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The Balowskis and their lookalikes were grown on a secret Soviet clone farm.
The farm was located in a defunct section of The London Underground. It was discovered and infiltrated by MI5 sometime prior to the start of the series. Unfortunately, the self-aware clones escaped in the ensuing siege and took up residence above ground. Most of them took the code name of the project, "Balowski", as a surname, but trained themselves to act British (with varying degrees of success) so as not to invite suspicion.

Vyvyan's father is a Weasley (but not any of the ones we know).
Bright red hair? Check. Propensity for mischief? Check. Clever and inventive? Check. Taste in automobiles? Ford Anglia. The Weasleys are fascinated with and freely associate with Muggles, so it's not entirely impossible that one of them could have had a brief dalliance with a Muggle woman. If we assume that Vyv is 19 in 1982, he would have been born around 1963. Therefore, Arthur Weasley (born in 1950) would have been too young. However, the books state that Arthur had at least two brothers, and if one or both of them were significantly older, they would be likely candidates. Even though Vyv is a Muggle for all intents and purposes, this theory could account for his enhanced abilities (occasional Super Strength, Hard Head-edness, ability to ingest poisons and non-edible items with no ill effects) as well as his ridiculous Healing Factor.
  • Bilius (Ron Bilius' namesake). Although it was never explicitly stated whether he was Arthur's or Molly's brother, many fans presume him to be a Weasley. Very little is divulged of him, except that he was prone to outrageous behavior — namely, getting drunk and raising hell. His name is derived from the word "bilious", which indicates the classical personality type associated with an excess of yellow bile, and thus is a synonym for "choleric". In the show's Four-Temperament Ensemble, Vyvyan occupies the Choleric corner.
  • According to Word of God, borne out by the beginning of Philosopher's Stone, magical ability often presents itself in dangerous situations, which may explain why Vyvyan so often survives the unsurvivable. As for why he didn't go to Hogwarts: the policy with Muggleborn students is to send a wizard with the letter to explain what it means to the family. Can you imagine Hagrid or Dumbledore confronted with Vyvyan's mum, or even Vyvyan himself? Alternatively, he did attend Hogwarts and became a Death Eater (having graduated secondary school in the late seventies, the height of Voldemort's power); following Voldemort's defeat, he turned evidence against his former comrades and was Obliviated and relocated for his own protection. This explains his ardour for ultra-violence, as well as his supernatural survival abilities: he's got one or two horcruxes stashed about, including SPG.
    • Alternately, he did go to Hogwarts, but was expelled (and possibly obviated) and chose to live in the Muggle world (or was kicked out of the Wizard world into the Muggle world).

One day the boys will get their own movie and cross over with Danger Days.
I hope so at least.

The characters in the Young Ones are like the countries from Scandinavia and the World, but they personify decades rather than countries.
Mike is the Fifties, Neil is the Sixties, Vyvyan is the Seventies, and Rick is the Eighties.
  • Alternately, except for Rick, they're time travellers from different decades that wind up in the Eighties, which is why they hate Rick so much.
At least one of the lads, or Balowskis, is unknowingly a Reality Warper.
It’s the only way in heaven, hell, or on earth this show could ever make sense.
  • Vyvyan is aware of this, which is why he shows no concern for his personal safety.
Vyvyan knew he had trapped wind the whole time; he just used his flatmates’ stupidity to his advantage.
He’s been hinted to be
Obfuscating Stupidity more than once by this point in the series, shown to be more than willing to manipulate people to achieve his ends, and is obviously secure enough to let himself blow up like a balloon and lead the other lads on, as long as it meant he wouldn't be the one to have to try and get a job. By the time the problem resolved itself and his cover was blown, it didn’t matter, because Neil had already taken the hit. Completely brilliant!
  • Presumably true, as he had to have contorted his belly deliberately for it to "kick" Rick in the head.

Vyvyan survives the bus explosion in "Summer Holiday".
The guy survived having his own head cut off, it seems like it would take more of an explosion to finish him.
  • As did Mike, since he's seen graduating in the first season's opening credits. He bribed the college to overturn his failed exams and consequently got his degree.
    • It's been implied that he had already graduated at least once, and was only continuing on as a "student" out of laziness.
  • The lads appeared on Comic Relief in 1986, two years after the finale, so they probably all survived.

Most of the events of "Summer Holiday" weren't real- it was all part of Neil's daydream.
The episode starts out with university finishing for the summer, and after Neil comes in to complain about his exams, he has an elaborate fantasy where, after being bullied by the other three to alleviate their boredom, he becomes the Incredible Hulk and dishes out some payback. When he "snaps out of it", he is shirtless and goes inside to lie down, implying it wasn't just a daydream...but another way of looking at it is, the daydream never ended. It's notable that quite a lot of unpleasant things happen to the lads that don't get an explanation, even by the standards of the series, such as Mike casually mentioning Rick's parents are dead and it's never mentioned how, why or even if it's true. Neil quickly points out to Rick that after all the bad things Rick has done to Neil, Rick deserves this to happen to him, which is unusual in that something actually goes right for Neil. The lads get kicked out of the house (which Neil spends most of the time cleaning), and then the Postman brings them their exam results where Neil, not expert blackmailer Mike, gets the best score out of them. They then manage to successfully rob a bank (with everyone agreeing to pin the blame on Rick, not Neil, unlike the decision to eat Neil in "Flood"), Vyvyan crashes his car and SPG dies, both of which he treated with much more consideration than he ever did Neil, then, when the lads are all getting along and acting how Neil would like them to act, the fantasy is promptly ruined by them all crashing off a cliff, which fits in with Neil's pessimistic nature.
  • I really believe this theory, but would it really be part of Neil's fantasy that he wears a wig?

The Young Ones is set in the same universe as Family Guy.
The Cutaway Gags, the Animate Inanimate Objects, the Talking Animals, the extreme randomness, the cartoonish violence. It all adds up.

Scumbag College's student accommodation is built over a Hellmouth.
Or, alternative, Scumbag's in
Cardiff, not London, and the lads are just too distracted to notice.

The Fifth Housemate disappears after "Flood" due to the events of that episode
The Fifth Housemate is never seen in the show again after "Flood"; this is because they either drowned during the flood, were eaten by the lion (or the "flying shark"), were killed by Jerzei, or went into the wardrobe and got stuck in Narnia.

Scumbag College is located in Bristol
In "Bambi", they take the train to the studio from Bristol Temple Meads station.
  • Jossed, the TV coverage of the siege around their house repeatedly refers to it as being located in "North London".

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