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  • Dragon Ball Z
    • Yamcha never has anything good happen to him, and throughout the series had to deal with an abusive girlfriend who would later leave him for someone who oversaw his murder. Some fans, mostly Vegeta and Bulma shippers, have no sympathy for him, bashing, and demonizing him constantly in fan fiction where he's portrayed as a Domestic Abuser, constantly invoke The Unfair Sex with him, and Bulma, and portray him as a selfish glory hog. He's constantly portrayed as weak, simply for being caught off guard by a Saibaman's suicide attack, even though it could've killed anyone there except for Piccolo, and fans downplay anything he does in the series.
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    • Future Trunks, what with being the only hope left in an apocalyptic hellhole of a Bad Future where the villains could kill him at most any time and just leave him alive to toy with him for roughly twenty years until he finally turns the tables and it was awesome.
    • Future Chi-Chi. She ends up losing her husband to the heart virus and then ends up losing her son to a battle with the Androids.
    • Chi-Chi also qualifies. While she can be annoying, overprotective of Gohan, and can sometimes be selfish when it comes to her priorities, she's shown many times that she loves her family very much. Despite this, fans ignore her good qualities and portray her even worse in fanfictions, where she's portrayed as an Evil Matriarch who could care less about Goku and her sons. Also, in the show, she had to go through watching Goku (who was her fiance at the time) almost getting murdered by Piccolo, who was his mortal enemy. She also had to go through dealing with her son Gohan getting kidnapped by Raditz and then Piccolo. Is it any wonder she was so angry when Gohan said he wanted to go to Namek to revive Piccolo? And she has to deal with a lot of stress because of her son and husband getting put in dangerous situations. This may be why she wants Gohan to become a scholar, because she feels that education is the only way to survive, and she may not want Gohan to depend on fighting forever.
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    • Gohan is a woobie for having to go through witnessing his father die twice. He never was a fighter at heart and ever since he was 4, his childhood has been nothing but struggle. He's also shown to have horrible nightmares regarding his fights with Frieza, meaning that the poor kid was traumatized. In the Cell Arc, he's shown to have a lot of self-esteem issues. During his battle with Cell, it was hard for fans to watch Gohan turn from a Nice Guy into a homicidal manic that would make Frieza proud. Considering all the things Cell did, it's kind of hard to blame him. He does get better in the later Arcs.
    • Android 18 has some of woobieness in the Cell Saga. She was a human forcibly converted into an android and programmed to kill Goku, and was in the middle of the saga being chased and stalked by Cell, got to see her brother eaten, and got absorbed herself on the verge of death.
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    • Fat Buu. He just can't win against another form of himself. First, Evil Buu quickly beats him into submission, not even really toying with him. Then Mr. Buu defends Hercule and helps buy time in facing the final Big Bad, Kid Buu. This version is in all likelihood vastly stronger than the lean, grey earlier version, but takes his sweet time mercilessly slaughtering Mr. Buu and eventually causing the latter to depleting his ki reserves. It takes a freakin' lot to ellicit that feeling between two amorphous blobs which usually take shape, when it probably doesn't make sense how the match is even possible. (It doesn't affect him on a deeper level, but when you have *fanfare* "The Woooorld Champiooon" on your side, what will?) But he's far from the first in the series.
    • Sorbet from Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’. It is quite clear he is none to happy about being the impromptu leader and to that extent he doesn't have the same hold over the men. Once he resurrects Frieza, he is met with disdain and his loyal soldier, Tagoma, is killed for speaking out of term. What little control he had is gone thanks to the clearly broken Frieza. During the invasion, he clearly doesn't want to lose any men. Frieza, being a jerkass, kills all of the men, including Shisami, Sorbet's Dodoria. At the end of the day, he is killed due to a single dumb wish that all could've been avoided if Frieza had listened to Tagoma. It's really hard not to feel sorry for him despite being labeled a villain.
  • Dragon Ball Super:
    • We can say that the entire future arc characters are this, but these characters are the best examples:
      • Future Trunks. He was already the woobie in Dragon Ball Z since he came from a world that was After the End where everyone he knew except his mom was killed by the androids, including his beloved mentor Gohan. By the end of the Cell Games, he seemed to finally have his happy ending where he kills all the androids, including Cell, and brings peace to the world. Years later, Goku Black appears and destroys his world far worse than the androids ever did since there's barely any food, and Trunks and others are reduced to eating pet food to survive. His mother is then brutally murdered by Black, and his last friend Mai is also seemingly killed before his eyes. To make all this even more bitter, Trunks with the help of the Future Supreme Kai stopped Babidi and Dabura from awakening Majin Buu and unlocked Super Saiyan 2 in the process, preventing the chaos that happened in the main timeline. Yet, none of that was enough to stop the rise of Black. Because of his horrible experience, he has a clear case of PTSD where he has waking nightmares, trouble relaxing, and even seeing Goku's face causes him to have flashbacks of Black. He's also reduced to tears when he sees the happy life that Gohan is allowed to live since such happiness was stolen from him. It's to the point that the collective fanbase just wants to give Trunks a hug. And things actually gets worse for him when his entire timeline is destroyed by Zeno to stop the immortal Fusion Zamasu, after having everyone already killed. So everything he fought for still died despite his best efforts... his only break is that they get to a new timeline where none of it happened.
      • Future Bulma got it just as bad. Just as they are finally putting their world back together from the androids and dodging a bullet with Majin Buu, Goku Black comes out of nowhere and declares that he will destroy humanity in the name of justice. For over a year, she works to get fuel for the time machine as Black kills what remains of her world. To make it all worse, the person doing all this looks like her dear friend who saved the world countless times and she did everything to save in another timeline. It becomes even sadder since it is Goku's body, but not his soul. She even names him Goku Black because she couldn't stand calling this monster Son Goku. At the end of her life, she is killed by Black, meaning that the last face she sees is a twisted version of Goku.
      • The version of Goku who got his body stolen by Zamasu and then killed. The very idea that the hero of the series was given such a miserable end before his body is used by a mad god to kill his friends in another timeline has horrified and saddened many in the fandom. It gets worse when it's revealed that Zamasu killed that version Goku in front of Goten and Chi-Chi and then butchered them out of spite.
      • You could say the entire population of the Future timeline is this. First, they were raided by the androids, and hardly survived. Then, a new menace appeared in the form of Goku Black, and they did everything they could to support Trunks in his battle, and it ended all for nothing once Zamasu kills them all. Every single person in the world, the little kids, Yajirobe, hell, even Android 8 and Turtle, gone, and they can't be revived. Remember 16? Imagine a whole universe of 16's.
    • Gowasu. Although he was blind to Zamasu's growing hatred of mortals, he is filled with regret and sadness after seeing what Zamasu did to Future Trunks' timeline. When it's all over and he looks at the Time Ring created when Beerus killed Present Zamasu, he can only call it his sin before closing the box. Come the Universe Survival saga, he doesn't seem to have the highest hopes for his universe's chances. In fact, he's so worked up from Zamasu, he can't even pick a team, whom Rumsshi picks said team of powerhouses. However, said team ends up doing quite bad in the Tournament of Power, with even the team leader easily getting offed. The fact that Gowasu along with Universe 10 is erased from existence doesn't help things either ... especially how his last words were congratulating the last fighter in a somber tone.
    • Bergamo. All he wants is for his universe to be respected, and for the universes to not be wiped out of existence should they lose the tournament. It must be awful to be treated like crap just for being from a universe Zeno believes to be the weakest. And then he, his teammates, gods, and his entire universe gets erased.
    • Broly from Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Somebody give this guy a hug. First off, he was exiled to an unknown planet at a very early age. Then he was raised to be a weapon of revenge for his father. And you know how he obtained his Super Saiyan form? Through Frieza killing Paragus, one of the only people that he cared about. You know a character is different from their original counterpart when they manage to make Broly a truly sympathetic character, especially since he lacks many - if not all - villainous traits the original had and instead ramps up the tragedy surrounding his character.

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