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YMMV / Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

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  • Broken Base: The anime's themes on war being a hellish nightmare that's dressed up easily, sold to children, and glorified. It's either a great use of Gundam's central anti-war themes that addresses the Misaimed Fandom around it to deliver an abysmally sad but necessary story, or just a hypocritical and hollow You Bastard! statement from a franchise that continues to make its money from awesome robot fights and toys. A large part of the divide may lie in exactly where you feel the franchise's anti-war message is lost: the fans or Bandai.
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  • Complete Monster: Colonel Killing is a high-ranking Gihren loyalist who took part in Operation Rubicon. He deliberately sabotaged Operation Rubicon—which revolved around stealing or destroying the new Alex Gundam—causing the death of nearly the whole Cyclops Team; he did that just to give his superiors an excuse to destroy the civilian colony of Side 6 with nuclear weapons. When his commander overrides the order to destroy Side 6, Killing shoots him dead and usurps control of the operation, orders the nukes launched, and prompts Bernard "Bernie" Wiseman—the only surviving member of the Cyclops Team—to launch a suicidal attack on the Gundam Alex in the hopes of heading off the strike.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: A story about how glorifying war through cartoons and toys is wrong... in a Gundam series. It's likely that 0080 knows this, given the reaction of Al's friends at the end. See the page quote.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Despite appearing for less than a minute in a single episode of the OAV, the GM Sniper 2 is hugely popular with the fandom and features prominently in numerous spinoffs, most notably Rise from the Ashes and is generally considered (in and out of universe) as the overall best non-Gundam Federation MS of the One Year War.
    • The Kämpfer is another similarly popular suit. Though its appearance is brief it's praised for having a cool design loaded down with weapons and being a fearsome One-Man Army. It's also notable for being one of the only "original" mobile suits in the OVA as the others were based on pre-existing designs.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Bernie lifting up Al over his shoulders as they pretend it's an airplane.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Bernie cracks a lock on a Fed installation with an electronic thingy that even goes "LOCKOFF"... the Fan Nickname for the second Lockon from Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
    • His English VA David Hayter's role as Bernie makes it funnier when a few years later, he's become well-known for his role as Big Boss and Solid Snake, FOX/FOXHOUND commando with a specialty of infiltrating places.
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    • At the end of the fifth episode, when Bernie calls Al to tell him he's changing his mind and is going to stay and destroy the Gundam, Al finishes the call by saying "I love you, Bernie". Funnier still later on in Japan, where Al's replacement VA is Kumiko Watanabe, who ended up getting married to Bernie's voice actor Kouji Tsujitani in 2012.
  • It Was His Sled: Bernie dies and his corpse is compared to a hamburger.
  • Memetic Mutation: Bernie's remains looking like "a pile of hamburger" leads to some black humor about Bernie's Burgers within the fandom.
    • Ditto "Christina is best grill" (misspelling 'girl' intentionally, referencing the instrument that cooks hamburgers, not intentional)
    • When a Gundam-themed restaurant offered Gundam-styled burgers, streaming site Crunchyroll used a shot of Bernie eating a burger as the thumbnail for the story.
  • Moment of Awesome: Bernie faces down a Gundam in a Zaku and almost wins.
  • Signature Scene: Bernie's tragically pointless death.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: War In The Pocket hold no punches for its message on "War is not something to be glorified," especially since Al was the one who had to witness Bernie's demise at the hands of Chris and suffer Break the Cutie as a result.
  • The Woobie: Al after the events of the series. His brother figure Bernie dies at the hands of Chris, his sister figure of all people. And he has to keep an iron face so no one will find out that he was working with Zeon.
  • Tear Jerker: The Bittersweet Ending, as well as Bernard's recorded message to Al.
  • True Art Is Angsty: It's a testament that even the author found the ending too depressing.

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