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Tear Jerker / The Young Ones

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  • The ending, where the gang end up driving a stolen bus off the side of a cliff and plunging into a deep quarry; which they survive, only for the bus to then immediately explode with them still in it. Yes, it's played for laughs, and they were all little rotten bastards... but it's just so sad, especially right after the main point of them finally getting the freedom they wanted. And that downbeat "doo-wop" music that plays over the credits (complete with a brief Dark Reprise of Summer Holiday near the end) makes it so... poignant.
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  • The credits of the final episode. Many filmmakers have said that filmmaking is a group effort, that it's never one man's film, but it doesn't change the fact that the people who say this are usually the guys who are listed first in the end credits. But during the finale, the credits start, and there's no mention of who did what—everyone's listed alphabetically, regardless of their part on the program. For that one moment, while the program's in its death throes, everyone's equal. Even on a show about complete bastards blowing each other up and screwing each other over, there's something rather touching and poignant about that.
  • Same episode, the scene prior; Vyvyan accidentally running the Vyvmobile into a lamppost and realizing he had also unwittingly killed SPG, who was asleep on the radiator. His car and his hamster were the only two things he ever showed anything resembling affection toward, and he is absolutely crushed to lose them both — the only indication he ever gives on the series that he has a heart. Granted, he’s forgotten all about it a few minutes later, but still.
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  • Neil repeatedly carrying down his pathetic birthday cake and shouting "Surprise!", only to be ignored every time. When he finally explains that today is his birthday, Mike replies: "Now you knew that anyway and we don't care, so where's the surprise?" Neil, understandably, looks totally crushed.
  • Rick's 'but I'm the People's Poet' speech is now poignant viewing, as Rik Mayall died at only 56.


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