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Toivo Kissa, the wizard professor protagonist prone to adventure and disaster in equal measure.

Ingress Adventuring Company is a fantasy adventure webcomic written by Kay Rossbach. The comic is about a wizard professor named Toivo Kissa, who runs a one-man adventuring party. He is joined by a rotating cast of characters, including his irritable daughter, Rosemary, and the intimidating secretary, Jessica. Each chapter is episodic and follows a monster of the week format.

Ingress Adventuring Company contains examples of:

  • Action Dad: Toivo balances his adventures with parenting his teenage daughter Rosemary.
  • Animating Artifact: Enfyn’s Heart is said to bring people back from the dead, but according to Toivo it attaches a soul to a corpse like a puppet, so they’re not actually alive.
  • Anime Hair: Toivo has an orange streak in his hair and the secretary Jessica has two-toned hair.
  • Ambiguously Absent Parent: Rosemary's mom has yet to be mentioned in the comic.
  • Amicable Exes: Toivo and Aidan have been revealed to have shared a romantic relationship in the past, but still get along.
  • Ban on Magic: Certain kinds of magic, like Blood Magic, are highly illegal.
  • Carrying a Cake: In Chapter 2, Toivo uses a cake as a weapon against a demon, essentially destroying it for Professor Leon’s anniversary celebration.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Multiple through the comic.
    • In Chapter 3, both the rain buckets that are littered throughout Toivo’s house and the boxes of wands laying around in the ghost room. Both are later used to defeat the big bad ghost that appears.
    • Chapter 4, Enfyn’s Heart is the obvious one. It’s shown prominently at the beginning of the chapter, then used at the end to bring back a mysterious figure from the dead.
  • Dead Guy Puppet: Derik takes this to an extreme by creating a whole new body out of the villagers of Enkester to puppet around.
  • Dungeon-Based Economy: The titular company seems to run off of this trope.
  • Every Scar Has a Story: Derik and Toivo share matching scars on the backs of their hands, both in the shapes of magic circles.
  • Experienced Protagonist: Toivo is shown to be well-versed at magic when the comic begins.
  • Face Your Fears: In Chapter 3, Toivo is forced to open the closet to finally face the literal ghosts of those relationships that he unconsciously conjured up as a means of not dealing with the pain of rejection.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Aidan conjures holy water with his cleric abilities to dispatch the large attacking spirit in Chapter 3.
  • Immortality Begins at Twenty: Toivo looks like he’s in his twenties, and has been for a while.
  • Inevitably Broken Rule: Twice in Chapter 4, both by Spicer after Toivo tells her to not get in trouble. She ignores him, to varying degrees of success.
  • Interspecies Romance: Toivo and Aidan shared a relationship in the past but due to humans and elves aging differently, one looks much older than the other now.
  • Medieval European Fantasy: Ingress Adventuring Company takes place in a standard fantasy setting.
  • Necromancer: On his first appearance, Derik brings someone back from the dead.
  • Non-Indicative Name: One of Toivo's customers is a little surprised that despite it being described as a "company", implying multiple people, Toivo is the only person who actually seems to be hired.
  • Older Than They Look: Toivo. Looks to be in his mid-twenties or so, but in actuality has a teenaged daughter and is “almost 70.”
  • Our Elves Are Different: Toivo is an elf, and his youthful looks and affinity with magic may be related to this.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: In Chapter 3, Tovio and Rosemary's house is haunted, causing Tovio to call Aidan, an old friend, to help deal with it. It turns out that the ghosts are the ghosts of Tovio's relationships, unconsciously called up by the wizardy Serial Romeo to not have to deal with the pain of rejection.
  • Pointy Ears: Toivo and Rosemary have elvish pointy ears.
  • Possessing a Dead Body: In chapter 4, Derik uses Enfyn’s Heart to place a soul into a body he made from a bunch of the local villagers.
  • Psycho Ex-Girlfriend: The spirit that Toivo, Aidan, and Rosemary find in Chapter 3 appears to be malevolent in a way that the other ghosts are not, indicating they did not part on good terms.
  • Robe and Wizard Hat: Toivo's adventuring gear consists of a traditional robe and wizard hat.
  • Role-Playing Game 'Verse: Elves, Dwarves, magic, and adventuring parties.
  • Sassy Secretary: Jessica is Toivo's deadpan secretary, and seems more devoted to keeping people out of Toivo's business than letting people see him.
  • Serial Romeo: According to Rosemary, her father has a tendency to fall for people rather easily, along with a bad sense of judging their character. Apparently, he falls in love so easily that he's got an entire room full of the literal ghosts of those relationships that he unconsciously conjured up as a means of not dealing with the pain of rejection.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Robert Wagonthorpe doesn't seem to understand that he's being escorted through a dangerous dungeon until it's too late.
  • Shoulder-Sized Dragon: Rocky, Toivo’s familiar, is this.
  • Wizard Classic: Toivo, minus a beard.
  • Wizarding School: Where Toivo works when he’s not traipsing off on magical adventures.
  • Working with the Ex: With all of his exes, Toivo inevitably has to work with a few of them. Most notably: Aidan, who is the local healer and needs to patch Toivo up more often than not.
  • Worthless Treasure Twist: In Chapter 1, Robert Wagonthorpe's quest for his family's emerald turns sour when the emerald is a magical trap that turns him into a crystal monster when he tries to retrieve it. After fighting it off, Toivo Kissa shatters the emerald irrecoverably with a magic bolt, making the whole quest moot and forcing Robert into a career as a janitor to pay off his family's bad investments in reusable toilet paper.