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What does SPG stand for?

Why is there even a Headscratchers page for this show? It runs on MST3K Mantra.

  • More to the point, how in the world did it get a Headscratchers page but not a Drinking Game page? If ever a show was made for one...
  • Wonder no more.

  • I'm probably overthinking this, but in Summer Holiday Neil never manages to produce anything, what with him putting his polos on his desk, and his spare pencil and his support gonk, and his chewing gum, and his extra pen, and his extra Polos and his lucky gonk, and his pencil sharpener shaped like a cream cracker, and three more gonks with a packet of Polos each, and lead for his retractable pencil, and his retractable pencil, and spare lead for his retractable pencil, and chewing gum, and pencils, and pens, and more gonks, and then how the guy says 'Stop writing please!', thus producing nothing, he still comes top of all the four boys. Does this mean the other three produced something so bad as to give them negative marks?
    • I often think that Neil came top because he was the only one to at least arrive, Mike came second on account of his blackmail/bribes, and then Vyvyan and Rick were scored via popularity (Vyv has lots of friends and Rick has none).
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    • Presumably Neil took more than one exam that term. Perhaps he forgot his bag of pencils, polos, pens, gonks, etc that day, so borrowed a pen and actually managed to at least sign his name...?
    • Possibly Neil is the only one who attended classes on a semi-sorta regular basis: Mike is blackmailing people to stay in, everyone is probably too scared of Vyvyan to do anything, and Rick comes from money; Neil is the only one without a fallback so he had to attend sometimes, otherwise he would be kicked out. In the UK at least, your grade is judged on attending classes, coursework and exam scores, so maybe he attended just enough to get a grade above the rest.
      • In regards to coursework - perhaps Vyvyan got some credit for his cure for not being an axe wielding maniac.

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