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Hannes and Wannes are brothers
They have rhyming names, similar looks, and hang out together through their childhood.

Hannes was a drug addict and died of overdose
He looks the part, dissappears after the Crow's Party arc, and the elephant pills from episode 6 could be addictive or he might have used some other substance.

Hannes died in the riots
Hannes is last seen early on in the Crows' Party arc. Somewhere halfway through towards the end of the arc we see and hear about anti-NCP riots, and the situation is descriped as very bad. I propose that Hannes, as a party member, was sent in to fight the protesters, and, considering that he was never seen or mentioned afterwards, was killed in one of the fights.

The blackbird woman seen in episodes 11 and 27 is Dolf's mother
She didn't actually die, but had a bitter break-up with Dolf's father before Dolf hatched. Dolf's father just told him so out of spite, because she was dead to him.

Dolf's father was the direct reason for his self-hate
He was furious over whatever happened to his wife and became racist against blackbirds too, and abused Dolf for being a living reminder of his "mistake" and visibly not a full-blooded crow.

K. Rokodile's children are adopted
Birds and reptiles can't reproduce together in their world either, and adoption was thus the only option.
  • Alternatively, the children are from the other one's (or boths) previous marriage(s).

Dolf ran away from home as a teen
He's presumably teenager in episodes 8 to 13, and lives alone in a run down-looking tower that Alfred calls Dolf's house.

Dolf wasn't the only child
Something happened to all the others.

Henk is plagued by guilt for the rest of his life because it was his idea to take the Kwaks to his grandfather's house in episode 2 and they died on the way there. He tries to keep himself together for Alfred's sake
Alfred looking almost exactly like Johan doesn't help.

The chess queen episodes were real. Dolf tells Alfred it's a dream in hopes Alfred will believe it and he won't tell the police Dolf's the burglar
Krabnagel told inspector Sherlock he saw The Queen that night, and Dolf, judging by his reaction to Alfred the next day, indeed met him in there.

The chess queen episodes were some kind of a blend between dream and reality
The burglaries clearly happened and the footprints clearly belonged to a bird. Dolf really was the burglar and Krabnagel and Alfred were really there too. In at least the Finnish dub Sherlock's phrasing leaves it unclear whether Krabnagel said he saw The Queen as a chess piece or a living thing so she could've been a hallucination.
  • Like above, this doesn't explain how Alfed woke up in his chair each time no matter how far he was from home five seconds ago, though.
    • Unless it was some kind of a minor Time Skip.

Not all magpies have compulsions like Pikkie, the characters who say so are just racist/misinformed
No other magpies are ever seen, so this is possible. Whatever is Pikkie's problem may very well be just his problem and the other characters, having never met another magpie, take it at face value and assume all magpies are the same. Otherwise good people can still have prejudices, and nobody is perfect.

Alfred and Dolf died in the well in episodes 4-5 and episode 5's ending and everything that happens later is the other one's Dying Dream
Everything being a dream would explain all the weird stuff, like The Evil Genie Of Darkness, The Chess Queen, Von Paljas' tech, and Dolf being allowed to run for a president in episodes set after the Crow's Party arc.

The skull-faced thing that lifts Alfred off the elephant's back in the opening credits is The Grim Reaper.
It's taunting him but lets him get away every time (Alfred always survives while several other people die).

Snel has albinism
He has really light yellow-ish fur and red eyes.

King Radboud died from cancer
In the Chess Queen episodes, Dolf (at least in the finnish dub) tells Hannes and Wannes that Radboud is going to die soon. The word could have gotten out, or at least a rumor, and Radboud's last appearance was in episode 6, he's never mentioned again, and he didn't seem old enough to die from age. Having cancer and knowing that he was going to die could also explain the king's mental instability.

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