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TOOP's topic from 2017 and Minisaurus's 2019 topic reveal planned cut content for Everybody Edits over the years. Some of it falls under Dummied Out instead, while other is used in later updates or is otherwise planned for the sequelEverybody Edits Universe.

Action Blocks and Packages

  • The Mineral Pack was planned to be released as the Stone Pack, and also contained a gray block unlike the finished product. This weirdly went full cycle as the Viking Pack was released with a stone block, years later being moved into a Stone Pack. This then inspired a multi-colored stone pack (including gray) being added to Everybody Edits Universe, though it's darker, having drifted from the original concept.
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  • The implementation of ice physics has been attempted multiple times before reaching its final form. The game was originally meant to have a function that would make a block slippery and give it an icy upper half. Eventually this idea was reworked to have Ice be a flat action block, before being finalized and added to the game as a full block.
  • The New Years 2011 pack was originally meant to have animated sparkler decorations.
  • Cornered one-way and ramps blocks were planned for the Domestic Pack before being cut, because their physics didn't work well with the final game. There were also planned animated mug and morphable television decorations, though the latter got in its static, unchanging form.
  • A Steampunk Pack was planned for 2016, but wasn't considered to be of high-enough quality.
  • Toxic liquid blocks with a Sickly Green Glow were planned, but not added for looking mediocore.
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  • The Fairground Pack would have multicolored flags, ramps, and patterned backgrounds. The pack also included some blinking lights.
  • Lime, magenta, beige, and brown color extensions to several of the packs was considered. The sign was also intended to be extended into several different colors, which was partially done in the sequel by including a green sign.
  • A multicolored Steel Pack was considered, but the more stone-like Tile Pack was added instead.
  • A High Gravity Effect, to contrast the Low Gravity Effect.
  • Bouncy rubber blocks.
  • A winter pack was planned but cancelled, having several new snowy blocks.
  • The City Pack was going to have new brick types, new roof blocks including ramps, windows, a construction cone, and more. The pack was cut, although the traffic cone was used for the Construction Pack.
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  • In 2017, a new Gemstone Pack was considered for those who own the Diamond Block.
  • A Blood Pack was suggested, but rejected. This would include blood overlays, swimmable liquid blood, and blood dripping from above.

Decorations and Backgrounds

  • In 2015, an extra orange Egg was considered to be added to the Easter 2012 pack, but this didn't happen.
  • Particle-emitting blocks were planned for Spring 2016, but not added. Some ideas presented include rain, confetti, snow, and sparks.
  • Decorations that looked like smileys were planned.
  • Sky Backgrounds were planned, as a gradient of tiles from blue to orange. Saturated Solid Backgrounds were also planned, but cut for being too saturated.
  • Shape decorations, which included a circle, ovals, rectangles, a diamond, and triangles pointing all four directions in several different colors.
  • A version of text decorations were meant for the public, but this idea was left behind.

Smileys and Auras

  • Some cut smileys include the Eggshell, Little Girl, Football, Genie, Medallion, Rockstar, Superhero, Grim Reaper, Miner, Frog, and Pug Smileys. The Genie Smiley was eventually reworked for the Turban Smiley, but the Grim Reaper Smiley was cut from the Halloween 2015 update for its unclear hitbox.
  • The Spy and Tourist smileys were meant to have a collar and a Hawaiian lea respectively.
  • A Sepia Aura was planned but cut.
  • Smiley Variants. Some smileys would come with several variations to them. The same image shows a replacement for the Bruce Smiley, having slick hair and a bowtie.

Updates and Contests

  • RPGMaster2000 planned a desert-themed update. While a slightly different Cowboy Smiley eventually got in, plus a cactus decoration, the pyramid-like blocks remain not in-game.
  • A green-themed update, which including a Green Wizard and green coins.
  • The Bunny Smiley was originally meant to have taller ears, but had to be shortened to fit the maximum smiley size.
  • A music contest was planned, but cut for being too predictable and specific.
  • A Fantasy Competition was planned, but never happened. It came with the Princess, Fairy, and Dragon smileys, which were later added in some form, but the decorative prizes weren't.
  • The Summer 2016 contest trophy blocks originally looked less like trophies and more like floating medals, but their appearance in game is more trophy-like.
  • Blue, green, and red Eyeball Smileys were planned as contest rewards before just the blue one was added as a campaign reward.
  • An American Independence Day update was planned for 2016, including an Uncle Sam Smiley, plus several patriotic decorations. Everybody Edits would eventually celebrate Independence Day in 2018, with the release of a fireworks block.
  • The Carnival Contest would have included new smiley prizes and trophy rewards.
  • The Historical Contest would have new Samurai, Pharaoh, and Buccaneer smileys as rewards. It was cut for the smileys lacking in quality, and the idea not being fun enough.
  • Reindeer, Grinch, and Gingerbread NPCs, plus a Gingerbread Pack for a Christmas 2018 update.

Other Content

  • When Low Gravity Worlds were in the shop, even larger Great Low Gravity Worlds were planned.
  • In the January 2015, the game was going to have a redesigned logo for the game's new Loading Screen, before the original one was found and reused.
  • When the Zombie Effect was added, the Staff planned to rework the zombies into a generic infection like the curse.


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