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The Warden is The Cat in the Hat
Or rather, a reincarnation of him. Just listen to the voice.

This would make Jared a reincarnation of the fish. Note their similar purposes. Jared is there to try and keep the Warden from going overboard but always fails. The Twins would be Thing One and Thing Two and maybe Alice and Jailbot are Sally and her brother seeing as they are both guards and it was the kids who ultimately capture Things 1 and 2.

Superjail is hell, and the Warden is the Devil.
Well, let's see:
  • It contains and punishes evil people.
  • The punishment is done in the most horrific way possible.
  • The path to the jail seems to be outside the normal boundaries of reality.
  • Jailbot carries Jackknife through the surreal opening scene, which is a reference to life, into the white light of death, and ends up in Superjail.
  • The jail seems to have an infinite interior.
  • It froze over at one point.
  • It's inside a volcano, even!
    • Two volcanoes. One volcano somehow formed inside of the other. Still hot, though.
As for the Warden being the Devil:
  • He's extremely sadistic and melodramatic.
  • He takes great pleasure in the pain and suffering of others.
  • He's able to warp reality at a whim
  • He strongly disagrees with traditional views of justice
  • He wears purple, which is usually associated with pride - the thing that got the Devil cast out in the first place.
  • Hell, forget the purple, he is proud. He refuses to ever admit he did anything wrong, and thinks he's completely in control of everything.
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  • Is a Man of Wealth and Taste, albeit a very colorful one.
  • Jared, his main whipping boy, is a man who gives into temptation almost every other episode.
  • The Twins are fallen angels.
    • Alternatively the twins are just plain angels. They make constant efforts to thwart the Warden's plans and although their methods are violent and chaotic there is something very old testament about angels smiting the legions of hell.
    • Angels were also not always the kindly, saintly creatures that modern tellings would have you believe. Angels could be outright cruel and chaotic, and eldritch abominations at that, which could fit the Twins and their less-than-human nature.
  • Alice serves as his guard, to punish and humiliate the captives and intimidate them with the sin of lust.
  • Superjail eventually turns into a Utopia once his influence is removed.
  • And here's the kicker: He will supposedly declare war on the entire world in an attempt to make earth an expanded version of his current domain.
    • But what does this say about Jackknife who always escapes Superjail?
      • Jackknife is they guy who's always saved from hell, but somehow gets back in one way or another.
      • Given the Hell interpretation, what if Jackknife is a demon and every time he breaks out he's just possessing another criminal in the real world until Jailbot tracks him down. It would explain how he starts off in so many different places all of the time and somehow never dies.
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    • Well, then what would this say about Superhell? Hell inside Hell inside a Volcano inside an alternate dimension?
  • Warden is Satan and Jailbot is The Grim Reaper. Jailbot's frame bears similarity to a hoaded cloak, and he does the Warden's bidding. He's a floating death machine who fills Superjail with the denizens of the damned.

Superjail controls the passage of time within itself.
Superjail loves the Warden, so it keeps the Warden young. When he leaves, imprisoned in Timejail, it speeds hundreds, if not thousands, of years into the future. Jared's aging in the real world would suggest that the Warden was gone for maybe ten or fifteen years, but inside Superjail, the prisoners evolved into a whole different species, which would have taken an extensive period of time. To Superjail, it seemed like the Warden was gone for a million years—so he was.

Superjail! takes place in the same universe as the Hitchhiker's Guide.
You KNOW it makes sense, I shouldn't need to explain this one.
  • Which same universe as the Hitchhiker's Guide?
    • Either one. Or all of them. It doesn't really matter, given Superjail's pansdimensional physics.

Superjail! takes place in the universe of Firefly.
Because it has to be said too.

Superjail! takes place in the same universe as Dead Leaves.
Dead Leaves is essentially Superjail, except in The Future rather than 20 Minutes into the Future. It almost goes without saying.
  • Well, a lunar base version of Superjail was part of the original pilot (in the extra features, under "An Abandoned Sequence").
  • The similarities between the two is almost uncanny. You have Warden and Galactica, who's father were both wardens, and both died in a freak accident. They both have artificial lifeforms that see them as their parent, though hardly ever act on that desire. Massacres happen once an episode (though Dead Leaves was an OVA...). They both have insane animation, and are very colorful. this almost one of those 'Chicken or the egg' type questions.

Superjail! is in the center of the omiverse, and every universe leads to it
See the last three WMGs

Superjail is a jail in an alternate universe made to hold criminals from many different universes
This is an expansion to the above. Seeing how many fatalities there are per episode (and assuming that this stuff happens regularly) Superjail would have to have an impossibly large number of inmates at all times. This can only be possible if Superjail has criminals from other universes.

Superjail, as a jail, is really a front for the Warden's plans for world domination.
  • He has numerous superweapons built without any explanation to Jared. (And why should he explain to stick-in-the-mud Jared?)
  • Jailbot is sent out to search and capture the most depraved and violent of criminals to be enclosed within Superjail.
  • He allows said inmates to kill each other with little repercussions, sometimes even promoting it, to ensure that only the strongest survive for future super soldiers.
  • Jared, short spineless Yes-Man he may be, has been shown to be a fairly competent sniper - a pretty good thing to have under your thumb.
  • Don't forget the entire plot for the two-parter season finale.

The warden is Willy Wonka.
Gene Wilder-Willy Wonka decides that the time-and-space-warping effects of his candy factory would be perfect in holding prisoners. So he decides to expend his energy in expanding the place. Took about ten years. Used outside help in establishing it. We all know Willy was a little insane...who knows what ten years might do? And Jared is an Oompa Loompa with a skin diseases. And Jailbot is simply the Great Glass Elevator (both can go anywhere) with an A.I. shell. The twins are two of the kids who had been left behind in one of the disastrous tours.
  • This troper wishes that people would stop comparing him to Willy Wonka. Totally different character! Can we just declare a total radio silence on the Willy Wonka franchise in this fandom? Please?

Superjail! is an even more bizarre version of Wonderland.

Think about it...

  • Jacknife first gets sent to Superjail for stealing a rabbit (chasing the white rabbit).
  • To get into Superjail you have to go through a hole in the clouds (the rabbit-hole).
  • Superjail, like Wonderland, seems to exist in a dimension where you can only gets there by rather strange means.
  • There's Alice.
  • The Warden would be an even more insane and sadistic version of the Mad Hatter.
  • The Twins are Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
  • Jared's nervous mannerisms seem reminiscent of the White Rabbit.
  • In the pilot episode, Jacknife is put into a perfectly normal cell lacking any of the insanity of Superjail, until he swallows the "drink me".
    • Holy crap! This makes the most sense out of anything on this page.

The Warden is Edd from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
  • They're talking about Double D. Both the warden and Double D have black hair and gaps in their teeth, and their both pretty pale and scrawny. Imagine that something makes Double D go absolutely insane, maybe Ed and Eddy get killed in front of him by a child molester, and he decides to put all of his genius towards creating a prison that can hold criminals better than the regular sort. Using his notes from the episode where his friends and himself found out the world used cartoon physics, and his wacky inventions, he creates Superjail. Jared and Alice have no relation to Ed, Edd n Eddy while Jailbot is really a pimped-out Plank, and one of Double D's first creations that was specifically for Superjail. His outfit is Jimmy's design.

Superjail! has only one true inmate: The warden

  • Think about it: The Warden is a classic Mad Scientist sociopath type, who we've already seen has an eye for world domination. What if TPTB (maybe the Time Police) finally decided that the only way to hold him would be to kill two birds with one stone—keeping him busy by giving him a little place of his own to to wreak havoc, and letting him use the worst of the worst hardened criminal scum as his own test subjects. This also explains the twins—they're the true jailers, and interfere with The Warden's plans to keep him in line/for their own amusement. Also, this might explain why the prison is in two volcanoes—one for the Superjail, one for the area containing the Superjail. When they realized they wouldn't even be able to control him, they threw him in Time Jail.

Going with the above, Superjail! takes place in Ravenloft

  • The Warden is Superjail's Darklord.

When the series finale comes around, Jacknife will not escape.

  • He'll die unceremoniously around the end of the episode, if Jailbot doesn't up and kill him at the start or something.
    • Although, with how much the show likes to screw with people, it'd be just as likely that it ends with Jacknife being the first and only person to survive his sentence in Superjail and be set free.... Until he commits a crime about 12 seconds later and gets sent back.
      • Pretty much what you just described happens to Paul in "Sticky Discharge"
    • Unlikely, given the mutual respect that formed between Jaknife and Jailbot in one of the episodes. Jailbot even intentionally let him go at the end of that one.
    • Alternatively, Jacknife may be the only character to survive while everyone else dies... and then when he makes it out to the real world, is unceremoniously killed in some other way (a heart attack, knifed by another criminal, crushed by a falling satellite, or any other pathetic cause of death).
  • Or, by some random series of events, JACKKNIFE KILLS THE WARDEN!!!

The series finale will take place around the funeral of Jacknife.

  • Given how little attention is paid to the countless deaths in Superjail it would be a huge narrative inversion to end with the whole of Superjail reminiscing on the death of an inmate. What's more it would bookend the series as it the pilot opens with Jacknife's first arrival in Superjail.

The Warden being more of a jerk to Jared in the later episodes of season 1 is the result of being frozen in "Cold-Blooded"
Somehow his brain got slightly damaged when frozen and the time he thawed (presumebly by the Twins so they'd have something to do), he became more of a Jerkass because that was his attitude towards Jared in that ep and remained constant. It would explain why the Warden Took A Level In Jerk Ass (along with Alice and Jailbot) in "Terrordome" when in comparison to "Combaticus" they worked somewhat happily together.

Superjail takes place on Adventure Time Earth
They both have similar animation styles and similar metaphysical weirdness.

At some point, the Warden will lose control and Superjail will go critical, causing the Apocalypse that takes place in Ooo's past. The giant chunk in the Earth is were Superjail was located when it exploded.

There is more than one Superjail, and more than one Ultraprison.
In the "Ladies' Night" episode, the Warden mentions that Superjail is the largest prison "This side of Dimension 5612", a comment the Mistress dismisses as "cute". As guessed above, Superjail really does process inmates from multiple realities, and, as also guessed above, is itself its own reality, made specifically to house these dangerous criminals. In the trailer, there's even a single shot of a non-human inmate, perhaps processed in from one of these other realities. With the infinite multiverse to supply prisoners, this also allows for the routine mass die-offs of inmates.

The Warden is a Timelord
I don't know HOW this hasn't been said yet.

The Docter is a prisoner
Think about it how does what he do benefit superjail in anyway? He was taken their by Jailbot for his unethical expertments and Warden liked him so much he gave him a private lab so he could continute his mad creations, helping make superjail a more insane place. Also, during the staff talent show he didn't have an act he was conducting the orchestra.

Superjail is stagnating on prisoners
There hasn't been too many new prisoner arrivals in season three and the Warden loves to keep them as a sick version of a family as revealed in the latest episode. It could be taken as the outside world knows about the atrocities that happen in the jail and all the criminals tend to reform or go into white collar crime that make it hard to be found so they won't be sent there.

The Warden and/or Superjail can control who lives and who dies, or possibly just resurrect people.
The show keeps decent continuity, but a lot of side characters, while never outright dying, survive some pretty gruesome things.
  • Those whose deaths actually stick can be chalked up to being forgotten by the Warden or the jail, or being purposely left dead as there's no place for them in his vision. The Warden (or a jail entity itself) may subconsciously control and reset the population to what he remembers best, as a way of putting his toys back after they're done being played with.

The Warden is a True Fae.
Superjail is his Realm and the prisoners and staff are changelings. This is why Superjail is chaotic and inconsistent and the inmates and staff never stay dead. The Warden's so sociopathic because hes basically a Humanoid Abomination

Jared is a Drudge, Alice is either a Wizened Soldier or a Bloodbrute (or even a Weisse Frau), Jailbot a Manikin, The Twins are either Telluric or Actors/Wisps of another Fae, The Doctor is a Chirurgeon, Jacknife is a Bloodbrute or a Troll, Gary is/was a Talespinner, Ash is a Fireheart, Lord Stingray is a Larcenist or a Shadowsoul (or a Water-Dweller) and Cancer is either a Treasured, a Muse or a Playmate.

The Mistress is another true fae, with Ultraprison as her realm.

The Twins after "The Trouble with Triples" aren't the originals.
It seemed like the plot was reset and Karacas seemed to hint that way, that it wasn't meant to be resolved but that the fan reaction made him believe they'd revisit it.

Now, one obvious assumption is that the Twins managed to return home in some way. But if a fan wanted to throw in a further layer of mindscrew and play about with the already-loose continuity, there is this to consider:

What if time passed differently on their planet than it did on Earth, and the ones that returned to Superjail weren't the originals at all, but the offspring of the Twins (who either actually became overlords and/or died off or disappeared in some way), or perhaps backup clones made to carry out business and fun back at the jail while they were away?One could probably hope it's not the canon case (lest it'd come off too "Simpsons", or even DC Comics' weird initial hamfisted attempt at explaining away the Black Canaries), but it's something to think about with the love of swerves and twists.

The Mistress' next lover?
Christy Karacas tweeted "It depends who sleeps with her next" in response to a fan asking if Mistress would go back to her original persona in season 4, or continue her hippie lifestyle. This could be a joke that fans read a lot into, and of course, she could even take on another unexpected twist in her personality. But let's have some wild mass guesses go below:
  • The Warden, causing her to become disgusted and bitter once more, seeing as it isn't likely for her to spring for getting married with him like her fanon self. If she does somehow begin liking him, it winds up completely one-sided.
  • Bruce, seeing as he's done little to nothing so far and is the least-developed of the Ultraprison staff. Maybe there's a reverse Warden->Alice situation where only Bruce has actual affection for her afterwards, or it'll be played as the Mistress developing feelings for an indifferent Bruce (who like Alice, only did it to get the job done).
  • Ash, causing her to "fire up" once more.
  • The Twins, Peedee, or someone else completely unexpected.
    • Confirmed, sorta. The Triplets bring a tabloid of her to life, involving her making Stingray her sex slave.

Jacknife's female counterpart
In the obvious explanation, it's Rule of Funny and the chance to show a woman experiencing Jacknife's escapades. In a Wild Mass Guessing world, however:
  • She's possibly his sister. Perhaps Jacknife's mother died when he was young, or she was as deadbeat as his father and left, taking the other child with her to raise on her own. Or chances are that his father (as lecherous and criminal as he was) likely slept with many women, so they could also be half-siblings.
  • We know one of Mistress' inmates was the mother of his son. Although they never specify and it could be any of them, there is the chance that Jacknife might have slept with his very counterpart— possibly his own sister.
    • Jacknife himself was conspicuously absent in "Stingstress", but may have made his way into Ultraprison then by boarding the ship at the end (as he did before).

Combaticus' return
There was a podcast interview where Karacas stated he had an idea for bringing Combaticus back. While it's too early to say if Combaticus will be in season 4 or if whatever idea it was will get used there, there are all sorts of theories to wonder on this guy and how he might come back, in what sense and if it's really him.

  • Hunter somehow escapes her confinement, somehow stumbles across a memory or file on the little guy, and shapeshifts into him- leading to a much more bloodthirsty and vicious copy of Combaticus running amok and wanting some revenge on the Twins, perhaps testing them with the face of their own deceased clone.
  • Negative Continuity prevails for him, and he appears unharmed and as ready to go as the prototype Jailbots and Bobo were in "Planet Radio", or other dead characters who later turned up relatively intact and okay.
  • The Triplets (while they were stranded at Superjail) found the files on Combaticus and made their own version as a way to get back at the Twins for leaving them stuck at such an inferior place.
  • Being the "new god of war", the constellation Combaticus arrives as a rather literal deus ex machina in some bloodbath. Maybe with enough bloodshed, he regains a physical form as Gore did (One must hope he doesn't meet as pathetic an end as Gore).
    • Considering his original basis was to be Powder, perhaps he gains the power to smite with lightning.
  • In another wild guess, a recreated Combaticus could be one of the "alien spore mutants" described for season 4.
    • Jossed, the alien spore mutant was Jailbot's "girlfriend"
  • He appears as a ghost or hallucination.
  • Another time travel paradoxical thing. Perhaps there's a Combaticus who survived in his timeline, who winds up stranded in this one...and sadly must sacrifice himself for the Twins as well in some way, proving that Combaticus isn't meant to live very long.
    • Or if someone wanted mindless fan-wankery and continuity back to the end of "Time-Police", perhaps the Combaticus from that paradox somehow teleported or survived the collapse of the timeline and found himself in the recreated continuity (and experiencing his own confusion when he sees a rather familiar looking constellation in the sky).
  • He returns in whatever way, but is abducted by Ozzal as a sacrifice and way for him to leave the Twins alone and instead focus on his "grandchild". Or alternatively, Ozzal kills the kid and refuses to acknowledge him as any sort of kin (being that he was unnaturally birthed), thus providing a major Shoot the Dog moment... if his sons even give a crap.
  • The Twins use their crystals to either create a tangible illusion of him, or "redecorate" and transform another creature into him to fight. Or bring a golem to life, going with his Greek statue/fighter theme.

The Warden's personality change in seasons 2 and 3
When the timeline was reset or a new reality was created from the ashes of the old, the Time-Police or some other force gave the Warden a psychic lobotomy in order to decrease his potential of being omnicidal in the future (and to prevent a never-ending time loop). This lead to him being more of a Man Child than before, and as his time spent in his jail increases, his short-term memory, dependency on Jailbot, and childishness increase as he's content with being in his own loop. The Warden "growing up" more would mean potential disaster from the power he'd harness, even if he wouldn't try to conquer the world the same way as he did in that one future.Although, this plan also had failed in some ways as the Warden still can be capable of disaster on his own, whether intentional or from his own out of control imagination.

This would also provide another layer on why it's no good for him to leave Superjail. If he were to actually mature or become more sadistic and knowing than he was in the pilot, with full knowledge of his capability, it could lead to some sort of takeover. With being content and pleased with just his jail and the status quo, he wants for nothing more (unlike the Mistress when she tried conquering it) but the excitement it supplies. And even if he were to try to leave, his incompetence makes for suffering outside of it anyway, ala "Vacation".

Superjail inmates are resurrectively immortal
Aside from constantly being killed and turning up alive and well in the next episode they are in, it should also be noted that Jared used to be a Superjail inmate before the Warden employed him and that some episodes like "Combaticus" and "Mayhem Donor" had Jared killed as a dark joke in spite of being one of the major characters.

The lunch ladies seem to be the only ones other than Jared and the Superjail inmates known to have died and come back to life, but their resurrections are harder to explain because they are female and Superjail appears to only incarcerate male criminals.

There is no definite explanation for why Superjail convicts would keep on dying and coming back to life, but supposedly either the Warden made them immortal so that he could have fun killing them and not get bored when all the inmates were dead or the Twins made it possible as one of their sadistic games.

Going with the aforementioned discussion of Jared's deaths, it is likely that he was not killed at the end of "Burn, Stoolie, Burn" and that he may return in the upcoming fourth season.

This theory could also explain why the serial killer inmate had a cameo in "Superjail Grand Prix" when he died at the end of his debut episode "Cold-Blooded".

Fatty (the fat perverted inmate) is Herbert in his younger years.
Just listen to the voice. Oh, and with Herbert being a WWII pilot? His years in SJ take place after that.

Also, Jackknife is Beavis.
They have the same grunts, the same hair, and the same love for booze and women.

A gender-swapped version of Cancer was cared for by the inmates of Ultraprison.
His name was Leukemia (pronounced "LUKE-uh-MEE-uh").
  • Or just Leuk (Luke)
    "What's this? Lee-oo... Lu-.. Luuuke... Emia (EH-mee-uh)? Luke! You're name is Luke!"

Jackknife and Dan are related somehow.
Dan (from Dan Vs.) and Jackknife are respectively the most violent, hateful characters on their shows. They share the same pale complexion and the same messy black hair (though Jackknife styles his). Thanks to Superjail's multidimensional status, it's possible Dan and Jackknife are actually two different versions of the same person, each suited to the respective violent insanity (or "rating") of their universe.

The Warden is a Time Lord
As we have seen, he fits the bill of usual time lord traits.
  • He is quite a bit eccentric
  • He appears to be immortal to a point
  • He has the power to change his appearance at will
  • He has a robot companion. Jailbot being his version of K-9
  • His jail is much bigger on the inside than it appears to be on the outside much like a TARDIS
  • He has fought against aliens numerous times

And to top it all off, he doesn't bear any sort of resemblance to his father which gives off the idea that he may have been adopted. Or perhaps found by him after a TARDIS crash and raised.

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