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I'll show you the true power of a gravure idol!

Fighting Angels (The Catfight: Joneko Densetsu in Japan) is a relatively obscure, all-female 2005 Fighting Game released for the PS2. The game is mostly known for having incredibly cheap-looking graphics, no plot to speak of and very questionable Jiggle Physics, though it apparently centers around some kind of battle tournament where all competitors are female and wear swimsuits for some reason. The characters are...


  • Kaori Hirose, a high school student who enjoys cosplaying and intends to spend the prize money on new costumes.
  • Misuzu Niiyama, another high school student who is apparently very shy. Her reasons for fighting are unknown.
  • Mei Ling Miao, a Chinese Girl who dreams of starting her own line of designer eyeglasses.
  • Lisa Blanchett, an American girl who is fighting just for the hell of it.
  • Riho Futaba, a famous-ish model who joined the tournament in order to lose weight.
  • Mona, a nurse robot who is very emotional and apparently clumsy and shy. Why she's fighting is anybody's guess.
  • Reiko Mizusaki, a mathematics teacher. She started fighting and cosplaying to become more popular among her students.
  • Serina Kanzaki, a manager of a "small place in the city center". What kind of "place" it is is left up to the player's imagination.
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  • Eriko Shiratori, a well known advertising model. She's in it for the publicity.
  • Moe Mk-II, the final boss and a robot designed for gymnastics, whatever that means. She's there to examine the other fighters for some unexplained reason.

Truly one of the more memorable fighters of recent years.

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Impossible! None of my students ever behaved like this.

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