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  • You can debate whether a character's first appearance can be a crowning moment of awesome, but if it can Vyvians first entrance in The Young Ones definitely qualify.
  • Rick stealing a bus in "Summer Holiday". In the same way, him accidentally foiling a real bank raid during their own bank raid and getting loads of money, despite the fact he held the guy (referred to as "Mr real robber") up with a water pistol.
    • It's notable primarily because he's so bloody useless throughout the series at anarchy, and then manages to pull off a stunt that big and finally fulfil his anti-social dreams.
  • In "Bambi", Vyvyan shouting, "I'm completely bloody sick of this!" and kicking through the stand into one of the posh kid's heads, then shouting "Achtung!" and throwing a grenade down - blowing up the Rich Idiots from Footlights College, before demanding, "Give us some easy ones, Bambi! You big bottom-boil!"
    • Compounded by Rik actually being useful for once and changing the question cards. Even though they all get crushed by a giant eclair seconds later, they got one up over both the BBC and the Oxbridge brigade running University Challenge. No wonder it's one of the best-remembered moments in the series.
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    • Earlier may be the best: When Neil tells them they're going on the show, Vyvyan yells "to the station!" Mike then points to the camera to call out "Music!" Cue Motorhead popping up out of nowhere to sing "Ace of Spades" to the guys racing to the station.
  • Neil actually standing up to Rick's verbal abuse (egged on by Vyvyan) in "Nasty", although it was short-lived.

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