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Greetings, programs. this is crimsonstorm15. i'm a relatively new troper up here, but i'm a fast learner and i quickly got into the swing of things.

i am a practicing Christian and an all-around nerdnote . i edit on other wikis under the same name i use here. and i don't like to brag, but i'm also a pretty decent artist. you can check out some of my work here. how i work is this: anytime i come across a new piece of information on a subject i'm interested in, i check to see if that same piece is here. more often than not, someone has beat me to the punch, but if someone hasn't, i add it in. it's mostly small stuff; add a quote here, check spelling there, stuff like that.


You'd think i would've made a page for myself by now. guess it was all a matter of actually getting to doing so. anyway, i look forward to enjoying my time here and hope i gain some new perspective on entertainment.

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  • Hi! I guess I'm the first one to vandalize your page! - S Bane N
  • Second. Pleased to make your acquaintance, sir. -Mokona Zero

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