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Alright, This Troper is a TalesFantard straight out of Heck (No that really says " Heck"), especially for Symphonia. This guy Loves the Official Couple of that game, and isn't afraid to say so. (Or blatantly stat that they ARE the Official Couple, much to the dismay of the fans of the other pairings.) His handle comes from a dead pairing name of that couple ("Airshipping") and well... claiming it was Canon.


This guy launched "Rogue Protagonist", and isn't quite sure if the credit will be there, because the log in system of this site is kind of iffy. He also wrote up the entry for "Chrome Hounds".

This troper believes Rousseau Was Right, is a Determinator, and abhors Wangst. And may have an odd liking of The Pollyanna. Also a Wide-Eyed Idealist.

(Obviously if he was in a War Movie he'd die. First. Unless its a Mecha Show (namely a Real Robot). (Because this troper has some mad Armored Core skills.)

He's also making a game using RPG Maker.

It's called Zion: Record of Ivala. Due to some issues,it's got no release date, yet.

Also: Hates the change of Rape The Dog to Moral Event Horizon. Doesn't like HATES cuts on anything that's not some stupid random thing. May randomly archive things when you're not looking to prevent things like that.



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