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The autoflag has crappy MMA.
It marks every message containing words such as "gay", "Hitler", "&r=", and "fap", regardless of the context. Doing this kills the MMA of GameFAQs users, so why not the autoflag?

In addition, it has long been known that messages containing autoflagged words are not necessarily looked at by a moderator, but get higher priority in the queue if an actual user also marks them — just like someone with crappy MMA! Ahahaha!

  • How about the moderators and administrators over there are just douches with very large sticks up their asses?
    • Why, This troper must ask, is an autoflag rant on this page?
      • For the hell of it. Why else?
      • Although some of the words like gay, fag, and hitler have been removed from the autoflag system....for now.

Their refusal to get message boards with an 'edit' feature is secretly an attempt to teach all their posters a lesson about the values of proofreading.
Sadly, this poster just isn't up to their challenge.
  • You're so weak...
    • The problem is that people like THIS Troper often posts late at night, and many of said posts sound stupid upon later inspection.
  • Jossed
    • Not jossed at all. You still need to have a high-ish level account to edit your posts.
    • In addition to that, you can only edit within an hour of the post regardless of level.
  • Someone forgot to preview "they're" edit.

Some day, the spellcheck feature on GameFAQs will stop flagging the word "mage" as incorrect.
I mean, considering its prevalence in many of the games on the site...

The pool is a planet and the man is a room outside.

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