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Obviously, Rick and Vyvyan. A bunch of their interactions could easily be passed off as Belligerent Sexual Tension. The way Vyvyan frequently refers to Rick as either "girl" or "girlie" doesn’t help anything at all. There’s a reason why Rick/Vyvyan (Rivyan) is the most popular pairing in The Young Ones Fandom. Just take a look at these moments:

Rick: Oh, so you've been going through my Y-fronts have you, Vyvyan? I suppose you fancy me, is that it?
Vyvyan: (pause) Yes! As a matter of fact I do, Rick. I really really fancy you, and I want to give you a big girly kiss on the bottom!
Rick: Urgh, Mike, Vyvyan's gone all funny! He says he wants to kiss my bottom!
Vyvyan: Oh! Did I say kiss you on the bottom? I'm very sorry, what I meant was, stick a pickaxe through your spinal column!!
  • When Rick (sarcastically) accuses Vyvyan of fancying him, Vyv for a second looks genuinely panicked.
  • In the Bachelor Boys book, Rick writes a spy story in which he emphasises that the hot air hostess who wants to shag him is "a real girly, don't forget, not Vyvyan in a dress."
  • Rick seems to feel the unnecessary need to touch Vyvyan in certain places:
  • There’s a scene where Rick and Vyvyan are fighting and Vyvyan suddenly squeezes Rick’s nipples before pushing him down and jumping on him.
  • Not as blatant as Rick and Vyvyan, but there's some Foe Yay with Rick and Neil, particularly the way Rick seems to have No Sense of Personal Space with Neil at all.
  • Vyvyan seems pretty interested in the fact that Neil is wearing Rick’s dress. Too interested...
    • On that note, just imagine how Vyvyan would react to Rick wearing his own dress. Considering the fact that the two share way more Foe Yay with each other, it’s more than likely that Vyvyan would react a lot more suspiciously with Rick than he did with Neil.
  • In "Nasty", Vyvyan's instant response to Mike's suggestion that they all lose their virginity is, "Bags not Rick!". It's noteworthy that Rick's the first thing to cross Vyv's mind when he considers having sex.
  • Looking at some of these moments, Vyvyan could easily be interpreted as an armoured closeted bisexual.
  • In "Flood" there’s a scene where Rick and Vyvyan are arguing about war and peace with plenty of Ho Yay-filled elements to go within the argument. At one point, Rick... puts his bottom near Vyvyan so he can prove a point...?
    • In the end credits for the episode, a rainbow is shown.
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  • In "Oil" Vyvyan hits Rick between his legs with a baseball bat whereas he appears to only hit Neil on the head.
  • There’s one scene where Vyvyan is sitting down and he drags Rick down so that they’re faces are very close to one another.

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