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Drinking Game / The Young Ones

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  • Drink whenever somebody is called a bastard.
  • Drink when Rick calls someone a fascist.
    • Drink twice if he blames Thatcher for something.
  • Drink whenever Vyvyan performs an act of violence.
    • Take two drinks if he blows something up in the process.
    • Finish your drink if he bursts through a wall.
  • Take a drink whenever a guest star appears who would later become famous in another work.
    • Take two drinks if said guest has appeared in a major Hollywood blockbuster.
  • Drink whenever a Cutaway Gag occurs.
  • Drink when an inanimate object comes to life or an animal starts talking.
  • Finish your drink if the last two are combined.
  • Drink whenever a Balowski goes off into a standup routine.
    • Take two drinks if he breaks character to do so.
  • Drink whenever Neil attempts suicide.
  • Drink whenever Vyvyan survives something no human should be able to.
  • Drink whenever Mike has a dodgy deal going on.
  • Drink whenever a musical act appears in the living room to perform a song.
    • Drink twice if the lads interact with them.
  • Drink when something bizarre happens and the lads either take no notice or treat it as mundane.
    • Take two drinks if the lads do notice, but only because they're pissed about how it messes up their TV-watching schedule, the look of their living room, etc.
  • Take two drinks if Cliff Richard is referenced.
  • Drink whenever Neil tells someone not to hassle him and bring him down.
  • Drink whenever Rick thinks he's more popular than he is.
    • Take two drinks when he refers to himself as "The People's Poet".
    • Take three if he actually recites some of his horrendous "poetry".
  • Drink whenever Neil sneezes explosively.
    • Take two if his sneeze knocks over a nearby object or character.

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