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In the Mission Mode alternate universe, Yan-chan fell in love with Info-chan.
Info-chan would have no problem recognizing the signs of a yandere crush because, well, she's Info-chan. Picture this: If you were Info-chan, would you reject Yandere-chan and starve to death in your little fort, or would you turn Yandere-chan into your personal living, breathing weapon?

At least one of the rivals' alternate crushes for matchmaking will be female.
Homosexuality isn't as widely accepted in Japan as it is in the West, sure, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. My money's on Asu Rito (the swimming club president) or Osoro Shidesu (the Delinquent).
  • Jossed. YandereDev has said many times that, no matter how much the fanbase whines and complains, all rivals will be female and have secondary crushes on boys – the only variable is Senpai.

The 10 rivals will all be total cliches.
It would fit with the style of the game. When they're introduced in their introduction video (and they will be, see here), there will be the Tsundere Osana, an Asian Cute Bookworm who's also an Insecure Love Interest, a girl with a Sugar-and-Ice Personality who "doesn't even need a Senpai", a Hard-Drinking Party Girl who's older than Senpai and has tons of sexual experience, another older woman who's an Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, a Sassy Black Woman, a younger Manic Pixie Dream Girl, a small elementary school girl with a first-ever Precocious Crush (yes, you'll have to kill her too), a feminist Action Girl who'll be hard to kill, and someone who's a Rich Bitch.
  • The 10 rivals – or at least descriptions of them – have been revealed. Most of them weren't like the examples here, so it's Jossed.
    • Word of God says that one of the rivals will be a substitute teacher who lusts for Senpai.

Info-chan is the 10th rival.
She's the other Yandere! The reason why your parents are out of town is because she drove them out of town so that they wouldn't get involved with your work. The reason why the police and the media won't touch the school too deep is because Info-chan is blackmailing them so that they won't find out what she's doing. Info-chan has been helping you so that you get rid of the other rivals. Once you have, she'll go and try to kill you, and you have to stop her before she tells all your secrets! If you've gone through the games without killing anyone (rivals or regular students), she'll kill you immediately so that a rival is gone and she'll have more drama for her newspaper.
  • This used to be true… but then the Dev scrapped Info-chan's secondary role. So now it's Jossed.

Info-chan is a Yandere.
Not only that! She's yandere for... Senpai! Dun dun dun! She'll be the 10th rival!

You will battle Info-chan on the rooftop.
In here it says that there will be a rooftop battle. I bet it's going to be with Info-chan.
  • Jossed. This had been the Dev's original plan (there's even concept art of it), but he changed his mind.

You will have to kill Info-chan.
For one reason or another.
  • This is Jossed, at least for now. She was originally intended to be the final rival – the other yandere – which could have led to this outcome.
    • The Dev has stated that he wants every NPC you meet to ultimately be killable, but he does not want you to be able to kill Info-chan. If she shows up in school at all outside of cutscenes, you will not be able to interact with her.

Osana Najimi will not be that important in the full game.
She will no longer be the main or first rival. She'll probably be dropped out of the game entirely or just a classmate.
  • Jossed. The dev has stated multiple times that she is the first rival. As of August 2015, there's even voice acting from Info-chan that states this directly, including her name.

Your mother will be able to fight the teachers at school in the full game.
Adding onto the WMG right above, your mother will be able to go to school with you and kill some teachers who are bothering you.
  • Jossed. Your parents are out of the country for the ten-week span of the game.

Your mother takes away your weapons once you come home from school.
She takes them at night. She steals them because she doesn't want you to end up like her.
  • Jossed. The dev says here that her parents are away so that they can't do that.
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  • Further jossed by the 10th Basement Tape, which heavily suggests that Ryoba would like for her daughter to "find love" by the time she returns.

Yandere-chan's name in the finished game will be...
  • Jossed, the dev is considering several real names, all of which can be shortened to an in-game nickname of "Yan-chan". (Source)
    • As of October 1st 2015, her name is Ayano Aishi.

Info-chan is Yandere for Yandere-chan!
She either doesn't realize she's in love until later or always knew it all along. She may try to kill Senpai and you have to stop her first before she does. Or, she might try to kill you instead and then kill herself so that you'll always be together.
  • Jossed. There are no characters who are yandere for Yandere-chan.

If you were to be able to play as a male yandere,
It will be an instant hard-mode.
  • Jossed. There will be no male Yandere-chan. The dev said that it would take too long to program all that.
    • Also, he finds the idea of a male stalker extremely distasteful. Double Standard? Yes. But he never claimed to be interested in subverting stereotypes.
      • However, in March 2017, he did make it possible to swap Yan-chan into a male skin. That said, he admitted that that was "1% of what it would take to make a true Yandere-kun". Dev just wanted to see if he could do it. Despite Yan-kun's presence on the website's character page, there's still no guarantee he'll be in the final game.

The other Yandere is a boy.
In a plot twist, one of the boys is Yandere for YOU. And he just found out that his senpai loves another guy. Unacceptable. You must defend yourself from him, and protect Senpai from him too.
  • Jossed. There will be no Yanderes for Yandere-chan. See here.
    • Also, the yandere archetype is nearly Always Female, because a male version would come off as incredibly threatening and unpleasant. The Dev has noted the Double Standard, but he has no desire to challenge it.

You have no parents.
They're dead. That's why no one can find people in your basement. No one else lives in your house except for you. End of story.
  • Utterly Jossed. The Dev says here that Yan-chan's parents are in another country for 10 weeks. Why that is, is a spoiler. But Here's Why 

Senpai is the other Yandere
.And one of the girls you killed was his Senpai, prompting a final battle between Yandere-chan and her very own Senpai.
  • The other yandere was originally supposed to be Info-chan. Jossed.
    • Also, Senpai is almost certainly a high school senior, so he doesn't have a sempai (at least not one who Yandere-chan would have met and/or killed).

Yui Rio will have a Justice Minded persona.
It's because she's in the martial arts club. After all, why would someone who has trained and has experience be afraid of a teenage Serial Killer? Surely, they must be at least a bit prepared for such situations!
  • This can also apply to Haruto Yuto, who is the male member of the Martial Arts Club.
    • There's some evidence towards this, as the Dev has said on Twitter that the "Hero"/Justice Minded persona might grab Yan-chan's wrists, with a series of on-screen commands to break free. It'd be a bit easier to do that with martial arts training.
  • Jossed as of mid-November 2015. The Heroic personality is in the game, as is the Martial Arts Club, complete with five new members. Yui and Haruto have been moved to different clubs.
  • Completely 100% Jossed beyond even the earlier Jossing. As of the February 2016 update that added new personality types, Yui has the "Evil" persona – she gets excited when she sees death and won't turn Yan-chan in to the cops if she sees her murder another student.

In the full game, Yandere-chan can kill the person who is stalking the man on the mysterious tapes.
  • Essentially, then, she can kill her own mother? Perhaps it will be the same situation as killing a teacher – she'll need to have gained enough physical stats by the end of the game to do it.
  • Probably Jossed, as Ryoba is (as has been mentioned many times already) out of the country during the time frame of the game.

Mr. Journalist is Yandere-chan's father.
Him being Info-chan's or Kokona's father looks like the likelier theory, but let's play the devil's advocate for a minute. We know that Yandere-chan's mother is a yandere, and Mr. Journalist's description of his wife fits the bill perfectly (presumably with him having been so broken by the last yandere that this one scented blood and latched onto him), meaning that despite his fixation on bringing a yandere to justice, he ends up unwittingly marrying one and having another as a child. Mr. Journalist admits to being afraid of his daughter, who has had to grow up looking out for herself and acts distant to him, which seems to fit with Yandere-chan's Emotionless Girl nature. He mentions that she comes home covered with blood, which sounds more like Yandere-chan than any of the other girls — other candidates for Mr. Journalist's daughter, Info-chan or Kokona, included. He says that he will place the tapes somewhere he knows his daughter will find them, and Yandere-chan is the one who ends up finding and listening to them.

The major issue with this WMG is that Yandere-chan's mother is stated to be alive whereas Mr. Journalist's wife died in childbirth. Perhaps Mr. Journalist remarried; Yandere-chan's stepmother is still alive, and he convinced her to flee the country with him, having no time to spare to wait for Yandere-chan to return home. The two of them fleeing Japan from a vengeful yandere would explain why Yandere-chan's parents are absent during the game.
  • Unambiguously Jossed. For one, the Journalist heavily implied that he never remarried after his wife's death – the tape where he laments how he failed at being a single dad is a pretty clear giveaway. Also, Basement Tape #1 documents 1989-era Senpai being tied to a chair; during the conversation, he name-checks both the Journalist and the yandere (Ryoba Aishi, mother of Ayano, our titular Yandere-chan).

Najiminote  is Yandere-chan's Stalker with a Crush
In the spin-off Yandere Clicker game, she is described as being willing to stab Senpai for Yandere-chan, even though the now-removed intro to the game portrayed her as a close friend/younger sister of Senpai's. Najimi is just as yandere for Yandere-chan as Yandere-chan is for Najimi's friend/brother, but Yandere-chan will not realize this and will likely try to kill Najimi instead, misinterpreting her as a potential rival for Senpai's affections. Cruellest outcome possible? Najimi finds out that Yandere-chan has feelings for Senpai and she snaps and tries to kill Senpai. Yandere-chan intervenes and brutally kills her instead. The ending to the game will be Najimi, never having told Yandere-chan her feelings for her, Dying Alone – and to really rub salt in the wound, the last sight she sees being Yandere-chan and Senpai embracing to comfort each other.
  • I'm pretty sure she's actually supposed to be the first official rival in the main game. The reason she can't be interacted with is because you're not supposed to be able to win in the test build. (If she was killable, that would make it winnable). Yandere Clicker is probably non-canon, so her appearance probably doesn't mean anything. (And may not even be the same character, the girl in that game is named Imouto).
    • The developer has confirmed that Najimi is meant to be the first rival and her AI is unfinished. The test build has no win condition programmed – losing is literally your only option. On Friday, there's a text blurb that states a girl (probably Najimi) confessed to Senpai.
  • The WMG itself is Jossed. There are no characters who are yandere for Yandere-chan.

Yandere-chan's parents are in a loveless marriage.
They just drifted apart over the years. Your mother doesn't want you to be like her, so she doesn't want you killing anyone for someone you won't even love years later because she just believes it's not worth it.
  • Ryoba is a yandere herself, and her victim is almost certainly Yan-chan's father. If there's any "loveless" in the relationship, it's probably on his end… unless Ryoba succeeded in inducing Stockholm Syndrome on the poor guy.
  • Basically Jossed. Basement Tape #10 reveals that Ryoba is still obsessed with her husband after all these years, and her husband has indeed fallen into Stockholm Syndrome.

Your parents are away because Info-chan is blackmailing your mother.
Info-chan knows that your mother killed someone for love, so she's sending them away so that they can't persuade Yandere to not take Info's advice. They're going to come back after you kill Info-chan.
  • Jossed. Your parents have left the country so Ryoba can track down and kill the Journalist, who wanted to prove she really was a murderess.

Yandere-chan's parents are away because they've been kidnapped.
It could happen!
  • That might explain why the reason they're away is a spoiler. Maybe Info-chan got people to kidnap them so that the parents wouldn't interfere with Yandere's work.
  • Jossed. Your parents have left the country so Ryoba can track down the Journalist and probably kill him.

Yandere's parents are out of town because they know Yandere's a shapeshifter.
They're looking for a cure to her secret power.
  • Jossed. Yan-chan's parents went to America so Ryoba could track down the Journalist who tried to get her convicted of murder (which she absolutely did commit, by the way, and will probably do so again once she finds the poor guy).

Yuno Gasai is the mother of Yandere-chan.
  • The player can customize Yandere-chan, and due to this the mother is a look-alike. Unless you make Yandere-chan look like Yuno Gasai... here.
  • Jossed. The mother's name is Ryoba Aishi. Also, she has a design (linked here) that looks absolutely nothing like Yuno Gasai – she's basically an older, much more voluptuous version of her daughter.

The Rival Yandere will be Mr. Journalist's Enemy Yandere
Mr. Journalist caught her stalking a teenage girl, showing that she has not outgrown her yandere ways, and after she caught him following her, voiced his worry that she might target his daughter with him outside her reach. In this scenario, what he feared is indeed what comes to happen: Mr. Journalist's Enemy Yandere arrives at his daughter's school to target his daughter. This daughter — regardless of who she is — may be infatuated with Senpai, prompting the Rival Yandere to set her sights on him as a means of breaking the girl's heart before killing her as the most sadistic form of revenge, or the Rival Yandere simply becomes obsessed with him on her own after encountering him while stalking the school. She will be introduced later in the game, at first as another older rival for Yandere-chan to deal with, before her full character is revealed. She will be the one rival Yandere-chan will have to kill (or frame for murder, which might have more poetic justice to it) to defeat.

The rival yandere is your mother.
The "ten-week vacation" was a chance for her to dispose of her husband, and now she's snuck back into Japan as a New Transfer Student to get rid of you and get a younger boyfriend. I mean, we already know that she's got… experience with this sort of thing.
  • Jossed? I'm pretty sure that once yanderes have their hearts set on one person, they don't change who they like. They're obsessed with them forever.
    • Definitely Jossed. The above bullet point is true. Also, the developer stated that if the object of a yandere's affections was to predecease her, said yandere would shortly thereafter kill herself since she'd have nothing left to live for – i.e. she wouldn't find a new target.
  • Also… there may be no longer be a rival yandere, since that was meant to be Info-chan, and her role in the game has changed.

Yandere-chan's father is NOT travelling abroad with Ryoba
.In all likelihood, Ryoba's keeping Yandere-chan's father locked in a shed somewhere until she can come back.
  • Jossed by Basement Tape #10. He is (unwillingly) accompanying Ryoba to eliminate the Journalist.

Kokona's second crush is Budo Masuta.
Just after the November 15th update was uploaded, YandereDev confirmed that the second crush has already been programmed in the game, but didn't say who it was. He's also said that "Suitor" NPCs will have unique features to make them stand out a bit more. Of the male NPCs, Budo is one of the more noteworthy: while wearing a Martial Arts Headband isn't unique among the Martial Arts Club, he also happens to have a unique posture. He also has a bit more characterization given in comparison to most of the other boys. Worth mentioning is that Budo has a similar eye and hair color to Senpai's default, which might mean something.
  • This is further supported by the January 1st, 2016 build, in which both Budo and Shin have the crush "?????". The only other character who has this is Mai Waifu, whose crush is overseas. Shin, being the substitute Occult Club President, is more likely to be Oka's. This may indicate Budo has a crush on Kokona.
    • Jossed. Budo's crush isn't in the game yet, according to YandereDev.
      • Also, Kokona's secondary crush is Riku Soma.

There will be kids with masks once the game is done.
You'll be able to impersonate them. That's why there were masks in the demo debug builds of the game. You'll be able to kill them, get their mask, and then do whatever you want as them. The problem is that they'll be harder to kill because maybe they've been trained to fight.
  • Actually, it's almost certain that the point of the masks is to conceal your identity if you murder someone in the open, and they'll be accessible once/if you join the Drama Club.

The masks are there because of a Japanese culture thing.
Like, maybe in Japan you usually cover up your victims with masks because some other Serial Killer did that with their victims. Something like that.
  • Jossed. The masks are part of the drama club.

One of the love rivals will be a gym teacher.
YandereDev mentioned that one of the rivals is going to be very, very difficult to deal with, and just added what appears to be a gym teacher that he says will be very important in the game.
  • Jossed. The gym teacher, Kyoshi Taiso, is not a love rival and was never intended to be. One of the rivals in the game's second half is a substitute teacher named Mida Rana.

Yandere-chan can't join the Gaming Club because she was already a member and had left it.
Yandere-chan might have been pressured by her father into joining a club in the hopes of getting her to be more normal, and she caved because she didn't really care about not joining one and placating her father would at least keep him from bugging her. We do know she has at least some relative interest in games since she owns a console and her PC looks to be a gaming rig. However, given Yandere-chan's apathetic nature, she probably stopped going and was kicked out for lack of attendance.
  • Jossed. As of the April 15th 2016 build, you can join the Gaming Club.

Yanvania was made by the Gaming Club students.
It's why Midori makes an appearance and why Sakyu Basu is a character.
  • Jossed. The Matchmaking previews shows Pippi saying that her used copy of the Yanvania re-release always crashes after the first boss — meaning that it must've been made by a company in order to have a re-release. Also, why would she need to buy the game (and a used copy, at that) if she was one of the creators?
    • Perhaps they sold the rights?

Yandere-chan sold her copy of Yanvania, and Pippi ended up buying it.
"I bought a used copy of the Yanvania re-release, but the game always crashes right after the first boss!" Sound familiar?
  • Jossed. Accepting Pippi's task is how you gain access to Yanvania in later builds.

The third student in the fifth Matchmaking previews is a modified Daku Atsu.
  • Jossed — it's Riku Soma.

The Journalist's daughter is the Student Council President.
  • Jossed. The official characters page describes her as a wealthy heiress who will one day inherit her father's corporation. Unless there's something else to it, this is almost certainly jossed.

The Student Council President's father is a policeman (possibly even the police chief).
The SCP mentions her father having a reason for keeping her out of school and not doing anything about Yan-chan being in school. The last time a member of the police went up against a Yandere, it ended in the police force losing some of their credibility (not to mention that it severely limited investigations on Akademi). It's not hard to assume that the girl from the case had a kid, nor would it be hard to assume that said kid would be old enough to attend Akademi. If her father is a policeman, it would also give a good reason on why he pulled her out of school: He doesn't know that Yan-chan might not be like her mother, and considering the SCP's personality, there's a good chance that she would do anything to get Yan-chan kicked out of school. Her father is just trying to keep her from ending up like the Journalist.
  • Jossed. Megami is the heiress to the Saikō Corporation.

The Student Council President's name is Mari, with a family name that starts with "Su-".
Early on, YandereDev personally described her as a Mary Sue. Many of the students so far, including Oka and Osana, have some kind of Punny Name in some way or another, so it wouldn't be too out of place.
  • Jossed, but played with. Her name is Megami Saiko, which roughly translates to "perfect goddess". A fitting name for a Mary Sue.

The 'tied to a bed' picture we see in the WIP video is for when Senpai finds out Yandere-chan killed his friend/sister
Senpai will realize Yandere-chan is too physically strong for him to kill on his own and will trick her into thinking he is into bondage and Yan-chan will let him tie her up... so he can go in for the kill.
  • Jossed. Yan-chan's model is being used as a placeholder in that picture. The following link contains the spoileriffic canon explanation. [1]

The pictures in the Final May Preview are for the planned rival introduction video.
Word of God says that the images were made for "an important announcement", but left it vague for us to speculate. If you pay attention, Midori at one point looks like she's strangling herself. Soon after, she pulls her hair up into pigtails. Who is a character with long pigtails? Osana. Midori may be asking about the rivals, and when we can eliminate them. The final image of YandereDev and Midori may, in the actual video, be them presenting the rivals to us.
  • Jossed. They were meant for an unreleased sponsored video, but most of the art ended up being reused for later update videos, including the one in mid-March 2017 (that even had some new pieces added to show Midori getting stabbed… again).

Senpai's canon surname will be "Uto".
Considering all the rivals have Punny Names, the "little sister" rival will likely have the name "Imo Uto", and since she and Senpai are related, it's likely they'd share the same last name.
  • Jossed, the sister's name is Hanako Yamada, which mean's Senpai's surname is Yamada as well.

There will be an alternate Game Over screen for getting killed by the other Yandere
.After she kills you, we see her dragging Yan-chan's body off to the furnace. The text, instead of "HEARTBROKEN" or "EXPELLED", would be some variant on "MURDERED", "KILLED", or "DEAD". In addition, we could hear the rival Yandere taunt her as she drags the body away ("You should have stayed away from Senpai").
  • It will be a huge wasted opportunity if the Game Over screen for that is not "WASTED".
  • I would even be for it to be like the Batman Arkham Series game over screens are when you die.

Info-chan is backing both you and the rival yandere, because she wants you both to lose so she can get Senpai herself
She's smart enough to know better than to compete for Senpai's attention, because that would put her in the line of fire of one very betrayed and pissed-off yandere. Instead, she's using you to clear off the other rivals (like everyone else theorizes). Now, in Week 10, she's propping up another yandere and giving you both whatever support you can pay for (the dev did say that the rival yandere has all of your abilities; why wouldn't this include favors from Info-chan?). She expects that by the end of the week, both of you will be either dead, arrested, expelled, or will have your reputations trashed. With the deck completely clear, she'll snap up Senpai unopposed in Week 11.
  • The rival yandere was Info-chan. She is no longer the main antagonist, though, and neither is there a rival yandere anymore. Also, your parents return after the 10 weeks. How would the dev program the game to tailor to these new people who might find victims in your basement?

The Rival Yandere is not competing with Yandere-chan for Senpai. Rather, the Rival Yandere is a lesbian and is taking revenge because one of the 10 rivals was who the Rival Yandere was obsessed with.
Even if you dispose of the rivals in a non-lethal manner, you've still taken them away from their Yandere.
  • Jossed. There is no longer a Second Yandere rival.

When the "Hero" persona is added in a later build, one of them will be Kokona.
Just for that irony of the game's Butt-Monkey also being a badass under the right conditions. And, well, she is athletic, right?
  • Jossed. Kokona has the "Social Butterfly" persona. The only one of the Rainbow Girls to have the Heroic personality was Koharu, and she lost it in a later update.

The President of the Cooking Club, the President of the Drama Club, and the President of the Occult Club are siblings.
Cooking-chan is the oldest of the three sisters, hence her kind and caring nature.

Drama-chan is the youngest child, hence her spoiled Himedere nature. If you killed Cooking-Chan, then she will be rude towards everyone as a way of dealing with it. If you matched Cooking-Chan up with someone, then Drama-Chan will be rude towards everyone out of jealousy.

Occult-chan is the ignored middle child, hence her mysterious nature. If you killed her two sisters, then she will be a badass and try and find the culprit. If you matched her sisters up with other people, then she will think she is cursed and will thus become shy and weaker than the other route.

Killing all three girls will leave their parents to mourn and commit suicide. Matching the girls up with other people will allow the three girls to become better people and make their parents proud.

  • Maybe Jossed? The mid-November 2015 update introduced the President of the Occult Club. Her name is Oka Ruto. She does in fact act shy and weak, but she's obsessed with proving that two of her classmates are evil supernatural beings.
  • Word of God says it's unlikely that any of the rivals would be related. He briefly considered splitting Osana into two different characters (specifically, a Tsundere Childhood Friend and her more gentle sister), but the main problem with that was that if one got murdered, it would cause the other to not pursue Senpai out of grief. He's made it very clear that he does not want there to be any way to take out a rival before her designated week.
  • Jossed when all of the rivals' names were revealed. Cooking-chan is Amai Odayaka, Drama-chan is Kizana Sunobu, and Occult-chan is Oka Ruto. Three different surnames = none of them are sisters.

Yui Rio and Info-chan are the same person.
Short red hair? Check. Evil? Check. Possible lesbian tendencies? Check.
  • Here is way to find out: murder Yui, then check up Info-chan's room. If Info-chan is still there, Yui and Info-chan are not the same. They may be related though.
    • Jossed. Yui Rio can be killed in-game, while Info-chan is vital to gameplay and cannot be interacted with in person. YandereDev has said that you will never be able to kill her because of this importance, and since he wants you to be able to kill (nearly) everyone you meet in person over the course of gameplay, you'll never meet Info-chan in person. You can meet Yui, and you can kill her, but Info-chan will still be in her own clubroom.

Musume Ronshaku is surprisingly close to the delinquents.
As part of her routine, she stands nearby the incinerator, just around the corner where the male delinquents sit. This is presumably to smoke, but what if it turned out the delinquents actually don't mind her as much as you'd expect? Maybe she's friends with one of them, or even in a relationship. It's possible that the delinquents know that she's there, but for whatever reason are totally fine with it.
  • Nope. Musume and the Delinquents do not like each other.


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