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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Lots of this with Nod. Many Nod fans consider Nod to be benevolent freedom fighters despite all of the atrocities they commit in each of their appearances. A fair amount of arguments also surround the world-altering missile in Tiberian Sun. Some fans get crazy ideas that it would not have harmed any life on Earth, and try to source C&C wiki on that, despite that wiki having a ton info that is pure speculation and forgetting that it did not say that missile wouldn't kill anything, only that the mutations would be different from normal Tiberium mutations. This continues with Nod in Tiberium Wars, where they have a bit more ground because Nod is depicted as less evil. Kane, however, still lies a lot about his plans even to his own subordinates, and in Kane's Wrath he stated that he intended to lose the third war he started against GDI. There's also debate about how good his plans are. Many Nod fans like the idea that everything was supposedly going as Kane planned in the wholes series, while others will admit that Kane's plans were ridiculous, relying on heavily implausible events, and that while he supposedly waged wars against GDI to weaken them, he gave them more than sufficient time in-between wars to recover.
    • It turns out the Nod fans were right, the conclusion of 4 states that all Nod members vanished from Earth after he activated Threshold 19.
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    • By the end of Tiberian Twilight, Kane is revealed as having more-or-less made many things up as he went along. In the first two games, he tried to take over the world. In the third his main purpose was to gain the Tacitus and the Scrin Threshold. In the last game, having seen (thrice) that fighting GDI is futile, he allies with them, because what he really needed all along was access to the resources to build a power source for the Tower (the TCN) and a key to unlock it (the Tacitus). Supposedly, after having conquered the world in either of the first two games, he intended to bring the Scrin to Earth, steal a Tower, build a TCN and Ascend... which is, you know, precisely what happened in the end.
  • Awesome Music: Plenty, but "Act on Instinct," the first track you hear when you start playing the original game, is pretty much the franchise's theme song. Even if it only appears in half the games.
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  • Broken Base: There's always been contention over whether the games made since EA acquired Westwood were any good, though both factions have come together to decry Tiberian Twilight.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Even before Nod was humanized in the last two games, they had a following that, at best, saw them as benevolent freedom fighters and, at worst, seemed to pretend that Nod's numerous acts of evil didn't even happen or actively believed them whenever they blamed their own atrocities on GDI, even as the game itself clearly showed what was happening.
  • Evil Is Cool: Those few people who consider Nod evil still at least admit that they are certainly a cool and worthy foe to GDI. Joseph Kucan's performance as Kane certainly helps in this regard, as he exudes a certain charisma and a Magnificent Bastard streak. Subverted with Nod fans - Nod is not evil and GDI is not cool.
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  • Fan Nickname: The venerable Mammoth Tank is a "Mammy," while the boxy subterranean Flame Tank from Tiberian Sun is the "BURROWING SHOEBOX OF HORRIBLE BURNING DEATH."
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Fans still debate a number of issues, notably which ending of the first Red Alert leads to Tiberian Dawn, or whether even it makes sense to include Red Alert 1 in the Tiberium continuity at all. In addition, most fans consider most (if not all) of the Tiberium Wars novelization, along with Tiberian Twilight, non-canon.
  • Game-Breaker: Mammoth Tanks, the Commando & Transport Chopper combo, Tiberian Sun's Artillery and Subterranean APCs, Rocket Launchers...
    • Tiberian Sun's Artillery is especially bad, mostly because of how accurate they are against moving targets. Even the strongest armored units in the game, including the Mammoth Mk.2, will be torn to pieces by just a few Artillery. They effectively obsolete the Obelisk of Light in terms of ground defense, since in addition to greater range and lower price, they require no power and will pulverize groups of infantry, unlike the Obelisk. For balance purposes, they were nerfed in the expansion.
    • The Black Hand; the original infantry was already nigh-unstoppable, and there's an entire faction dedicated to them, which lets them completely destroy everything on the ground, adds other units such as the best Anti-Air in the game, the ability to add a Black Hand to all your base infantry squads, a Humongous Mecha based on the avatar that has a flamethrower which can fire while it's moving, letting a group raze entire bases just by walking by, There's also the fact that a single Black Hand squad can defeat a Sniper Squad, despite the fact that A: a Sniper Team is a dedicated anti-infantry unit while a Black Hand Squad is an anti-infantry/anti-building unit and B: The Black Hand is in fact, cheaper than the Sniper Team.
    • The Purifying Flame upgrade the Black Hand faction has access to. In Tiberium Wars, all weapons are balanced to only be effective against either infantry, armor, buildings, or air, which is meant to encourage a diverse army composition rather than just finding the most powerful unit and spamming it to hell and back (a problem that plagued earlier games). The Purifying Flame upgrade however makes Flamethrowers, which are meant to be used against infantry and garrisons, powerful enough to melt tank armor. This was suppose to make up for the Black Hand's general lack of anti-armor units (due to their preference for flamethrowers) but instead it just made every single unit in the army into game breakers since there's now nothing short of aircrafts they can't harm (and they got the Mantis AA gun to compensate for that). This is especially terrifying on the aforementioned Purifier Warmech, whose flamethrower does not need it to stop (unlike the laser) or even aimed for it to fire, allowing a handful of Purifiers to simply walk through enemy bases razing them to the ground in an instant.
    • The MARV from Kane's Wrath is a giant tank that can garrison four infantry, fires sonic waves from a three-barreled cannon, can instantly harvest Tiberium, and with the right combination of infantry is nigh unstoppable.
    • The Cultists, from Kane's Wrath. They have the same mind control power as the Mastermind (capable of taking control of any non-epic ground unit, with the control being permanent, unaffected by distance, and remaining in effect until either the target or controller is destroyed), but without the drawbacks, such as, Cultists are normal units without a build limit and they're cheap (1000 credits). Also, they are quite fast and have a speed upgrade. There are five in a squad, making them difficult to kill quickly, and they don't lose any effectiveness even when down to one. Countering them with anti-infantry air can be quite expensive (and won't work if the Cultists are backed up with anti-air, with Scrin having several cheap AA units to choose from). Attempting to overwhelm them with cheap ground units can be costly and frustrating due to their speed, and they can easily nullify even large groups of tier 3 heavy units.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Just like the Soviets from Red Alert, the Brotherhood of Nod was very popular in 1990's Russia, though for murkier reasons. Partially this can be blamed on Kane appearing in Red Alert and Nod sharing the same red team color with the Soviets, making gamers assume they're both one faction, and a few Russian gaming magazines erroneously stating Nod are Russian and GDI are American. Tiberian Sun also was released shortly after 1999's Yugoslavian conflict, and a faction with a Serbian protagonist opposing the NATO-inspired GDI was sympathetic to Russian audience. Last but not least, in Russia Kane is often (though mostly humorously) associated with Vladimir Lenin, not only for having similar bald head and goatee, or being a Magnificent Bastard orchestrating the Revolution, but also for Soviet propaganda slogans claiming that Lenin "lived, lives and will live", similar to "Kane lives in death".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In Tiberian Dawn, Seth is executed by Kane for trying to order the player's forces into making a full frontal attack on the Pentagon. In Tiberium Wars, the second GDI mission has you defending the Pentagon from a full frontal attack by Nod forces, and the final Nod mission of the first act involves destroying GDI in Washington DC.
    • The media manipulation by Nod in Tiberium Dawn and Tiberian Sun, especially with the player's out-of-universe perspective making the lies incredibly obvious, bears an uncanny resemblance to the practice of and controversy surrounding "fake news" in The New '10s.
    • The implication of Kane being immortal, or at least Long-Lived looks almost true to life in the promotional video for the remaster, as Joseph Kucan doesn't look a whole lot older twenty five years after his first appearance in Tiberian Dawn - apparently all he needed to do to look just like he did back in 1995 was dye his beard.
  • Love to Hate: Kane is one of the most well known PC game examples.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Kane appears, see the main page for details.
  • Memetic Badass: The entire GDI is roughly treated as the faction equivalent of The Ace by Space Battles, as well as most every other sci-fi "X vs. Y" fight forum. This is thanks in part to the fact that the Third Tiberium War features a GDI that had cut back on funding for the military so that they could focus on fighting Tiberium, yet they still managed to beat both Nod and the Scrin in a massive global war. This is in addition to avoiding the mistake of becoming a military government when the United Nations Security Council handed over control to them. One poster joked in response to a thread questioning GDI's reputation there that "Tiberium Wars might as well be called Command and Conquer 3: GDI Kicks Everyone's Ass when you look at how the war actually went down."
  • Nightmare Fuel: Usually not noticed until you start thinking about it and put yourself in place of the people at your command:
    • Tiberium contamination effects in human bodies.
    • Kane's half face hidden by a mask in Tiberian Sun.
    • The development of cyborg technology and its failed results, their succesful ones may count too.
    • The Cyborg Reaper from Firestorm travels on four insect-like legs and attacks by trapping infantry in a net and proceeding to pummel them to death with missiles. Comes complete with a creepy computer voice and a skull-like face.
    • The Marked of Kane in it's conception. Unlike the Tib Sun Cyborgs, who were living humans mutated with tiberium and given cybernetic augmentations, the Marked of Kane are made from the corpses of Nod's most fanatical soldiers. The process is so horrific that the scientists and experiment had to be kept a secret from even the Black Hand, for fear of the revolt it would cause within the Brotherhood should it be found out. And even then, the Marked of Kane are completely useless without CABAL (or LEGION) as they have no will of their own. And it's implied that a few Marked were activated prematurely...and basically turned into rabid, berserk monsters in the countryside. More horrific still, Kane implied that he also had several of his troops in the Third Tiberium War augmented without their knowledge, his still living troops. These soldiers could be "reactivated" after their deaths into Awakened Cyborgs with the Redemption Power the baseline brotherhood faction had.
    • Everything to do with Cabal's army. It's outright stated that after he took out Nod high command, he started harvesting soldiers and civilians alike, from both sides, to be converted into his cyborg army. In a GDI mission you have to destroy one such processing facility, where the civilians and soldiers are herded into camps like cattle, before being pushed through what looks like an assembly line, pooping out a cyborg at the end. Technical limitations negated some of the horror (as the humans just sort of drop dead when they enter the "converter" and a Cyborg takes its place) but still terrifying nonetheless.
    • The Nod ending in Tiberian Sun. McNeil is captured and has obviously suffered torture, the Philadelphia is destroyed by Nod's ICBMs (and Slavik forces McNeil to watch it!), and Kain launches his world-altering missile, turning Earth into a Tiberian wasteland.
  • Ron the Death Eater: GDI gets this big time for being Nod's main enemy, with many fans arguing GDI are the real villains, ignoring things like they are the ones who frequently have the missions to defend civilians from Nod, and in Tiberium Wars, the Scrin, while Nod's missions frequently have them carrying out massacres and during the Scrin invasion being too busy fighting among themselves and with GDI to do much serious fighting against it (not that GDI do a whole lot better, where even the Scrin are baffled that, even with their appearance as a common enemy, GDI and Nod continue fighting each other).
  • Rooting for the Empire: Nod has a lot of fandom support, with the closest thing GDI has likely gotten to having any is the criticism that Kane's Wrath only had a campaign for Nod (though the Scrin not having one either was also criticized).
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Tiberium Wars ended with the Scrin planning on sending a real invasion to earth, but EA decided to just drop the whole plot for Tiberium Twilight — which itself ends on a rather confusing note.
  • Updated Re Release: Command & Conquer: Remastered, a two-pack containing Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, plus expansions. Better graphics, all the Quality of Life upgrades over 20 years, and no Origin account required.
  • Villain Decay: Kane. The later games in the series make it questionable if he even is a villain... and his obviously evil actions in previous games backfire on him several times.