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Live-action Fox series Action:

  • Awesome Music: Warren Zevon's "Even a Dog Can Shake Hands". Also, the closing credits theme.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • The final episode features a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of the Weinstein Brothers (named the Rothstein brothers), depicting them as a pair of gluttonous sexual deviants even more morally bankrupt than Peter. Their demand for the "services" of former sex worker Wendy in exchange for the rights to Peter's film takes a darker undertone after the late 2017 allegations against elder brother Harvey Weinstein came to light.note 
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    • Actual Weinstein accuser Salma Hayek accuses Peter Dragon of sexual harassment.

1970's British comic book Action

  • Ass Pull: The ending of Kids Rule O.K. where the remnants of adult police somehow managed to turn the feuding gangs into cooperating and productive work force despite many of their friends being killed in the turf wars seems like it was resolved suddenly without any forms of development.
  • Complete Monster: Dr. Gelder from Hook Jaw is a mixture of incompetence, greed, and malice. When the titular shark menaces his island paradise, which he has stolen from the natives, Gelder refuses to take the threat seriously and even carelessly draws the shark to attack his undersea restaurant, resulting in his wealthy guests being massacred. Only caring about the financial consequences, Gelder tries to have Hook Jaw killed, but when the shark is drugged, Gelder decides to keep it for the money-making potential and promises the leader of the natives, Sharkie, that if he drugs Hook Jaw in the water, Gelder will give him back his island. Gelder allows blood to be thrown into the water to drive Hook Jaw mad, resulting in Sharkie's near death. When he gets fed up, Gelder even evicts the entire native populace on small boats, sending the men, women and children into the shark-infested waters and almost-certain death. When his own incompetence dooms the island, Gelder tries to steal the boats from the natives and shoots any who try to stop him, condemning them to die on the island before kicking his loyal bodyguard to Hook Jaw to save his own skin.
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  • Mary Suetopia: The setting of Death Game 1999 and Kids Rule O.K.
  • Narm: Some of the dialogue comes off as pretty dated. The tendency for those about to die by Hook Jaw spouting some variant of "No! The Jaws!" is a particular example.


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