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Drinking Game / Yonderland

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For a show with only 25 episodes, Yonderland sure has a lot of running gags. Coupled with a small cast playing Loads and Loads of Characters both in person and as puppets, it's ripe for a drinking game. Proceed with caution.

Two tumblr users also created their own drinking game here, with the assumption those playing will also be familiar with the cast and their other main project, Horrible Histories. This version has been adapted from theirs with permission.


TV Tropes is not responsible for the state of your liver. Or maybe it is. I don't know. I'm not a doctor.

Take a sip when:

  • Elf and a character also played by Mat are onscreen together
  • A citizen of Yonderland takes a metaphorical earth saying literally (Gallants shaking and so on)
  • Every time Nick the Stick says something snarky
  • Every time Negatus tries to be menacing/evil and fails
  • Pete is oblivious to the shenanigans his wife gets up to
  • Whenever Debbie goes through a portal (both ways). Watch out for episode three.
  • Whenever someone says “the Chosen One,” repeat it along with the characters and take a sip. If someone forgets to repeat it, they have to finish their drink.
  • Whenever someone says “it is written.”


Take a gulp when:

  • A puppet voiced by an idiot interacts with a character played by an idiot onscreen (this excludes Mat as he voices Elf, unless you want to experiment with alcoholism)
  • When two or more characters played by a single actor appear onscreen and interact (this can exclude Larry in the eighth episode, unless you again feel like having a brush with liver damage).
  • There’s a joke that makes you question how appropriate this show is for children - “it even looks like a wand!”
  • Someone kisses someone
  • Whenever Rachel or Havelock is killed/maimed onscreen
  • Whenever there’s a Star Wars reference. If someone doesn’t get the reference, they have to finish their drink.
  • Vex calls Debbie 'Deb-beh'

Finish your drink when:

  • Whenever the crone is onscreen
  • Whenever a real-world celebrity is mocked
  • There’s a joke that makes you say out loud “this is a kids show?”
  • Finish your drink and cheer whenever there’s queer representation or someone calls out sexism
  • Whenever you see bums
  • Whenever the fourth wall is broken, leant on or dented.