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The third personality is the real Elliot
The Elliot we've been following is another fabrication of the original Elliot. The abuse he suffered as a child forced his mind to give him an "out" and thus we have Mr. Robot... and the Elliot we have (as well as the images of Elliot's mom and his younger self).It could explain why our Elliot keeps forgetting things that even Mr. Robot didn't force him to forget. Like forgetting Darlene is his sister (something that apparently had happened before).Also in the latest episodes, Elliot's personas talk about this mysterious third personality as if he's a child that hasn't come out in years.It may seem out there but just maybe...

  • This was pretty much it.

Vera is Elliot’s 3rd personality
Where Mr. Robot exists to protect Elliot, Vera is the dark side that sprang up from the same origin.

Vera lasts long enough in season 1 to be scary, but not enough to be a seriously developed character. He then reappears in the last season to conveniently wrap up Elliot’s psychology arc.

Of the people we see interact with Vera, all of them significant enough to have names, have pre-existing knowledge of Elliot’s multiple personalities. Of all the people to take him down, its Elliot’s psychiatrist which finally stabs him, which has a lot of symbolic significance.


He goes down in the same episode Elliot comes to terms with his past trauma. This is also the same episode where Mr. Robot says: “I cant protect you anymore.” and walks out.

Pretty much all of his conflict with Elliot can be explained much in the same way as Mr. Robot.


Vera gives a story about “beating a bully to near death with a baseball bat.” Elliot’s fateful event notably had Elliot “swing a bat.”

What likely happened: Elliot was already psychologically breaking from getting molested by his dad. At the time his personalities came into existence, Vera beat his dad to near death with a baseball bat. Realizing he could be criminally liable for the damage, Mr. Robot took over and jumped out the window. This ensured any story told to police couldnt stick.

Elliot could claim he was pushed out the window by his dad. His dad couldnt claim Elliot attack randomly attacked him because that story wouldnt explain Elliot falling out the window.


Darlene’s story suggests she didnt know their dad was molesting Elliot.

While both Elliot and his dad were at the hospital, Vera walked to his dad’s room and said “I see you.”

Fast forward to the “Im sick” announcement Elliot’s dad made. It wasnt cancer. He was trying to explain his abuse to his son. When we finally see the dad die in the theater, it was the Vera personality who poisoned him. It was also the Vera personality that casually walked away.

Fast forward to when Vera killed Elliot’s girlfriend. Either she or Elliot (Vera) was the dealer the whole time. Vera killed her to protect Elliot for some reason.

Fast forward to Vera’s return and Darlene’s “Who are you?” question. Darlene either already knew about the Vera personality, and she asked that question to Elliot, who hade much different behavior. Or... she didnt know about Vera, and noticed Elliot was neither acting like himself, nor Mr. Robot.


When we see Elliot give his “I hate myself” speech to his final season girlfriend, that was the Vera personality talking. The relationship almost ended the same way as the one in season 1: dead girlfriend.


The big reveal will be when both Mr. Robot and Vera appear to Elliot after Vera ‘died.’ Since there are about 6 more episodes to go, Elliot will come to terms with the fact that his personalities are not ‘gone,’ but he’ll be able to use their strengths in the fight against the Dark Army.

A little extra for fun:

Will Elliot live? Probably not. The other two personalities conveniently disappearing after the fight with White Rose would be too cheesy. Its also hard to imagine an epilogue where Elliot is suddenly “just ok” without some sort of goal to pursue.

Jossed. Vera is a separate person.

Mr. Robot and Esmail’s other work: Homecoming, are directly related and Elliot is a Manchurian Candidate


The two fit incredibly well together, especially where “time travel” and “split personalities” are concerned.

Since this is the Mr. Robot, page, here’s a quick (spoilery) synopsis on Homecoming:

A contract company with ambiguous ties with the military, works on a memory manipulation drug. The drug can cause a middle east vet to forget a PTSD-inducing event and the deaths of multiple associates. In some cases, the characters seem to adopt nearly separate identities.

The first season of Homecoming repeatedly refers to a character named ‘Geist.’ Geist, in the stinger is heavily implied to have dual, opposite gender identities. The character implied to become Geist (or the other way around), makes the transition via a dermally applied version of the memory drug.

If the two series are completely independent of each other, this can be written off as Esmail really blatantly recycling the Whiterose character, but these characters’ comparisons seem too specific to each other to be a simple case of lazy writing:

Same / similar race; Opposite genders to each other; Their respective secondary (primary?) personalities are transgender; Their ‘overt’ personalities are very ‘corporate’ while their alts are very mysterious.

If you count Elliot, then we’re up to three dual-personality characters; but Elliot doesnt fit the Whiterose / Geist comparison as cleanely.

Additional notes:

Things get more interesting when you consider that Homecoming actually provides an explanation for the dual personalities, and by implication, justifies having so many dual-personality characters.

The drug also explains the “time travel” theme in Mr. Robot. The drug causes people to forget major events, and they also forget the status of those involved. In the case of the soldier, since he forgot an IED explosion during his tour of duty, he assumes the people involved are still alive.

This aligns incredibly well with White Rose’s promises to Angela of ‘undoing the damage’ because the drug would essentially do that in people’s minds.

Then there are the implications for Mr. Robot’s arc. All three split personalities could actually be ‘Manchurian Candidate’-style sleeper agents. Elliot targets the cyber infrastructure. Whiterose handles the politics. Geist handles the drug.

If Elliot is being manipulated by the drug, that would mean he has a programmed trigger for Mr. Robot’s personality, and the drug could actually force him to forget the moment of each time he’s triggered.

There’s also a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment in Season 2, Episode 1 of Mr. Robot, where Elliot as a child, falls out of the window, and is taken to the hospital. At around the 05:50 mark, his mom is freaking out about the hospital bills since Elliot’s father doesn’t have insurance. His response: “There won’t be any bills.” Someone has to pay the amount. If not the insurance, and not the family, then it needs to fall on a 3rd party.

Its made pretty clear Elliot’s parents were awful, and Elliot is a very unreliable narrator (explained by the memory manipulation drugs). He could have imagined his dad’s shop, in place of a military lab. He could have even imagined his dad. He didn’t react emotionally to his dad’s death. This could have been the chemicals, or darker still... he fit the ‘dad’ personna to whichever lab member happened to be with him at the time.

Mr. Robot is a delusion
He doesn't interact with any member of the main cast other than Elliot outside of a drug withdrawal-induced hallucination, and seems to have a Tyler Durden-esque single minded violent hatred towards his target of the week. Like Tyler, he's the hacker equivalent of a pure id. And Elliot has a noted, self-admitted history of delusion.
  • Another online theory is that it's vice versa, where Mr. Robot actually does exist and Elliott doesn't.
  • Possibly Jossed as of the seventh episode, in which Mr. Robot directly interacts with Darlene and Romero in separate locations while Elliot is elsewhere.
    • Could be a Durden-like "imagining himself through his eyes." Still too early to tell.
  • In Episode 8, Mr. Robot is revealed to be Elliot's father, who as far as we know is deceased. Whether or not he actually is real or a hallucination still hasn't been answered.
    • Mr. Robot could also look completely different and be suffering the same image replacement quirk as the E(vil) Corp logo
Tyrell will temporarily ally with Elliot
Both of them have someone they really really want gone. Vera double-crossed Elliot by killing Shayla before the jailbreak ever happened, and Scott has managed to one-up Tyrell in every interaction they've had so far. Tyrell will unknowingly provide the "way in" for Elliot and fsociety to vanquish E Corp forever, but in doing so he will offer to use his money and connections to have Vera tracked down if Elliot will agree to dig up as much dirt as he can on Scott in order to utterly ruin him.
  • They are allied, but for all the wrong reasons. Tyrell sought out Elliot after being fired by Evil Corp, and now seems to want to take part in the attack for purposes of revenge.

Sam Esmail isn't real
It sounds insane, but hear it out to the end. This theory surfaced on the Mr Robot subreddit. The idea is that along the line of themes present in the show (like Elliot's tech billionnaire persona from eps1.4_3xpl0its.wmv), Sam Esmail himself is a fictious character being adopted as a pen name by some other, more experienced director. He is a relatively unknown director with little previous work who comes out with a smash hit series. His wikipedia entry is scarce on information, which could be falsified. Public appearances could be explained with a hired actor. Also, his name is an anagram of Mass Email. So the last one is stretching it, and all of the evidence is cirucmstantial at best, but the biggest hint is the show itself. If any show would do it, it's this one. Some have pointed out he has a girlfriend who has been active on Instagram for a while, but she also happens to be an actor. She could be in on the identity ruse.
  • That would be awesome if it were true. And if any show could try to pull that off, it'd be this one.
  • If his real first name Samit then his name (Samit Esmail) would be an anagram of "mt alias is me" or phonetically "empty alias is me".
  • Is it especially weird that the name is one letter away from an anagram for Rami Malek's twin brother Sami Malek?

Elliot is the actual founder and leader of fsociety
Everyone in fsociety immediately accepts Elliot into their group with no distrust or question. He is treated with a respect that no one else in fsociety is treated with. When fsociety is to meet with White Rose, the leader of the Dark Army, Darlene and Mr. Robot know immediately that Elliot is the one she wants to meet. Why would a leader - a leader who meticulously manages her time, no less - meet with a mook? Given the Wham Episode that revealed Elliot has severe gaps in memory, including forgetting his own family members, is it really that far-fetched that he possibly founded fsociety with his Dad and sister and forgot it as a security measure?
  • CONFIRMED, though only with his sister, since his dad wasn't real. Darlene outright says as much on the train after The Reveal.

Angela is Elliot's wife from whom he is separated
It would certainly explain a lot. Ollie goes out of his way to try to make sure "things are cool" between him and Elliot. If Elliot were just the Unlucky Childhood Friend at best or Abhorrent Admirer at worst, why would he go so far to try to be friends with him, even if it were for Angela's sake if they had only ever been friends? It would also explain why Angela sounded so relived to see Shayla in his bed - she's glad to see he's showing signs of normalcy and moving on. This would also explain the parts of Elliot's Mushroom Samba where he proposes to Angela and later sees himself wearing a tuxedo and Angela wearing a wedding dress. Furthermore, it would explain Darlene saying "you're family" to Angela, and why the two of them have some bit of tension between them despite being worried of Elliot's safety and well-being. Given Elliot's deteriorating mental state and refusal to take his medicine, it would (sadly) make sense for Angela to separate from him for her own good.

White Rose is a mole in the 1% of the 1%
Colby foreshadows this when he insists that Angela will get better results "working from within". White Rose probably got the same idea, and has used inside knowledge to execute a coup within the 1%-of-the-1% by destabilizing the world economy along with fsociety.

Elliot had sex with Tyrell as Mr. Robot
Would explain why Tyrell goes from an innocent, short chat with Elliot at the office, to offering him a job because Tyrell thinks Elliot "belongs with" him. Tyrell also acts like a lover who has been dumped, and alternates between pretending he has moved on and trying to win Elliot back throughout the first season. In the bathroom scene, notice how Tyrell pets Elliot with his thumps when he grabs Elliot's shoulders. Also, Elliot dreams about Tyrell being in his home, and we later see that Tyrell knows Elliot's building and apartment very well.

Tyrell isn't all he seems
He's actually another one of Elliot's alters/hallucinations. The men in black who have been following Elliot since the beginning of the show are actually Tyrell's men — they were only looking after their wayward employer. This would explain why they constantly refer to Elliot as "sir" when they pick him up, and seem to treat him with deference. It would also account for why Joanna, Tyrell's wife, seemed so distressed over Elliot not being able to understand her native language. And it's why he fears/senses that she's aware of his imaginary friend. She is. His wife and his lackeys are simply indulging him when he's not "at home," so to speak.

The show is Elliot's Dying Dream
Since we have learned of Elliot's lapses in memory it brings light to the fact that the last thing he can seem to remember (not including third person flashbacks) is being pushed out the window by his father. I imagine this is a Jacob's Ladder situation. The show will end with an 8- year-old Elliot on his deathbed in the hospital after his fall, and the events of the show are his way of coping. This may explain why he cannot remember any other events before the fall, or between the fall and the present.

Season 2 is leading up to a Split-Personality Merge between Elliot and Mr. Robot.
Hence the promo art of Elliot wearing both his trademark hoodie and Mr. Robot's jacket.

Dark Army is more than they seem.
They are in fact part of the Chinese government, and five/nine is one step in a global power play on their part. Given that Whiterose is in fact the Chinese Minister of State Security, she would be in a prime position to "recruit" the best hackers from the country's underworld and arrange them into a group that could easily pose as an amoral group of mercenary hackers allied with fsociety for reasons unclear. The attack on the FBI is to keep them off Dark Army's scent as long as possible to ensure the next step(s) go off without interference. Her "alliance" with Evil Corp is meant to destablize the American economy in order to remove competition to the Chinese markets.
  • Based on what we've seen so far, it seems less that Dark Army is being backed by the Chinese government, than that they've infiltrated the Chinese government.

Darlene is controlling Elliot through hypnotic triggers
In the last season we saw that Angela was highly suspicious of Darlene being back in town and spending time with her brother. She outright says that Elliot was doing fine until Darlene came back into his life. Now in S 02 E 04 we see how Darlene arrives at his doorstep but Elliot won't have it until Darlene says the magic key word "init 1" out of nowhere and without any context. But immediately after that, Elliot seems to be fine with having her around. Shortly after, he loses it and goes off revealing his "plan" to take down E Corp. You could almost say that Darlene executed a hidden script / process in Elliot's subconscious.

Five episodes after "init_1.asec" we get S 02 E 09 which is called "init_5.fve". This was the last episode we saw in which Elliot gets released from prison to be greeted by his sister outside. They hug and Darlene whispers something into his ear but we don't get to hear what is. It is "init 5", a new script buried deep down inside Elliot's mind, a new sequence of actions in the master plan. Immediately after Darlene triggers "init 5", Elliot breaks down again and loses it but at the same time is determinated to carry on with "Stage 2" without actually knowing what it is. The next episode is called "hidden process", which indicates that stuff happened / is going to happen in the background without us knowing.

After the hack, Tyrell co-opted the Mr. Robot persona.
He's the one really responsible for Phase 2 with the Dark Army, and it's somehow the reason Mr. Robot is so skittish about what actually happened between him and Tyrell.

E-Corp really stands for Elliot-Corp
I don't why, but hey, that would be a plot twist.

We are a third, more malevolent split personality
Like Mr. Robot, but instead we run the Dark Army or are a member of the Illuminati or some involvement with E-Corp.

In the credits of the final episode, there'll be a duet of Styx's "Mr.Roboto" performed by Rami Malek and Christian Slater.

Angela is working with Mr. Robot since the beginning.

She is busy working the social engineering angle of phase 3, and it involves a nuclear accident in one of E Corp's plants.

Clues: Although Elliot does not want her involved, she ends up saving fsociety's bacon not just once.

Her trip to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission: While she is left alone in the office, we have conspicuous close-ups on the surveillance camera, while the previous episodes recaps reminded us that with their back door, fsociety can delete security footage. The recaps also remind us about the "rubber ducky" she has, an USB device capable of pulling passwords from a computer. She did something while alone in that office, but fsociety deleted the footage, including ours.

The one who kidnapped Darlene as a child was Whiterose
She kidnapped her because of events that happen in the future.

Whiterose wants to create an Alternate Universe

Why is the Dark Army so fanatically driven to sow chaos on a global scale? What exactly is Whiterose's pet project she keeps alluding to? After three seasons, Whiterose and the Dark Army's motivations are still obscure, for the most part. Or are they? Think about it. Whiterose is obsessed with time, and later tearfully confesses to Dom her fascination with the concept of alternate realities. In the season three premiere, a scientist giving a tour at the Washington Township power plant also expresses a fascination with alternate realities right as Whiterose is walking by. Season three is loaded with hints indicating that this is the case: Angela's deranged belief that helping Whiterose will bring her mother, Elliot's father and all the people who died in Stage 2 back to life and that time his literally going in reverse; Whiterose telling Grant, right before he kills himself, that she'll find him once her work is complete; the Superman time-reversal reference as Elliot undoes the Five/Nine hack; all of the Back to the Future references. This would explain the Dark Army's fanatical loyalty to Whiterose, and why she's fixated on the Washington Township plant, which houses a machine resembling a Large Hadron Collider.

Whiterose has the same ESP abilities as Akane Kurashiki and other characters from the Zero Escape series.

Whiterose seems to have a superhuman ability to keep track of all events, and all of her plans go off without a hitch. In the entire series, there has been virtually nothing that has derailed or even delayed her plans. She understands Angela, Price, and Tyrell so well that she was able to effortlessly manipulate them. Additionally, when she speaks with Grant one last time, she promises to "find him" after his death, and speaks as though there will be another timeline where Grant did not have to kill himself. Much like how characters in the Zero Escape series can travel across timelines in order to make different choices. Whiterose was promising Grant that she will find a timeline where Grant would not find himself attempting to kill Mr. Robot in a fit of jealousy.

All of this would make sense if Whiterose were an esper, and had repeatedly attempted to implement the 5/9 hack and Stage 2. Everything worked this time, cause she has because she had made countless attempts in other timelines.

Vera has been stalking and keeping an eye on Elliot throughout the series. Which is why he returned in "shutdown-r".

The finale will be Elliot trying to wake Elliot up so he can die
from the after effects of the nuclear meltdown that the lead room partially protected him from

Elliot’s third personality is Flip Mc Vicker.

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