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Warning: On these recap pages, beware of unmarked spoilers!

The series ran from 1989 to 1991 with two seasons and 52 episodes.

     Season 1 
  1. "De Eieren (Alfred Comes To Life)": Johan Sebastian Kwak falls in love with Anna van de Polder. Eventually they get married and have children, of which Alfred is the oldest. However, the family must move when K. Rokodil and Hannibal start building an amusement park in the polder.
  2. "Het Verjaardagsfeestje (Alfred's First Birthday)": On the way to their new home, Alfred's family is run over by Rokodil's car as they cross a road. Only Alfred escaped death because he was left behind, and Henk the mole decides to adopt him. Later, at Alfred's birthday party, Alfred and his friends go on a tour of the royal palace.
  3. "Het Kroonjuweel (The Ruby Of The Crown)": Alfred is in danger of being sentenced to death for the theft of the crown jewel, but does not dare betray Pikkie by revealing the truth. Pikkie is going through a similiar inner struggle, afraid of being executed in Alfred's stead.
  4. "Op School (My Father Is Henk)": Alfred is bullied at school by Dolf the crow, because Alfred's adoptive father is a mole. After the school, Alfred follows Dolf and they have a fight, during which Alfred finds out Dolf's beak is actually yellow. Dolf flees and Alfred follows him, the two ending up falling into a well, with no one around to hear them.
  5. "De Kater (Dolf's Secret)": Alfred and Dolf are still stuck in the well in middle of nowhere, but Henk realizes something is wrong and goes looking for Alfred. In the meantime, Krabnagel the cat has found the two young birds.
  6. "De Olympiade (The Great Race)": There will be a triathlon for the youth of Polderstad. Dolf is unable to participate due to his wing injury from the previous episodes, and trains Hannes in the hopes that he can beat Alfred and win the first prize. Because Hannes is in a really bad shape, Dolf comes up with the idea of stealing pills from the pharmacy.
  7. "De Zeeverkenners (Sea Scouts, Part 1)": Alfred, Ollie, Hannes, Wannes, Snel, and a few others join the sea scouts, who are training for a sailing race against Sparrowland. Professor Hannibal has invented a device to give them an edge in the race, but Igor the sparrow and Lispel the octopus have infiltrated their ship to sabotage it.
  8. "De Spion (Sea Scouts, Part 2)": Alfred has been mistaken for spy and imprisoned, giving Igor and Lispel free rein. Igor, still posing as a scout, helps Alfred's friends free him to create enough confusion for Lispel to destroy Hannibal's device undisturbed.
  9. "De Geest In De Fles (The Strange Bottle)": Alfred is now an adult and too big for Henk's house, meaning he has to build his own home. Ollie gives him an antique blttle as a housewarming gift, but it unbeknowst to them, the bottle actually comes from a middle eastern country and it has an evil spirit trapped inside. A spirit that will be free at midnight.
  10. "De Heilige Tulband (Flying Carpet)": The hour at which the bottle can be opened is approaching, and the agents sent to prevent it are willing to do anything to get hold of the bottle on time. Meanwhile, Alfred has come up with the idea of opening it, carried away by his fantasy of a genie that fulfills wishes.
  11. "Het Circus (Alfred Joins The Circus)": Alfred decides to become a clown on a whim, and is hired rather quickly because the regular clown is too sick to perform. He develops a crush on a trapeze artist, but she's already in love with the human tamer Horst.
  12. "Het Schaakspel (Alfred's Chess Adventure)": Polderstad is plagued by a number of mysterious burglaries, the police suspecting they all are the work of one criminal. Alfred plays a nightly game of chess with Henk, and falls asleep. The white queen comes alive and Alfred takes her outside.
  13. "De Witte Koningin (The Queen Loses Her Crown)": Alfred comes to believe that his adventure with the white queen was a dream, until Krabnagel, who is suspected of the burglaries, calls Alfred to confirm his alibi. Alfred and the queen go and confront Dolf, but he takes off with the queen's crown.
  14. "Vissen In Troebel Water (Let's Find The Sawfish)": Alfred and Henk discover that Professor Hannibal has invented an advanced fishing boat for Rokodil. This is not only a problem for fishermen who are in danger of becoming unemployed, but the herring are now threatened to by extinction.
  15. "De Ontploffing (Alfred's Perilous Voyage)": Alfred and Henk have a meeting with The Sawfish, hoping that he can sink the modern fishing vessel. On the way to the shore a storm rises, but Alfrd and Henk are rescued by captain Stoppel, who would become the ship's captain.
  16. "Rangpang (The Search For The Whales))": Hannibal and Rokodil create an even better, computer-controlled boat. Alfred and Henk leave for the South Pole to look for whales to block Polderstad's port. However, Rokodil snds a message to Gebral's military base, accusing Alfred and Henk of espionage.
  17. "Vrienden Vanuit De Ruimte (Visiors From Outer Space)": Alfred and Henk wash up on a desert island, where they meet a group of duck-like aliens, who occasionally come to the island to harvest a special kind of fruit. Alfred and Henk can help them because, unlike the space beings, they have sense of smell and can thus find the fruits before the volcano erupts.
  18. "De Poolster (The Southern Cross)": Alfred and Henk are attacked en route by an octopus who wants to eat them, but they manage bribe it with the food the aliens gave them. In the evening they meet a starfish, who turns out to be the north star and shows them the way.
  19. "De Walvis (The Ocean Belongs To All Of Us)": At the South Pole, professor Von Paljas is trying to communicate with the whales so he could warn them about the whalers. Alfred and Henk get into a fight with the crew of a whaling ship, but the invention of the professor proves useful.
  20. "De Nachtmerrie (Desert Dream)": After reading about a drought, Alfred has a dream about Dryland, where there is hardly any water and the well-intended development aid turns out to be very ill-considered. Alfred sets up a fund to collrct money for digging canals in the Dryland.
  21. "De Bijen (The King Takes A Loan)": The treasury is empty, so king Franz Ferdinand borrows Alfred's charity money for a month, on the pretext that he can earn more through interests. After three months nothing has been repaid and Alfred, accompanied by some bees, goes to try and collect his money, but the court tries to stop him.
  22. "De Kraaienpartij (Dolf Is Justice)": Dolf returns from abroad and starts a fascist party. Most of the people in power underestimate him, but The National Crows Party quickly starts to gain the people's support and seizes more and more power.
  23. "De Slag Om Polderstadt (Escape From The Crows Party)": Alfred, Ollie, Rangpang and sir Poen have been locked up by Dolf, who has now declared himself the president of Great Waterland. With the help of Henk and Igor, they escape imprisonment while Dolf conspires with the archbishop.
  24. "Het Plan (Emperor Dolf The First)": Dolf and the NCP march into the castle to depose Franz Ferdinand, who flees to Broad Reedland. Only the dissappearance of Dolf's funds could break his regime now. Alfred and Rangpang sneak back to Polderstad on a mission to rob the NCP.
  25. "De Bevrijding (The Decline And Fall Of Emperor Dolf)": The people are tired of Dolf's tyranny and start rioting, but he still has more than enough support to keep the situation under his control. Managing to sneak inside the castle's walls, Alfred and Rangpang try to come up with a plan to get all the coins out of the country.
  26. "De Lieve Sneeuwmann (The Snowman)": Alfred and Professor Paljas travel to the Himalayas in the hope of discovering the terrible snowmen living in there. They learn that the habitat of the snowman is threatened because a group of businessmen, led by Rokodil, wants to build a ski resort in the mountains.

     Season 2 
  1. "Verliefd(Love At First Sight)": Alfred meets the Wanas, a family of black ducks who are fleeing from a country under apartheid, and gives them asylum in his house. However, Lispel discovers that Alfred is hiding illegal immigrants.
  2. "Een Geschenk Van De Konig (A Gift From The King)": Lispel exposes the Wana family to Wannes, an old friend of Dolf's. Wannes goes to the police, who arrest Kwah and Blanche. Alfred's only hope of preventing them from being deported back to Atrique is getting help from the king.
  3. "De Boerenganzen (Journey To At)": Alfred travels back to Atrique with Kwah and Blanche, but Wannes follows them with the intention of exposing Kwah's resistance movement to the white geese.
  4. "Op Vakantie (A Turtle Island)": Alfred, Winnie and Tom are on holiday on the island of Aroba, which moves a little every year. Alfred suggests to professor Tsjang that the island may be on the back of a giant turtle. But then the island is threatened by a tornado.
  5. "Het Booreiland (Drilling For Oil)": Alfred and Henk travel to an oli rig where the drill always breaks for unknown reasons. Pikkie, who is on the rig because of the dissappeared diamond drills, wants to find out if the diamonds really disappeared during drilling. The three go into the depths with a submarine.
  6. "Atlantis (They Come To Atlantis)": After the sinking of their submarine, Alfred, Henk and Pikkie recover in Atlantis. To protect their empire, the dodos of Atlantis constantly sabotaged the drill.
  7. "Cowboys En Indianen (Gunfight At Tombstone)": Alfred has a dream in which he is the hero in a cowboy movie. He arrests bandits and deals with old enemies. But then Dolf returns to take over the city.
  8. "De Schat Van Toet Kat Kammon (The Riddle Of The Pyramid)": Professor Ramses, Winnie's employer and Von Paljas' old friend, is seriously ill. He tells her the medicine can only be found in the pyramid of Tut Kat Kammon, so Alfred and Paljas travel to explore the pyramid.
  9. "De Slang (The Labyrinth)": After escaping all the traps in the pyramid, Alfred and Paljas' time is running out and they have to find other options. The two visit a fortune teller who presents them with a solution.
  10. "Michael Duckson (The Course Of True Love)": Winnie has developed a crush on the popular pop star Michael Duckson, to Alfred's jealousy. When they are invited to a dinner after the concert, Duckson tries to make moves on Winnie.
  11. "De Ontvoering (An Invitation From The Prince)": Alfred, captain Stoppel and a scholar go on a trip to Salam, which has been at war for years with neighboring country Yil for trivial reasons. However, Dolf has smuggled weapons aboard the ship, so that Alfred and his friends are intercepted and arrested in Yil.
  12. "De Burenruzie (Love Unites)": Alfred and his friends escape, together with the prince of Salam, who is in love with the princess of Yil and has her abducted. Love is mutual and the king of Salam sees little harm in this, but the king of Yil is not nearly as indulgent.
  13. "De Heks (Who Wants To Marry A Witch)": When has to babysit Ollie's children, Alfred reads them the story of Hansel and Gretel. When he falls asleep, he dreams that the witch from the book comes to life and forces him to marry her.
  14. "Het Stuwmeer (The Stolen Plan)": The king of the Land of the Pyramids wants to build a dam. This threatens to flood the pyramids of Professor Ramses' people. Professor Paljas offers to make plans for solar energy, but Rokodil and Hannibal, who would build the dam, are not happy with this and hire Dolf to steal Paljas' blueprints.
  15. "De Vulkaan (The Volcano Erupts)": On the island of Sinatra, a volcano keeps erupting with many flames, but no lava or smoke. There is also no heat. Alfred, Paljas and Stoppel travel to the island to study the matter.
  16. "De Draak (Save The Dragon)": An alien dragon appears to be trapped in the volcano. The government of Sinatra helps to free it, but Dolf buys the dragon for Rokodil's amusement park. The dragon feels betrayed, but Alfred and Paljas won't leave it.
  17. "Groot Waterland Krijgt Een President (Vote For Ollie)": Deep in his heart, the king still hates politics and wants to get out of ruling Waterland and would be content with only holding a ceremonial position. He has presidential elections organized. Ollie registers, but so does Dolf.
  18. "De Watersnood (Dolf Takes A Chance)": To win votes, Dolf has a dike sabotaged, after which he offers a lot of money and support to the affected areas. However, Lispel is a witness and wants to blackmail Dolf. Wannes is haunted by his conscience.
  19. "Het Land Van Twee (The Strange Epidemic)": The Land of Two is divided into the rich north and the poor south. The south is plagued by a mysterious disease, the Mozons virus, which causes rapid aging. A fortuneteller tells Alfred and Von Pallas that he has dreamed of a clown on the moon who can offer help.
  20. "Pierrot (Clown On The Moon)": The clown on the moon says that the Mozons come from space, but that they can be destroyed with his magic violin. However, in order to get rid of the Mozons for good, the wealth of the Land of Two must be distributed more fairly.
  21. "Ein Goed, Al Goed (The Magic Fiddle)": When Alfred has destroyed the Mozons virus, the king of the Land of Two does not keep to the agreement and orders Alfred imprisoned. Alfred forces the king to keep his promise by making all children disappear.
  22. "Een Partijtje Golf (How About A Game Of Golf)": Professor Paljas has designed a submarine, but does not agree with his business partner, a fanatic golfer, about the name. They decide to settle the dispute with a game of golf, but Paljas is injured, so Alfred has to take his place.
  23. "De Regenbog (Looking For The Rainbow)": Von Paljas receives a message from an explorer, saying he has discovered the end of the rainbow. Pikkie also wants to go on the journey, fascinated by the idea of a pot of gold. However, the jungle appears to be a dangerous place.
  24. "Het Casino (Pot Of Gold)": Because Queen Nora realizes that Alfred and his friends do not mean harm, they are allowed to see the pot of gold. Pikkie cannot control himself and steals it, escaping into the night. On the way home, Pikkie is in turn robbed by Dolf, who flees to Murena.
  25. "Het Regenwoud (Forests Or Fuel?)": Professor Paljas is worried about the acid rains, and therefore wants to develop an environmentally friendly fuel. Rokodil and Hannibal see their interests in the oil company at risk and hire Dolf to steal the blueprints.
  26. "Nog Lang En Gelukkig (Dolf's Last Stand)": Alfred and Winnie get into a fight and break up. Dolf escapes from prison and takes Winnie as a hostage. Alfred does everything he can to find the villain and the woman before it's too late.

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