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"It's happening."

When things go right on Mr. Robot, they are redolent of pure, euphoric awesomeness.

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    season 1. 0 
  • The opening scene of the pilot gives us our first taste of awesome in the show: Elliot hacks a child pornographer and uses the evidence he found to not only psychologically break the scumbag but hand him to the police on a silver platter after submitting an anonymous tip to them beforehand.
  • Elliot hacking Lenny Shannon, blackmailing him into breaking up with Krista, and taking his abused dog, Flipper, for himself.
  • Elliot managing to kick a mean morphine addiction and still find a way to hack Steel Mountain.
  • Darlene actually getting an audience with the Dark Army after directly confronting them using Cisco's IRC handle.
  • "eps1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf" is just a constant stream of awesome from Elliot, who really demonstrates how capable he is and how far he can go to achieve a hack; in this case, he engineers a prison break with a simple piece of malware. Vera's idiot goons are even mildly impressed by his expertise. It is only a shame that all of this competency ends up being for nothing in the end.
  • Angela flat-out murdering Terry Colby with just her words after he blows her off regarding the Washington Township toxic waste scandal and embarrasses her at Allsafe back in the premiere.

    season 2. 0 
  • Four words: "I'm hacking the FBI."
  • Dominique managing to survive a Dark Army hit that kills most of her team and refusing to go on leave afterward despite Santiago insisting that she should.
    • She later survives a second Dark Army hit at Lupe's Diner and even manages to score one shot on the assassin while the bullets are still flying.
  • Angela earning her hacking chops by opening a door for fsociety to the FBI's data at E Corp.
    • Honestly, Angela's entire arc throughout the season is built upon her being an unrelenting badass, using subterfuge to maneuver through E Corp and properly gain access to evidence that would avenge her mother as well as Elliot's father. It doesn't work in the end, however.
  • Elliot turning Ray over to the FBI after leaking Midland City and beating him in a climactic chess game.
  • The reveal that Leon is a Dark Army assassin comes on the heels of what would have been a horrible scene. Elliot is dragged away by the neo-Nazis and about to be raped when suddenly, Leon comes out of nowhere and runs them all through with just a shiv, ending with a literal Ass Shove on one of the mooks.
  • Elliot creating a fucking wi-fi antenna with a Pringles can. He then proceeds to exploit the exigent circumstances protocol to finally track down Joanna's stalker.

    season 3. 0 
  • Right off the bat, Elliot survives a gunshot wound at point-blank range.
  • Elliot winning a CTF tournament for one of the teams just to gain access to a terminal and sabotage stage two.
  • Elliot getting Flipper back from Lenny.
  • Using just a bag of morphine, Elliot blackmails Mobley's emotionally cold brother into arranging a funeral for him, going so far as to set terms for how the funeral procession should be.
  • Six words: "Now I own the Dark Army."

    season 4. 0 

401 Unauthorized

  • Elliot hacking Freddy Lomax with Mr. Robot running interference. After three seasons of conflict (and a production hiatus of two years), it is beyond refreshing to see the duo working together at last while also taking the show back to its simpler roots with the destruction of an utter scumbag's life.

405 Method Not Allowed

  • Everything about the Virtual Realty heist. Literally, all of it. From the 3D printed fingerprint putty to the hack of the building's E-LAN network to cut out the lights in the server room, Elliot and Darlene's collective ingenuity and adaptability are on full display here.
  • The foot chase between Elliot and the police.

407 Proxy Authentication Required

  • After Vera repeatedly threatens Krista's life in order to get Elliot to release Mr. Robot, Elliot finally obliges him, at which point Mr. Robot interrogates Vera about what exactly his vision is. Vera goes into a long monologue about wanting to "own" New York, whereupon Mr. Robot delivers a blistering "The Reason You Suck" Speech, laying out in detail just how stupid and deluded Vera's dreams of "owning" New York are.
  • Krista doing what everyone wanted to do to Vera throughout the series: stabbing him in the back.

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