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Trivia / Legends of the Hidden Temple

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General trivia:

  • Over the series' 120-episode run, just 32 Temple runs were completed successfully, for a win rate of 26.7%. In terms of the ratio of the number of Temple runs won to the number of Temple runs attempted, the Silver Snakes were the "winningest" team, with a 38% success rate (21 runs, 8 wins) over all three seasons. The Green Monkeys were a close second with 33.3% (24 runs, including 15 in the final season; 8 wins), followed by the Purple Parrots with 27.2% (11 runs, 3 wins). The Orange Iguanas were statistically the "worst" team, with a success rate of only 16% (25 runs, 4 wins). The Red Jaguars were little better, only winning 20% of their Temple runs (20 runs, 4 wins). Just short of average were the Blue Barracudas, who won 26.3% of the time (19 runs, 5 wins). The winners of those 32 Temple runs make up a whopping 4.4% of all the kids who ever appeared on the show.
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  • Counterintuitively, the fewer pendants a team had upon entering the Temple, the more often they won the grand prize (11 wins in 53 runs (20.8%) for two pendants, 15 wins in 52 runs (28.8%) for one and a half pendants, and 6 wins in 15 runs (40%!) for one pendant). It should be noted that more doors opened for contestants with only one pendant, making the temple runs easier since dodging temple guards and reaching the artifact was significantly easier.
  • The Purple Parrots, despite being the third-most winningest team in the Temple Runs, had won only three of their eleven trips to the Temple ("Snake Skin Boots of Billy the Kid", "Milk Bucket of Freydis", and "Metal Beard of the Egyptian Queen").
  • The fastest Temple Run win was, of course, "The Mask of Shaka Zulu" at 1:47 due to an error that made the temple run stupid easy. The fastest Temple Run not to involve a Good Bad Bug was "The Ivory Hunting Horn of Roland" at 1:50. Coincidentally, the runners in both episodes were the Red Jaguars, who were also involved in the Temple Run that ended in the quickest time (in defeat, not victory); in "Elizabeth I's Golden Ship", the three Temple Guards took out the two players in 1:31.
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  • The team to place in the top four across the moat most often were the Red Jaguars, a fast pace one would expect for jaguars. (And which may also explain their record-setting paces in Temple Runs, both successful and unsuccessful).
  • Four Temple Runs were won with exactly one second left on the clock: "Galileo's Cannonball", "Lawrence of Arabia's Headdress", "The Applewood Amulet of Emiliano Zapata" and "The Milk Bucket of Freydis". The Temple Run with the closest loss was "The Broken Wing of Icarus"; the contestant was rounding Olmec's head when time expired.
  • According to an interview by a former contestant on an Image Board, Olmec was the protector of children in the Ancient Empire of Ottawa, and hosts a game show because he wants to lead modern kids on adventures.
  • The only room in the temple never to have been changed at all is, you guessed it, the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.
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  • On March 1st, 2016, it was announced that the show would be getting rebooted as a TV movie.

Specific trivia:

  • Creator's Favorite: Kirk has stated that the Silver Snakes was his favorite team.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Became this after Nick GaS went off the air although many episodes are available on YouTube.
  • Name's the Same: The endgame is often referred to as the Temple Run, not to be confused with the popular app game with the same name.
    • It should be noted, however, that someone did record a 3-minute long run through the app game, and replaced the audio with the Temple Run music from Legends. It's on YouTube somewhere, but good luck finding it among the actual Temple Run playthroughs and Temple Run clips from episodes of Legends.
  • Prop Recycling:
    • Two from Double Dare (1986). The wheel used for the Wheel Room in the first season was the One-Ton Human Hamster Wheel. In the third season, they used the Sundae Slide's spiral slide for the Pharaoh's Secret Passage.
    • Often, artifacts from other episodes were used as set dressing or even refurbished as new artifacts for other episodes.
  • The Resolution Will Not Be Identified: Kirk signed off every episode with something along the lines of "Join us again for more adventure and another great legend of the Hidden Temple!" The exception was "The Lion-Headed Bracelet of Chandragupta", where the phrase was cut for time. Popular fan theory was that the "Chandragupta" episode was the last one produced, before Nickelodeon revealed that it was actually "The Jewel-Encrusted Egg of Catherine the Great".
  • Role Reprise: Both Kirk Fogg and Dee Bradley Baker returned for the TV movie as Kirk himself (well, a fictional version of himself) and Olmec respectively as was the case on the original show.


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