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Video Game / Wizard of Wor

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A 1980 Maze Game by Midway in which one or two players, as Worriors equipped with unified-field-disturbance rifles, descend into the dungeons of the Wizard and slay Worlings. A radar screen lets players track the movement of Invisible Monsters. The difficulty increases when corridors and short passages give way to the more open layouts of the Arena, the Worlord Dungeons, and finally the Pit.

The arcade version featured a computer-controlled ally for single players; it was also one of the earliest arcade games to feature synthesized speech, with 71 phrases for the Wizard to taunt players with. The game was ported to various computers and consoles, including a version for the Bally Astrocade renamed The Incredible Wizard.


  • Antagonist Title: The Wizard is the main villain of the game.
  • Attract Mode:
    "Fight me, the Wizard of Wor!"
    "Hey! Insert coin!"
    "I'm out of sight! Ha-ha-ha-ha!"
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Additional lives can be purchased by inserting another quarter into the machine.
  • Collision Damage: The monsters have to move into the player in order to kill them. However, the arcade version has the monsters push the player back into the cell first, and only death if the warrior is already at a square center.
  • Co-Op Multiplayer: With friendly fire allowed.
  • Cowardly Boss: The Worlock randomly moves around the maze at a fast speed, and attempts to escape.
  • Duel to the Death: This happens when the Wizard of Wor appears.
  • Endless Game: Explained as the wizard puts the Warriors in an endless maze rather than being able to reach the wizard.
  • The Goomba: Burwors are the first type of enemy and always visible.
  • Invisible Monsters: Garwors and Thorwors can turn invisible, but still appear on the radar screen. They appear if they're in the same corridor as the warrior.
  • Metal Slime: Worluk can be shot for Double Score but may escape first.
  • One Bullet at a Time: This makes the game difficult and contributes to gameplay strategy.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: The Dragnet theme.
  • Teleport Spam: The Wizard of Wor teleports frequently to a random location.
  • Wrap Around: Escape Tunnels to the left and right wrap around to each other.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: By golly, it actually does look more warlike when you spell it "WOR."