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Being an online game with a heavy emphasis on player interaction, it's only natural that plenty of memes would spawn from it.

Memes from in-game:

  • The Bruce smiley was made to resemble Bruce Campbell, down to the chin and the facial details. It soon became memetically popular due to its unusually realistic design.
  • The BJSPPS. It's a bishop smiley on top of a statue on top of a pot covered by a bush. The actual game did not start the meme, but rather a player to be exact.
  • code pls explanation 
    • cod explanation 
    • pls notroll explanation 
    • edit pls explanation 
  • Hi. Goodbye. Help me! Thank you. Follow me. Stop! No. Yes. Left. Right. explanation 
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  • Benje00 is a secret moderator. explanation 

Memes from fora:

  • The "Fishbowl Astronaut" explanation 
    • fishbole explanation 
  • Soon explanation 
  • HELp explanation 
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  • Danielcool1 is the best player ever. explanation 
  • demod [moderator] explanation 
  • Vision blockers when? explanation 
  • Everybody Edits. Yeah. explanation 
    • This game you see... explanation 
  • we might campaign this explanation 
  • jar jar JUMP explanation 

Memes from IRC and Discord:

  • We believe in seventh chances. explanation 
  • swoot explanation 
  • I am really a adult, I have 3 kids, delivery is my job, my IQ is 163. explanation 


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