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Even in a show as nihilistic and chaotic as Mr. Robot, there are plenty of comedic moments.

  • In 'hellofriend', Elliot's explanation of why he dislikes Ollie: "Among some of his Facebook likes are George W. Bush's decision points, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, and the music of Josh Groban. Must I really justify myself any further?"
  • In the same episode, Lloyd's... interesting way of describing a rootkit: "It's like a crazy serial rapist with a super big dick!" Even funnier is Angela's exasperated response: "Jesus, Lloyd!"
  • 'd3bug' has Elliot vow to live a more normal life. This is demonstrated by him promising to do more "normal" things, like 'heart' things on Instagram and drink vanilla lattes. All of this is accompanied by overly saturated imagery and Len's 'Steal My Sunshine' playing in the background. The scene ends with Elliot, latte in hand, telling Gideon he can come to his party. Gideon watches him leave, then bewilderedly asks an employee "Is he drinking Starbucks?"
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  • Elliot's internal response to Gideon going in for a hug later in the episode: "Shit. I'm gonna have to let him hug me, aren't I?"
  • 'da3m0ns' has Elliot going through multiple hallucinations, most of which are bizarre and confusing. One of them, however, has Elliot going into his apartment and sitting down next to Qwerty, his fish. Qwerty then begins talking to him (in Keith David's voice, no less) about how stagnant his life is. It ends with this exchange:
    Elliot: What can I do? I want to help.
    Qwerty: I think it's pretty obvious. There's really only one thing you can do for a brother in a fishbowl.
    Elliot: What is it?
  • An understated moment, but in '3xpl0its', there's a funny scene after Elliot's brutal encounter with Bill. Elliot is waiting to take the elevator with Trudy, and nervously remarks into his headset that "The elevator's almost here." Trudy, unaware that he wasn't talking to her, shoots him an odd look and deadpans "Yes, that's how they work when you press the button." You can tell she's wondering how she got stuck with him.
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  • Elliot's obvious discomfort when Tyrell asks him out for lunch in the same episode: "S-sure. I eat lunch." There's also the look of sheer offence Tyrell has when Elliot derisively asks him if he eats in the normal cafeteria.
  • In 'zer0-day', Elliot and Mr. Robot argue in an internet cafe. Elliot eventually grabs Mr. Robot by the neck and slams him into the wall, demanding answers. The camera then cuts briefly to reality, showing that Elliot is really just standing there choking himself in front of several confused onlookers.
    Mr. Robot: You do realize how this looks, right?
  • 'k3rnel-pan1c' has Elliot's Adderall trip, which straddles the line between funny and disturbing. Of note are his over-the-top interest in Leon's Seinfeld philosophy, his wonder at the cleanliness of his dishes ("Damn, these dishes look immaculate!"), his enthusiastic repetitions of "AMEN!" in his church group, and his uncharacteristic excitement at a basketball game ("WHOOOO! SLAAAAM DUNK!"). It's both hilarious and creepy seeing Elliot express so much outward emotion.
  • The first fifteen minutes of 'm4ster-s1ave' are just packed with Black Comedy. Examples include the unfittingly dark jokes Edward Alderson cheerfully makes, the obvious green screen (which Tyrell actually falls into), the inappropriate canned laughter peppered throughout, and the two encounters with ALF, the second of which ends with him gruesomely running Gideon Goddard over. Elliot's appropriate bewilderment throughout the whole thing just adds to the humour. There's also this exchange between him and his dad:
    Edward: Because it's one for Alderson and...
    Elliot, the camera zooming in on his perplexed face: ...Alderson for one?
  • The montage in "Undo", particularly the way it cuts from Elliot's bosses palming off his concerns to him immediately hacking them and exposing their misdeeds to the FBI.
  • While "Frederick+Tanya" is easily one of the saddest and bleakest episodes, Leon still shines through with some golden moments.
    • First, in a great example of black comedy, he rants to a bound Trenton and Mobley how Frasier completely turned him off of television, all while sitting in front of the dead housemate he had just brutally murdered. After that he continues his rant talking about an under-appreciated gem of a series that helped him recover from his distaste in television. The show in question? Knight Rider.
    • Shortly after as Trenton and Mobley try to escape Leon by stealing his car as he's distracted he turns around and looks mildly annoyed. Topping it off is the two plowing into a rock and disabling the car due to their panic and not knowing how to drive and Leon's reaction to it.
    Leon: "That's no way to treat a caddy..."
  • Elliot and Mohammed's back and forth dialogue reads like two kid brothers who slowly begin to annoy each other, with Mohammed asking Elliot an exponential amount of questions in an attempt to get him to open up, and Elliot brushing off the boy's icebreakers in his usual laconic manner. When Elliot and Mohammed depart, it is revealed that Mohammed, who previously said he was locked out of his house while his parents are away, had the keys all along.
  • Price unceremoniously giving Tyrell the now-meaningless CTO position he spent all of the first season fighting for is grimly hilarious.
  • When Elliot reaches Garcen's hotel, he is treated to the sight of a man yelling a foreign language into his phone and the receptionist eating a bowl of cereal like a gourmet meal. Later, when Elliot is dragged out of the hotel the same receptionist plays Don't Worry (Be Happy) over the loudspeakers to mask the noise.
  • In "402 Payment Required", the person dressed in a snowman suit who sits calmly next to Elliot and Darlene while they have a blazing (and dramatic) row over their late mother's safety deposit box.
    Snowman (getting up to leave): Condolences.
  • Mr. Robot (to the viewer): "I agree, that could've gone better. Fuck you."

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