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A realistic drawing of me. Thanks to the artist: me.
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I saw in other troper pages that they put songs, so I thought "why not?". Here a list of songs to listen while you read:

Epic mood: [1]

Anime mood: [2]

Normal mood: [3]

Howdy, dear reader, I'm The0dragon, the person and writer of this page you are reading. I don't know why you came here, but be welcome, the house is yours so let's relax, eat some cold pizza and drink capuccinos, shall we? Other foods are fine, of course.

I joined this site in 2019, this very year unless you are from the future or are reading this in the past. I usually hang out in the Forum Games and Yack fest, I do want to be part of the Roleplay forums someday too.

I love fiction and all things related, that's why I acess this website so much, I adore absorbing more and more knowledge until my brain explodes... just kidding. I usually likes playing games, reading or listening to music.


I'm not that popular in real life, I'm usually very quiet and reserved and basically only really interact with loved ones. I do want to change to be extroverted though, because I want to become a grammar and literature teacher, and I must be able to interact with my student for their sake.

As the name may suggest, I like dragons , a lot. I also like Batman, the space, other countries culture, human psychology, NieR: Automata, Persona, Fantasy and ScienceFiction.


Informations about me:

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     My stats 
Name: Confidential

HP: 99,9/100

MP: 7/10

Strength: 6/60

Intelligence: 25/50

Speed: 5,555555555/10

Charm: 2/10

Favorite food: yakisoba, probably...

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor.

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     Some works I like, I may add more I don't know 

More to come...


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