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Ken's Stage is set up as a temporal nexus meetup point coordinated to prevent a bad future

  • Forgotten Worlds is about a 29th century battle to defeat an evil god that has turned the Earth into Dust World. Both soldiers involved in the battle realize it is too late to save the Earth in their time period. They meet Pure the Mage who helps them travel to the time period of 2048 to recruit Strider, then travel to Metro City 2026, where they recruit Captain Commando and Ginzu, a practitioner of Bushinryu. Sensing Bushinryu to be an earlier point of manifestation for the god of war that the soldiers had fought in the 29th century, they trace the Bushinryu lineage back to an earlier point, 2010, where a man named Ken resides, but, despite being a powerful martial artist, Pure informs the soldiers that this is really a man named Kevin. Pure explains she has access to a time period known as Street Fighter/Final Fight, and that 2010 shares a similar designation but is completely different. She takes the soldiers to an earlier point, where the Bushinryu lineage is now being practiced by Guy, who fights crime in a version of Metro City that Ginzu recognizes as the past. This is where it all begins. Street Fighter Alpha 2, because the first one didn't count. Having access to Capcom World, an intersection between all Capcom franchises, several characters from across the Capcom local multiverse entered Pure's portal and ended up at Ken's wife Eliza's birthday party, with the excuse that they were all cosplayers. This was an event that was already known to occur, being in the past, so the bystanders could only watch as history would unfold down a new path, where Guy would be guided to not resurrect the god of war. Unbeknownst to them, it was Ken who would become more violent in this timeline, potentially resurrecting the god of war. Pure, believing her mission to be complete, chilled out in the pool with Felicia, when the Capcom CEO, disguised as butler, invited the various time and space travelers back to Capcom World where they could continue their adventures saving Capcom World in the Minna to series. But it was not to last, as all of their titles were canceled. And what does Alien vs. Predator (Capcom) have to do with this? Nothing. But everyone got to chill out and party, and that was all that mattered. Except for the bad future. Was it prevented? We'll have to wait and see. In truth, the soldiers had traveled too far into the past, for the Bushinryu master Zeku would significantly affect the future starting from Street Fighter V.

The guests at Eliza's party were invited from Capcom World

  • Kenzo Tsujimoto, disguised as the butler, is accompanied by Pure the Mage from Capcom World, the dimension where all Capcom characters reside. Kenzo is disguised in Capcom World as Mr. T in Adventure Quiz: Capcom World, and Commissioner T in Street Fighter x All Capcom, and can interact with any Capcom character. From here, he invites all the characters seen at the party, with the help of Pure the Mage, who creates a portal to and from Capcom World. Linn Kurosawa, not being content with being a Canon Foreigner to the Alien vs. Predator franchise, decides to take an extended vacation in the world of Street Fighter, all the way up until Street Fighter III, where she hangs out with Chun-Li.

Eliza's birthday party leads to Marvel vs. Capcom
  • Mr. T invites everyone to the Capcom private cruise ship for Eliza's birthday party. Ken believes it's just a birthday party, but Mr. T, who has multiverse awareness, suggests the Street Fighter characters be involved in a crossover with the X-Men, eventually leading to a full Marvel vs Capcom crossover. Mr. T's guests from other Capcom games suggest this is possible. Ken accepts, and everyone crosses over intermittently between the Alpha games, which is why the Marvel vs Capcom games appear to use the same Alpha character design.

Charlie becomes Shadow during Marvel vs. Capcom as an interquel to Street Fighter Alpha
  • The initial release dates coincide with Charlie's ending and disappearance. In Street Fighter Alpha, Charlie is presumed dead, reappears in Street Fighter Alpha 2, is presumed dead, then ends up in the X-Men vs. Street Fighter crossover, where, during his ending, he is turned into Shadow by M. Bison, and remains as Shadow in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, until breaking free of M. Bison's programming in Chun Li's ending. Charlie returns in Street Fighter Alpha 3, and returns to the crossover setting in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Between SFA2 and SFA3, Charlie and the rest of the Street Fighter cast participate in three crossovers, return to their world in SFA3, and enter the crossover again as a rematch. The order is SFA, SFA2, XvSF, MvSF, MvC, SFA3, MvC2. Everyone forgets these events by Street Fighter II due to the effects of dimensional travel. Guile can't remember the exact circumstances of Charlie's disappearance. Charlie goes from MvC2 to Cannon Spike, then disappears until Street Fighter V. This takes away some of the drama from Guile's ending in Street Fighter II, since Charlie is having crossover adventures.

Charlie goes on to have crossover adventures in Cannon Spike

The Shadaloo Combat Research Institute profiles on the Street Fighter V Character Encyclopedia website suggest several games from disparate continuities are canon to the main Street Fighter continuity, including Cannon Spike, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Street Fighter EX, which includes Fighting Layer and Fighting EX Layer.

This suggests the Alpha series is not just an interquel between Street Fighter I and Street Fighter II, but also takes place in tandem with an inter-continuity crossover with Marvel, and a series of unofficial EX tournaments. For example, Sakura was participating in Alpha, EX, Rival Schools, and Marvel vs Capcom. Everyone was very busy back then.