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Haiku / Alfred J. Kwak

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Dolf is justice
Takes over Waterland
Duck dethrones crow

Dolf has vision
Alfred's not interested
Who cares? Not Dolf!

Little Alfred Kwak
Raised by Henk the mole
Waterland's hero

What about people
The NCP shoved in their trucks?
We may never know...

What is your real name
Is it Dolf? Kra? Is it Korppi?
Riddle for ages

Kwak's boring, Dolf isn't
Was right in cowboy episode
He's fascinating


Dolf, Kra, whatever
Abused by his father
Becomes Hitler

Johan and Anna
We barely knew ye both
Gone far too soon

Prof. Paljas, Kwak's friend
Inventor and tech genius
But what is your field?

Escaped racism
Left to Waterland with Tom
Winnie <3 Alfred

Pikkie, thieving bird
Others dismissive, say
He's just a magpie

Ollie the trans stork
A lawyer in the 80's
Wins the elections

Hannes put on bus
Looks just like a sniffer
Was it overdose?

Wannes alone
Where is Hannes, and why
Are you rich now?

Our captain Stoppel
Helps Alfred in his quests
There's a good man

Alfred and his friends
Cannot save the whole world
But do best they can

It's my life
Says Alfred imprisoned
Got used to it


A life story
One-sided rivalry
The crow against duck

Waterlanders, fools
Dolf can run for president?
He's literal Hitler!

Ramses, let me ask
Why's your cousin identical?
Why did you get sick?

Greedy reptile
Rokodil, you houdini
Kwak's got you now

Watched this out of
Morbid curiosity when
I heard about Dolf

Dolf's final stand
Gun's muzzle to Winnie's beak
Kwak loses his shit

Alfred Kwak and Dolf
Was there any other way
For all this to end?