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  • M. Bison gets one if you lose to him in Alpha 3, which is pretty easy to do. You can't continue, and are forced to watch as he stuffs your beaten character into a machine to power his Psycho Drive, which kills them in the process. He then proceeds to take over the world, destroying cities with the weapon.
  • Dhalsim in Alpha 3 destroys the Psycho Drive via sheer willpower and focused meditation. (Sadly, that's not 100% canon) Earlier on he also had a minor one via snapping Cammy out of her Brainwashed and Crazy state, triggering her recovery of her true self and her Heel–Face Turn. (This one is).
  • In the portable version of Alpha 3, we also have Yun telling Bison to shut it after he tells him to kill an injured Feilong and join Shadaloo.
  • What about Sakura pulling a Go Through Me to protect the collapsed Ryu from Bison? It didn't really work at the moment, but it did snap Ryu outta being Brainwashed and Crazy, so he repays the favor via tearing Bison a new one. 'Sides, it's a Plucky Girl who's already weakened and injured, against the Big Bad who has just been empowered. That takes guts.
    • And then we have Karin using her family's Kill Sat to destroy the Psycho Drive. And doing so via talking to the operators through her cellphone. Funny and badass.
  • Charlie's ending in Alpha 3 which surprisingly doesn't end with him dying like the last two. Instead, he takes a jet fighter, blows up Bison's base and the Pyscho Drive. Bison survives the explosion and boasts "It's not over yet, I will show you the path to eternal agony!" Charlie replies, "Don't bother, I'm already there. Now it's your turn to suffer...", and guns Bison down with the jet's vulcan gun.
    • What he does in Guile's Alpha 3 ending counts as well. Holding off Bison personally so Guile can escape before the Psycho Drive blows up, clearly knowing that this will be his Last Stand, is pretty awesome too.
    "Just leave this to me! The base will collapse in time... NOW, GO!"
    • Just the fact that while his tragic Alpha 2 death is canon, ultimately it shows Charlie could hold his own against Bison despite the odds, and this is a Bison who's at his potentially strongest for a very long while. It's always an external circumstance or betrayal that ultimately takes him down to save Bison's life rather than anything else.
  • Ryu's ending in Alpha 2 is one for... Akuma. They fight, and after the fight Akuma shows that he was just testing Ryu and sinks the island they were fighting on, showing if he really wanted to beat Ryu, he would have.
  • Dee Jay's ending. After delivering a Shut Up, Hannibal! to Bison when the dictator invites him to join Shadaloo, he fights Bison and pushes him to the very limit, only for Bison to revive with the Psycho Drive. What follows is Dee Jay unleashing a Sobat Festival so powerful that Bison disintegrates.
    • What makes this even more awesome, as well as for Ken, Fei Long and Guy, who managed the same feat, is that the Raging Demon also did that to Bison. That's right, Dee Jay's Sobat Festival, Ken's Shoryuken, Fei Long's Rekkashingeki and Guy's Bushin Musou Renge are on par with the Raging Demon here. Too bad it's not 100% canon...
  • Cammy's ending where she takes control of the Psycho Drive to free the other Dolls from Bison's control before the Shadaloo base blew up is certainly noteworthy. Unfortunately the Dolls ended up being recaptured by Shadaloo eventually and remained under Bison's control until his definitive defeat in SFV. As for Cammy herself she was unexpectedly rescued by Vega of all people, who admired her for her beauty, and that's how she ended up at Delta Red for II.
  • The first instance of Dramatic Battle Mode in the series: Ryu and Ken are rarin' to go for a fight on the Great Wall but then "HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!" It's Bison, wanting to recruit the duo into Shadaloo. Both aren't having any of that, and decide to set asside their differences and team up against him. Cue the music from the movie.
  • Managing to flat out dodge Bison's Final Psycho Crusher with a well-timed Messatsu Gou Hadou, whether by accident or on purpose, will be easily a moment of awesome for the player.