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Oh look, I've finally updated my image. And this caption is from years ago.

I'm a troper from Massachusetts. Real name Brendan Burke, which I make no attempt to hide.

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I have received a Made of Win on two occasions:

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A contribution I have made has been listed on Funny.TV Tropes on at least three occasions:


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  • Catchphrase: In my edit summaries.
    • "CLOUD-TO-BUTT ALERT!" Context 
    • "It's spelled [name] dammit" Context 
    • "This is not Attack of the The Eye Creatures" Context 

My other Internet hobbies:

  • I was a regular on BrantSteele (the site with the Hunger Games simulator) long before it became popular.
  • Overly Preprepared Gag: Seems to be my specialty.
    • I joined Smogon in 2010 specifically to make a Metang@ joke on New Year's Eve of 2012, two and a half years later. The site admins were not amused.
    • In early 2012, I created a new Wikipedia account. Its name, when anagrammed, foreshadowed the account's main purpose... which wouldn't become clear until over a year later in 2013.
    • I topped 2012's Smogon prank with a 2013 joke on a sports message board (which will remain unnamed) that I had set up with a gag on a different board in 2005.
  • Significant Anagram: I tend to anagram my name or my other common aliases when I need to act "anonymously". It never works.

Other info about me related to This Very Wiki:

Lastly, some random crap: