especially on a "Perfect!" tap, so you can get a scenario where you'll prepare a team attack... only for the 18-hit combo attack to deal no damage whatsoever on that particular sucker that you wanted to get rid of! All just because Random Number God decided to roll a "miss". Thankfully the opponent side is also affected, but it's still not a pleasant sight if it's your team suffering from wasted skills.
  • So Okay, It's Average: Taking the copyright controversy out of the context, those who played it think of the game as this. The automated battle system and the focus on numerical stat growth from various sources, plus the fact that it uses a MMORPG template that is very common/overused in mobile games like this, result in a rather boring game.

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