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"When a bug finally makes itself known, it can be exhilarating, like you just unlocked something. A grand opportunity waiting to be taken advantage of."

Despite shoving horrific moments in your face and showering you in depressing subject matter on the regular, Mr. Robot manages to be emotionally vulnerable and surprisingly human in between.

  • Elliot in general. After spending years of abuse at the hands of his mother, losing his father and then losing his friends, getting beaten, almost raped, shot, abused and kidnapped, he still remains kind and caring towards his loved ones and never lets power or greed get the better of him like anyone else. His only purpose is to do the right thing and protect everyone around him.
  • Elliot ridding Lenny Shannon of his dog Flipper, and bringing her home. He immediately takes a liking to the dog, saying that she's cool.
  • Elliot learning of Shayla's "bug": she is a prolific artist, having never shown her work online. Despite her seeing it as corny, Elliot disagrees, thinking that it is beautiful. The two then share a kiss, and Shayla agrees to be Elliot's girlfriend.
    • Later at Gideon's dinner party, Elliot and Angela talk about the good times they had as children. It is the most content we have seen Elliot so far in the show, and even he admits that he could get used to the feeling of friends, laughter, and childhood stories.
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  • Upon waking from a fever dream caused by morphine withdrawal, Elliot finds himself supposedly abandoned by the rest of Fsociety. Just as he begins to hit the Despair Event Horizon, Mr. Robot shows up to comfort Elliot, saying that they are in this together until the very end. We later learn that the others did not abandon Elliot, and that they stayed with him until he got through the worst of his detox.
  • Shayla giving Angela the confidence to follow through with her goals, stating that she is the only person who she needs to worry about.
  • Upon realizing that their plan is actually going to work, Darlene is ecstatic, proclaiming Elliot to be the best person that she knows, and that she loves him.
  • The flashback in "eps1.8_m1rr0r1ng.qt" showing that Elliot had a very close relationship with his father, who instead of scolding him, decides to use money that Elliot stole from a customer at the Mr. Robot shop to take him to the movies.
  • The sitcom nightmare in "eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes" turns out to be the work of Mr. Robot, who wanted Elliot to avoid pain as he was getting pummelled by Ray's thugs.
    • Shortly after this, Elliot is forced to finish working on the site, at which point Ray agrees to one final game. While they play, Ray reveals how and why he set up the site in the first place, revealing he didn't actually know what was being sold there, and he'd mostly kept it up because it was important to his late wife. He then reveals that he knows Elliot tipped off the Feds to what he was doing, but due to the immense guilt he now has upon finding out his site's true purpose and client base, he quietly allows himself to be arrested, but not before first encouraging Elliot to get moving, and warning him to be careful.
  • Elliot imagining everyone in the show being friends together and having a great time. It shows that despite everything going on this is what Elliot wants or wishes to happen.
    • He even imagines himself meeting Bill Harper, (the guy back at Steel Mountain who was crushed by Elliot's speech) apologizing for what he did and Bill giving him a big hug.
    • Surprisingly, he also includes the Wellicks! Given his respect for Tyrell, it's touching. He thinks that he wouldn't mind being friends with him.
  • Elliot kissing Angela in the subway.
  • Elliot recounting to Krista the story of a snowman that he and Darlene built as children, and how they tried to borrow their father's camera to take a picture of the snowman before it melted. It is a very pleasant scene filled with mirth that is not only rarely ever seen in the show, but it is a case in which Elliot looks back on his past with nostalgia instead of heartbreak. It then swerves into tearjerker territory when Elliot reveals that it was on the same day of his window accident.
  • Angela knocking out Elliot with a syringe when he finds out that she and Tyrell are working together. While it doesn't make her seem any better it shows that Angela isn't capable of killing her childhood friend.
  • Most of "Don't Delete Me", from Elliot's trip to the movies and back home with Trenton's little brother to his conversation with a broken Angela through her door. It's a relief coming off "Kill Process" and "Frederick & Tanya".
    • Elliot learns in this episode Trenton's handle comes from the city where her little brother was born, making this moment both Heartwarming and a Tearjerker.
  • The final scenes of "Shutdown" before the credits: after learning that his father never pushed him out of a window and that Mr. Robot was the one who made a backup plan in case the hack went bad, Elliot finally reconciles with Robot on the bench where the first met. As inspiring music kicks in, Elliot returns home and finds out the data was embedded in one of the secret images of Elliot and his father, and Elliot uses this to undo the hack.
  • From S4 E3, "Forbidden", Elliot's romance with Olivia. Sadly though it doesn't last.
  • The final scene between Elliot and Darlene in "405 Method Not Allowed": Elliot narrowly escapes the police after being picked by Darlene. Still catching his breath, Elliot wordlessly places his hand on Darlene's as she drives. While she doesn't react, the two share a look that just screams relief that they are both okay, making for the purest interaction the two have had since season two.
  • From "406 Not Acceptable" there's Elliot saving Olivia after she attempts suicide.
  • S4 E7 reveals why Mr. Robot was originally created: to protect Elliot from his sexually abusive father (even though Mr. Robot is modelled after said father)
    • Elliot's protectiveness towards Krista throughout the episode. He makes it clear to Vera that he won't agree to any partnership with him until he knows Krista is alive and unharmed. When Vera takes Elliot into the next room to see her, he immediately asks her if she's okay, attempts to physically attack Vera when he begins to grope Krista, states that he needs her when Vera asks him why he cares about her so much and keeps her calm when Vera is holding them both at gunpoint during their impromptu therapy session. Even Mr. Robot, who isn't much of a fan of Krista himself, shows concern for her safety and makes it clear to Vera that a partnership is off the table if he doesn't let Krista go first.
    • Also in that episode ''Vera'' of all people is moved by Elliot's anguish from his father's actions to him as a child and spends his final words comforting him.
  • In the opening of S4 E8, Elliot has regressed to a child-like state as a result of everything that happened to him in the previous episode, so Krista gently coaxes him to safety, all the while making sure not to touch him unless absolutely necessary. After they get to the police station and Elliot asks to leave her, Krista gives him a Cooldown Hug and asks him to call her later so that she'll know he's okay. Despite Elliot telling her that caring for him is no longer her responsibility, she STILL insists on continuing to help him cope with his father’s abuse. It proves that Elliot was fully accurate when he said Krista was a good person in the previous episode.
    • In the same episode, Darlene gives up Elliot's location to Janice in order to save Dom's family. After Dom manages to dispatch Janice, Darlene insists on staying with her while she waits for medical attention, but Dom sends her away so that she won't get arrested.
    • At the end of the episode, Elliot reconciles with Mr. Robot, who does what Mr. Alderson would never do - sincerely apologize for what he did.
  • In "Gone", Darlene and Dom try to rebuild their relationship on a road trip. It... doesn't quite work out, but Dom does give Darlene a big hug before they part and hints that if Darlene could grow up a little, they might be able to have a mature relationship.
    • Elliot giving his blessings to Darlene and Dom before he leaves for Washington Township Plant and Leon gives Darlene his blessings as he drops them off at the airport.

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