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There is no Faith Abbot...
Sandi is actually a VERY powerful and VERY disturbed esper and Faith is just a projection of hers, ala' Batman's Scarface. Her reactions to people Faith shows attention to is part of her fractured mind. Admittedly, this is probably far from the truth, but would give a very dark twist on the whole comic.

Faith is an evil expy of Princess Celestia
Elegantly beautiful, multicolored hair, ridiculously powerful by all accounts, and has the worshipful adoration of virtually the entire student population. Next they'll be saying she's a Physical God!
  • Jossed. Faith isn't evil, she doesn't have multi-colored hair (colored pictures show she's a brunette), and no one thinks of her as any sort of deity.

Melissa's not really a witch.
She's a Magical Girl who was adopted by witches and has so far proved a triumph of nurture over nature. The way Mel's been raised means she uses her magical powers the same way witches do, and since there seems to be little noticeable difference (if there is a difference) between witches and humans with magical powers, Mel's never done anything unusual enough for her friends to realize she's different from them. The recent change of scenery, however, is starting to call out to Mel's dormant abilities, which might explain why Magical Maid Melissa and the little girl with her cat up a tree have been on Mel's mind despite her vehement lack of interest in such things. Given that invoking the power of the school apparently produced a magical girl's transformation wand, Faith might have shoved Mel down a path she was born to tread but raised to fear and hate.
  • When the 2013-01-16 Eerie Cuties finally introduces Melissa's daddy, an expy of Lara Croft, that opens up more possible twists in Mel's origin.
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  • Jossed in that Faith confirms that HALF her heritage is witchcraft.

Faith is not a nice person, but she's not quite the sociopathic bitch she seems.
It's possible that Faith's predatory personality and flagrant abuse of her psychic powers to toy with the affections of her classmates are actually just another form of bullying to Faith derived from a low sense of self-worth. Earlier in her school life, Faith might have been Lonely at the Top, a prodigal esper but not someone anyone actually liked. Rather than finding a few good friends to try and establish real bonds with people, Faith might have simply snapped after a while and realized she could use her powers to make people love her, and from there fell down the slippery slope that everybody has to love her. Someone like Mel managing through luck or stubbornness to repeatedly rebuff her Instant Seduction might drive Faith to have a Villainous BSoD when she realizes she doesn't have the power to demand the unconditional love of everyone around her.
  • Jossed, Faith isn't a sociopath and it's been revealed that she had subconsciously sync'd her powers with the school without realizing it.

The translation
An attempted translation of the words Mel is speaking in this page, based on a simple substitution cypher, resulted in Beware the Corruptor. His Agent is Near. This has lead to much WMG on the forums, to iclude:

Lets start off with the simple question of is the 'agent' even referring to Faith? Just 'on screen' there is Sandi, Mandi (Tiff?), and junior Psyker Girl there. Plus off screen could easily be Cerise, Jacqui, and a couple dozen of other girls running around in swimwear. And what is 'near'? Hell, the corrupter's agent might be Nina for all we can tell. (And on a side note, wouldn't it be hilarious if it turns out that the Delacroixs were Faith's neighbors, with neither knowing the truth about the other?)


Lets assume Sandi is able translate it herself. What will her reaction be? Will she ask the same kind of questions as above? Will she assume that it refers to Faith? And if she does make that conclusion, would she tell Faith, or would it even affect her infatuation?

Is the 'agent' of this 'corrupter' a bad person? They could be operating with the assumption they are on the side of 'good', or not even aware that they are working for the benefit of another power.

And is the 'corrupter' even the bad guy? It might be that the agency that is talking through Mel might be some kind of 'we will bring absolute order to this chaotic world' type force or such, and as such would see any resistance to such as a 'corrupting' factor.

The corruptor is:

  • Faith: a powerful esper that easily bends people to her will with an ironic name.

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  • Mindy (the girl with the hors d'ouvres): Someone we know nothing about, with scary shiny glasses and seems to be always right there through out the pool party even distracting Faith as she was testing the wand near Mel. - Jossed -

  • The Wand, as seen from Hekate's point of view.

  • Hekate, who gave Cerise a potion that supercharged her evil side

  • Cerise, who passed that corruption onto Skye (unknowingly)

Faith just might change for the better.
After Tiffany saves her life, she asks her out. Perhaps the attack shook her and having to be rescued humbled her. It's also possible that Faith may have genuine feelings for Tiff, and if they do go out, she may change.
  • Later events show that Faith may have been unaware of (or unwilling to accept) the true affect her powers were having on the other girls at Artemis Academy

Callista will fall in love with Cerise.
A few reasons, Cerise really blew her away with her introduction. She seems fairly nice and since she hasn't been developed yet, Cerise might pull her into a High-Heel–Face Turn, or at least get her off of Faith's side. And it would be really cute.
  • It's beginning to look like Faith is actually on the good side, meaning Cerise is the one to pull a High-Heel–Face Turn. If she does, Cally will be instrumental

Dating Callista will result in Cerise realizing she really is a lesbian.
While her motive for asking Callista out is purely self-serving, Cerise will grow fond of Callista over time, until eventually realizing that she is actually falling for her. The Transparent Closet opens, and Cerise realizes to her own surprise that she really does want to be Callista's girlfriend, and not just to get popular. Of course, the moment she admits this to herself. Callista will find out from someone else that Cerise has been using her this whole time and promptly give Cerise a piece of her mind before dumping her. Cue a Humiliation Conga as Cerise has to compromise her quest to be Alpha Bitch repeatedly and mortifyingly in an effort to get Callista back.

The headmaster of Charybdis deliberately sent the girls to Artemis Academy in order to get rid of them for good.
In other words, a Uriah Gambit. Probably expected them to expose themselves as witches quickly and get themselves killed.(Jossed, the headmaster sent them to Artemis Academy to spy on the monster hunters)

Faith is the corruptor.

  • With the wand coming back into the picture, I decided to re-examine this strip where Melissa first warns of the corruptor, while under the wand's effect. If the translation is to be believed, beware the corruptor, his agent is near, then the answer seems fairly obvious: the corruptor is Faith.

  • Let's look at the facts:
    • First and foremost, Sandi is one of Faith's agents (the other being, Callista). In the first panel, we see Sandi standing only a few feet away, prepared to take notes on Melissa's reaction as Faith draws nearer, with the wand in hand.
    • Once she gets within fifteen feet of Melissa, Melissa goes into a trance-like state and warns that the corruptor's agent (presumably, Sandi) is near. Sure enough, in the exact same panel, we see Sandi making a note of Melissa's 'verbal reaction', to dechiper for analysis.
    • That'd make Faith the corruptor, without question. Look at the sway she has over the female student body and how easily she seduces them. Layla even likened being near Faith to a "sugar buzz."
    • She had a similar effect on Tiffany, before resisting. She's even called Faith out on abusing her power, both verbally and mentally.

  • Assuming the translation, and the rest of the above are correct, the question becomes: is Faith consciously aware of who she is? And, if so, to what extent? Without realizing it, Tiffany may have asked the very same question herself:
    Tiffany: "Abusing your power comes so naturally to you, doesn't it? But how much of that's your mind juice? Do you even know?"

  • This, along with Faith's cavalier attitude about it, may suggest it's something she does unconsciuosly. Perhaps without malicious intent, depending on the sincerity of her words here.

Will Hekate order Melissa to terminate Faith?

  • Extending from the preceding WMG: Hekate has decreed that anyone who knows of the wand's existence to be terminated. So far, that includes Faith. If she really is the corruptor, she's sure to be a target. And even if she isn't, she still knows about the wand. Will Hekate leave Faith's fate to Melissa? Or will she settle the affair herself, if it turns out to be true?
    • It looks like Hekate has taken matters into her own hands, since Melissa refused to comply to her demands. Poor Faith.

  • There's also Tiffany to consider, who's becoming personally involved with Faith, who's currently under attack from Hekate!

Tiffany x Faith will become canon
Recent events seem to be shaping up this way as, with each new installment, they appear to be getting closer. At the very least, Tiffany no longer seems to object as strongly as she did in the beginning, and is showing signs of possibly considering it. Though one has to wonder how it'll effect her friendship with Layla if she takes Faith up on that offer.

Something else to consider is Faith's reaction: she actually becomes jealous.

  • Bear in mind, that she's fully aware that Ash sleeps around on her and she's perfectly fine with it. But the mere thought of Tiffany being with someone else upset her.
  • Also note that when the 'Mystery Girl' said she was impotent, Faith's immediate response was to tell her to "ask any of her girlfriends", not her boyfriend, who happens to be the alpha at the neighboring school.

Is it possible that deep down inside, Faith cares/has begun to care more for Tiffany than Ash?

The corruptor is the source of the wand, and Tiffany—or the wand itself—is its agent.
  • "Beware the corruptor! His agent is near!" was a warning from something within in Mel that the power of the school was coming to corrupt Mel into a Magical Girl heroine. The agent was either the wand itself or Tiffany, both of which work together to make Mel into a superhero. Honestly, I don't know how this works, considering Hekate didn't even know about the abominable wand at that point, and Mel apparently didn't hear the warning as whatever it was took her over to say it.

Hekate's reason for hating the wand is simply that it's tacky and hideous.
  • Never mind good and evil, Hekate is all about fashion.

The comic is setting Cerise up for a Humiliation Conga.
  • The reason everything seems to be going her way about now? So that her fall will be all the more satisfying. Said fall will probably start with Callista dumping her.

Mel's "daddy" appears to be the opposite sex of the observer
(Jossed. It's a glamour.)Check out the responses in his second strip. All the female characters react as if Dakota's a man. An attractive man, in Jacqui's eyes. "Daddy" in Mel's eyes. Ace sees him as a woman. Are we seeing these first two strips with Dakota as if through Ace's eyes?
  • Also, Dakota's age is ambiguous enough that this troper suspects Dakota's form is illusory all the way around.
    • Is Dakota some sort of ageless sprite or apparition?
    • Is this a mental projection of some kind? Is Dakota a ghost?

Alternatively, we and Ace are seeing Dakota's true form, and a glamour makes Dakota appear masculine to the others.
  • Is this a werewolf power?
  • Or is it a matter of Dakota never having met Ace before, whereas the others are already enchanted to see Dakota as male?
Answered: The latter

Dakota is only disguised as male for the witches' eyes
(From the Pixie Trix forum)
  • Here is another dark possibility: That is not Dakota. A witch hunter is posing as him using some kind of magic, but since Ace isn't a 'witch', the illusion falls flat. There is a quick battle, and the hunter escapes. Cue a few weeks from now, over in MC, and one day one of Mel's classmates casually introduces her mother...

Dakota's true nature and Mel's Magical Girl fate tie in together—somehow

...and "Musical Starlight" could clinch it.
"Musical Starlight" is a magical girl who earlier had The Wand. Dakota uses glamour, like Jacqui and other Magical Girl heroines like Sailor Moon (or here alluding to "Sailor V" as the mask and fuku-like school uniform hint). Meaning earlier Dakota or someone like her WAS "Musical Starlight," and The Wand was passed down to her child, Mel. It just hadn't come out until recently as Mel hadn't enough power to access it thanks to Hekate at Charybdis and due to her not tapping into Artemis Academy's own magic reserves.

  • She knows very well that Sandi wants her in the worst way, but she won’t date her or even acknowledge it because of a few reasons:
    • As a mentoring figure to Sandi, it would be unethical.
    • She dates people she considers her equals, as in Ash and Tiff (after she proves herself competent). Sandi keeps Faith on a pedestal; it would be an unequal relationship (and it would be a relationship because the two of them are close [she trusts Sandi with the information about the wand], so she couldn’t just use Sandi as a fling).
    • She knows that Sandi isn’t in love with her, but an idealized version of her (which is why Sandi gets so defensive if anyone implies that Faith has flaws). Asking her to do things (like wash the dog) is supposed to be a way for Sandi to re-evaluate the relationship (a reality check).
    • Sandi’s personality makes it quite likely that she could go from Clingy Jealous Girl to Yandere if influenced (and emboldened by having a relationship) and Faith knows that she’s not ready to settle down (so if the relationship ends, it could have a very messy fallout).
    • Another possibility is that Sandi simply isn't a 'challenge' for Faith. Faith is a 'hunter' and seductress. For her, Sandi would be like shooting a tame bear.

There is no more Cerise after Chapter 14, "Broken Up"...
  • ... because Jacqui said "Cer-" in Chapter 15 then suddenly remembered it was time to go camping. Faith knows something is missing or wrong but can't put her finger on it.
    • Also, in "Broken Up" Cerise's power play showed herself to Hekate as someone out for herself instead of for the Coven. Meaning she exposed herself as a traitor to the Goddess of Witches. And Hekate as a result removed Cerise from the minds of everyone else.
    • As of the latest strip, this seems to be true.
    • Now Jossed as it turns out it was part of Cerise's plan to take Faith's connection from Artemis Academy for herself, and use it to be loved and adored by all, and be even more popular than Faith or Mel. She got all the girls to go camping who could stop her, and selectively wiped their minds of her to not think about Cerise while she did her "hostile takeover." Only when Tiffany remembered about Cerise did they all remember her, but by then Cerise had completed seizing Faith's connection and the power it had for herself.

Cerise is the Corrupter
  • And Skye is her agent. As of their appearances in Broken Up, several things have happened: time travel is possible in at least a limited sense, Cerise is pretty much pure evil, she's spread it to Skye (making her a literal corrupter), and Skye has done most of the on-screen evil, making her a good agent. The two are also running off of Hecate's power, and Hecate has been shown to be actively hunting the wand, so it would be natural for the thing to actively beware anyone with her influence in them.
    • As of Chapter 15, Cerise has risen to become the next Big Bad, with Skye as her second. Though given Skye's feelings for Cerise were like Sandi's for Faith, there's no chance of Skye being The Starscream to Cerise.

Melissa is part witch, part magical girl: she's Musical Starlight's daughter
This is the reason why Melissa was chosen by the wand: because Dakota, her mysteriously female father, is the wand's previous owner. According to this theory:
  • Dakota became a male using the Orb of Tiresias, either to escape her fate as a magical girl or because she fell for Anastasia but Anastasia wasn't into women (see below), or both.
  • She fathered Melissa as a male, then later reverted to female for reasons unknown, but probably having to do with the Orb's destruction; now she needs the hypnotic charm to maintain her cover.
  • Dakota recognizes Melissa's fat cat familiar because it used to be her own familiar: she and Musical Starlight are the same person (they even have identical hair, except for the colour) The wand and the cat have simply passed from father to daughter.
  • Melissa, therefore, is of mixed descent, and that's why her magical girl outfit includes a witchy hat.
  • The sub-plot about Rain, the shape-shifting boy infiltrating Artemis Academy as a female so he could be close to the girl he likes , could well be foreshadowing of Dakota's own motives for changing gender.
  • Tiffany's fantasizing about romantic/sexual tension between heroines and their female nemeses is probably foreshadowing as well... considering the Reveal that eighteen years ago Anastasia was Musical Starlight's own arch-nemesis. It looks as if the two decided to elope together and start new lives, leaving behind their respective responsibilities as champion of justice and Queen of the Shadow Kingdom.
  • Almost completely confirmed in the latest strip as Faith realizes what Melissa is.
  • Confirmed, Dakota reveals she used to be Musical Starlight.

Melissa IS Musical Starlight
Several things make me think that:
  • There is not discernible distinction between witches and human magic users(Or, in this case, magical girls).
  • She has two mommies, and one of them is pretending to be her father.
  • Musical Starlight dissapeared after a fight with Melissa's mother.
  • The wand wasn't passed down to her, but actually came from inside her(Like the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon fame).
Now, my theory is that somehow, the last fight between Anastasia and Musical Starlight ended with Starlight using too much power and getting herself babyfied(Like Sailor Saturn) and Anastasia deciding to raise her as a witch. The little girl is not a "stray memory"(as Faith rightly calls) but the Starlight personality trying to get Mel(herself) to the side of justice again., that's why she first claim the cat to be hers, but latter says it Melissa's. Both are technically true.
  • Jossed, Dakota revealed she used to be Musical Starlight
Melissa: Wait! Does that make me Musical Starlight now?
Dakota: It...
Melissa: Wait! No! Don't answer that!

Tiffany is not a human
At least not completelly. That is, she IS an expy of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, down to having a demon's essence giving her super powers.
  • Again, there is no way to know if someone's a normal human or has cryptid blood in them.
  • She knows about Charybdis High School, something NO ONE else at Artemis know about, not even the powerful faculty members.
    • According to faculty documents Jacqui found... they might know about Charybdis.
      • They're rumors, which indicates it could go either way.
  • She is able to emphatize with the cryptids, to the point her only know friends are Layla(A vampire) and Melissa(A witch)
  • Faith mind juice (by her own admision) doesn't work on her, much like Charybdis hasn't been found by them.
    • Faith said it was a lie.
      • Faith is directly adressing the accusation Cerise is making: That she remade the school in her image and that that is the reason everyoe likes her. Either she's giving a straight reply (It *is* a lie) or she's in denial. Neither option addresses Tiffany.
      • Actually, it does. If Cerise is lying about Faith using her power subconsciously to influence the student body, it'd mean there was nothing for Tiffany to resist. Just as she was unaffected by Cerise's amnesia spell, because Cerise never cast it on her to begin with.
      • IF Cerise is lying. here she admits she should be able to utilize her powers on Tiff.
      • All Faith said was, she should be able to sense Tiffany's presence. She didn't say anything about using her powers to try to influence her, in any way.

Someone At Artemis Has Been Investigating Charybdis Heights
As noted in the preceding WMG, Jacqui found doucments concerning "a school for cryptids", which implies the faculty at Artemis may be aware of the existence of CH. However, this is not the first, nor is it the only instance between the two comics.

  • The earliest mention of rumors about the school was the 3rd panel, here, when Layla was explaining the importance of keeping out intruders on school grounds.
  • And, in Tiffany's first appearance, she also mentioned having finally found "the rumored training facility of the underworld's denizens". Which means a student from Artemis had been actively searching for it, based on those rumors.

This raises the question of who's circulating these rumors, and how they've reached Artemis?

One might suspect the photographer Layla caught snooping around the school, but it's unlikely that he has any connection to either Artemis, or Apollo Academy, given he was in poor shape and didn't seem to have any sort of training. But Layla's talk with Nina implied there have been other attempts, which opens the possibility that some of them may have gone unnoticed.

After all, if a lone hunter managed to find their school on her own, and got away....

  • Well, rumours can start in a number of ways, for example, someone at Artemis/Apollo could have say "We are i a monster-hunter school... what if there is a school for monsters!" or even watching "Monster High" and thinking "OMG! this could be real!" (Which would be preeetty much in character for Tiff to have deducted it this way.

    • Given her habit of eavesdropping, I'd say it's more likely she may have overheard some of the faculty discussing what was in those documents and decided to check it out on her own. Besides, the faculty isn't likely to launch an investigation based on what someone saw on a tv show. At the very least, there'd have to be something substantial enough to warrant looking into. Or, the source they're relying on would have to be deemed credible.
    • We've even seen that Faith and Sandi are thorough and look for conclusive evidence, before revealing their findings. If two of the student elite put that much time and effort into an investigation, I'd find it hard to believe that the teaching staff would do any less.

Is the current "Skye" really Rain?

  • The recent update for 11/23/13 has "Skye" revealed to an agent for the Ninja Club, acting as La Resistance. We see the REAL Skye, bound, gagged and stripped to her undies as "Skye" reports in. Given Rain has "transforming" abilities, Rain could have met the Ninja Club as a "female" and agreed to get to Cerise IF they could bag the real Skye to prevent the plan from failing.

Cerise is Queen Obscuria's real daughter

There's more than a passing resemblance between them, being that they're both evil redheads in service to dark forces, and both are in opposition to the wand - with Anastasia having fought its previous wielder, Musical Starlight who we now know was Dakota, while Cerise is at odds with Melissa, who's the wand's current wielder.

  • Anastasia's past reveals she was unpopular in highschool and was jealous of the girls who were, so she studied dark magic to banish them to the Shadow Realm, except she goofed and wound up trapping herself there. That sounds an awful lot like Cerise, doesn't it?
  • That might also double as an indicator about where Cerise has sent Jacqui and the student council.

Meaning, Melissa and Cerise could be related somehow and are following in their respective mothers footsteps by continuing their battle. Making it a possible case of Generation Xerox.

Jossed — Melissa is the daughter of Musical Starlight and Queen Obscuria

Anastasia is going to backstab Hekate

Anastasia appears horrified by Mel's assertion that Cerise killed Jacqui, and even more appalled at the idea of Melissa killing Cerise, but her reaction to Hekate's assertion that she'd be perfectly happy if Cerise killed Melissa was not depicted... perhaps because she's keeping a poker face while waiting for an opening. What did she say about the Shadow Lord? "I knew you shouldn't trust me."

Cerise sent Jacqui and the student council to The Shadow Realm
We know Cerise is a summoner and can call forth creatures from other plains of existence and, after taking the dark essence, she gained the ability to summon Skye across time.

She claims to have teleported them to into a volcano, but Hecate said she hadn't felt Melissa's soul crossing the Styx, indicating she was still alive. Regardless, Cerise seemed certain that, even if that were the case, there was still no way for her to return — emphasizing "from there."

What if Cerise has succeeded where Anastasia once failed? Meaning, the volcano she sent them too might be in the Shadow Realm.: a separate plain existence and a hostile environment teeming with unknown dangers. It'd certainly explain why she thought it shouldn't have been possible for Melissa to come back.


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