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  • Broken Base:
    • Draven from League of Legends beating Link in the 2013 Character Battle was either a breath of fresh air or (supposedly) unfair rigging that prevented Link from rightfully holding the position.
    • Undertale beating many popular games including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in the 2015 Best. Game. Ever. contest thanks to Tumblr and Reddit rallies. It was either a breath of fresh air or unfair rigging via rallies.
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  • Fandom Rivalry: Donkey Kong Country vs. Fire Emblem on the site's Super Smash Bros. board thanks to their relative levels of representation in the fourth game; occasionally, Metroid and Kid Icarus are thrown into the mix.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks!:
    • The Legend of Zelda is infamous for being the most popular game series on the site by a huge margin. Needless to say, this annoys those who are sick of Link winning every character popularity tournament, a Zelda game winning "Best Game of X" tournaments, etc., making such contests/tourneys extremely predictable. This reached its peak when The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask won a "Best Game of the Decade" award; while Majora's Mask is considered a very good game, its reviews don't quite hold up to many other games released during the decade despite common fan opinions of its rivaling Ocarina of Time as the best game in the series.
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    • Square Enix and Final Fantasy in particular earn this reputation. It helps that RPGs are a Guide Dang It! genre per design, and Final Fantasy VII provides both a Trope Codifier guide and most of the other contest winners (Cloud in one, Sephiroth in a villains contest, FF7 itself in the first iteration of "Best. Game. Ever."). Square's Chrono Trigger suffers from this to a lesser extent; while it's a relatively more obscure game and falls short of Zelda and Final Fantasy in contests, it still performs extraordinarily well and is treated as a Sacred Cow on the site, with Crono often running neck-and-neck with Mario in the Character Battles.
    • Bishōnen characters suffer from this to an extent. Zelda's protagonist Link and FF7's hero and villain Cloud and Sephiroth, collectively known as "Clinkeroth", are all bishonen characters lambasted for being the three best-performing characters in the site's character battles. However, while Zelda generally performs marginally better than Final Fantasy in contests, its antagonist Ganondorf - who is a manly and rugged older man - doesn't achieve the same level of success; he lost to Sephiroth in the aforementioned villains contest, and doesn't even crack the Top 10 in most cases.
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    • Ever since Undertale began winning brackets in the 2015 "Best. Game. Ever." contest, it brought complete ire to many, as it beat Super Mario World and several other games that are considered Sacred Cows. It got to the point where it was mentioned by Kotaku. One of the follow-up polls had GameFAQs ask users if they were planning to buy Undertale since it won. The "No, and I refuse to ever buy it purely out of spite" choice came in second place with 24.71%.
    • Polls in general - contest-related and otherwise - are mocked by some users for having results that skew very heavily towards favoring games that were released in The Nineties or the Turn of the Millennium (not counting joke votes and rallies).
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Saxon = Joke Account is probably the longest running. It started out on the Pro Wrestling: WWE board, where Saxton posted often-ridiculous predictions about upcoming events while claiming to be a WWE insider. (A popular rumor was that the account actually belonged to Stevie Richards.) These predictions almost invariably being wrong led to every post getting multiple "Saxon = Joke Account" replies. And the meme exploded when a "Saxon = Joke Account" sign was held up by a fan at Survivor Series 2003 and was seen on camera multiple times. When Saxon shifted from Pro Wrestling to Politics as his primary board, his posting style pretty much remained the same and thanks to several people being regulars on both of those boards, the meme came to Politics with him. And resulted in trolls in general coming to be known as joke accounts.
    • Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action originated here.
    • The character battles are a big reason for the L block's popularity.
    • "X needs an ice cream monster" has become a bit of a catchphrase on the 3DS and Wii U boards, due to a rather infamous anti-Nintendo poster known for, among other things, his blind, seething hatred of Vanillish.
    • "Tails are beautiful" due to a strange gimmick poster on the Super Smash Bros. boards.
    • [This post was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator] has become a common joke to put at the end of a post that ends abruptly (normally one that complains about the moderation or claims the poster is secretly evil/a troll/banned/etc.).
    • "Close your account" is a common response to Troll topics.
    • "Alvin is a mistake".Explanation 
  • Network Decay:
    • WoT (408) originated as a forum to discuss the events of 9/11 and then the war on terror. One of the two acknowledged instances of board decay; it quickly devolved into a social board, and due to the topicality issues, the board was temporarily removed, then reinstated as a hidden board. In the process, it was officially renamed from "War on Terrorism" to WOT. The politics discussions were then given its own board, 261.
    • Read the main article on this page and think of everything associated with the site: the message boards, the polls, the character battle contests, the controversial reviews, the fanbase arguments, the moderation, the CNET controversy, etc., and realize how few of these factors are actually about FAQs and guides.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Princess Daisy from Super Mario Bros. is infamously one of the most hated characters on the site's Super Smash Bros. boards thanks to an infamous troll called Michaeloll and numerous other users who imitate his style.
    • Lucina of Fire Emblem Awakening is more widely hated on the same Smash board than in other communities due to the backlash against Fire Emblem representation in the game (particularly from Donkey Kong and Metroid fans) being more vocal than in said other communities, who more infamously give Dark Pit the Scrappy treatment instead.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: An audience-induced example. The contests in general are often considered this due to the immense Hype Backlash regarding its most frequent "winners" (ie the Zelda and Final Fantasy franchises).
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Back when the site came around in 1995, it was among the most revolutionary things to happen to gaming period. Prior to this site, you needed to purchase a guide (Which wasn't always available period), consult an 800 number, have a subscription to a magazine (Which gave walkthroughs in pieces) or know someone who studied the living heck out of a game if you wanted any kind of information. Similarly, prior to Reddit and social media like Tumblr, it was also one of the few ways you could connect with any fans or other players of a game period outside of official or fan forums. Some of these walkthroughs were arguably better than so-called official guides, which had a tendency to be poorly constructed and/or based off of betas. However, they were still presented in textual format, relying on the writer's ability to convey information given to the player by visual or even audio cues (as well as the reader's ability to link it to the information on their screens). It's rarer to find a walkthrough given than it is to just look up the specific part on YouTube, a Let's Play, the Reddit, or even the wiki. All of these have made the actual FAQ section of GameFAQs seem rather barren, with fewer people finding it worth the time to write a guide.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Those who weren't infuriated by Undertale winning the 2015 "Best. Game. Ever." contest may see this as cathartic payback against the Zelda and Final Fantasy fans that often dominate the polls.

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