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Chapter 8's Cover page

I Hate You is a Webcomic created by Lucazu. It can be read on Tapas and Webtoons

There are bad decisions then there's horrible decisions, but to sign a contract while drunk is one of the worst you can make. Momo learned that the hard way thanks to his roommate, Kurokawa.

What will happen when the contract ends? Sometimes revenge is as sweet as love, and sometimes there's a lot behind a simple "I hate you."

Will Momo's feelings change as he learns more about his supposed enemy?


This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Animation Bump: The series started out as a traditional page, black and white comic, very much like Manga.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Kurokawa regarding his ex, Damian. Unfortunately, Momo didn't hear the story til he already messed up greatly
  • Title Drop: Here
  • World of Jerkass: Kurokawa was a total jerk to Momo and Momo retaliated, becoming an even bigger jerk, the main villain is an example of an Extreme Omnisexual and will toss people aside when he's finished with them.


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