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Fridge / Alfred J. Kwak

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Fridge Brilliance

  • It seems so weird that Dolf begins to wear shoes in the second season. But what does Dolf use to cover his real beak colour? Shoe polish.

Fridge Logic

  • Being an unclothed jellyfish, where exactly does Lispel keep all the money he gets for his services? For that matter, where did he keep the bottle of termites he was supposed to use to sabotage the Sea Wolf?
  • Why does the Sphinx in the Land of Pyramids have a human face, despite being in a world populated almost exclusively by anthropomorphic animals?
  • In "The White Queen", Dolf taunts Alfred at the end that he can't prove that he tried to steal the Queen's crown, since they're just in one of Alfred's dreams, which he figured out the moment Alfred stepped into the bar that Dolf and his friends were hanging out in. If it's just a dream, and Dolf knew this, why would he try to steal an imaginary crown that wouldn't be worth anything?
    • For the Evulz?
    • It is real and Dolf knows that. He just lies to mess with Alfred's head.
  • After seeing Pikkie lose his mind over a key, why do his friends still allow him within snatching distance of the royal treasures without even keeping an eye on him?
  • Dolf inherited his yellow beak from his blackbird mother. But only male blackbirds have yellow beaks.

Fridge Horror

  • Krabnagel disappears from the series entirely after episode 13, when he is arrested after shooting at several police officers. Given the strict laws in Great Waterland at the time, it's quite possible he was sentenced to death shortly after.
  • In Alfred's world, herring and other fish are still caught and eaten by other animals despite being sentient. Imagine the horror fishermen go through on a daily basis as the loads of herring that they catch scream and beg for mercy...
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  • K. Rokodil is married to a hen. They seem very happy, but if she ever displeased him, he could probably dispatch her with one bite.
  • In episode 6, the apothecary is a vulture.
  • Only thing left from Alfred's family in second episode was the shoe.


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