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Trivia / Crash Twinsanity

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  • Creator Killer: Poor reviews and poor sales of the game were the final nail in the coffin for Traveler's Tales Oxford, and they would shut down as a result.
  • Deleted Scene: There are many cutscenes that ended up reaching the storyboard stage, with some even being voiced, but unfortunately had to be cut like a lot of other content in the game. Some can be viewed here.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • The first game in which Lex Lang replaced Clancy Brown as the voice of Dr. Neo Cortex. He became the regular voice of Cortex from there.
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    • In an interesting note, this is the last game to feature any English cast members from the Naughty Dog games. Mel Winkler voiced Aku Aku for the last time in this title before being replaced by Greg Eagles in Crash of the Titans, while Michael Ensign, who had reprised his role as Dr. Nefarious Tropy in Nitro Kart, returned for Tropy's two scenes in this game. None of the original cast have returned since, including the N. Sane Trilogy.
  • Troubled Production: An astounding example of this. There's loads of missing content, unused ideas, and whole models that ended up getting thrown out. As a result, the game is pitifully unfinished, even if it's pretty fun.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In early stages of development the game was meant to be more of a Si-Fi theme then a comedic theme, with a level set in a Gaudí-inspired greenhouse and one on the floor of a dried-up ocean.
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    • Collecting yellow gems unlocks "unseen extras" which apparently feature ideas and concepts that never made it into the final version. This is lampshaded by Cortex once: "We were going to visit two dimensions, but... we ran out of time."
    • Several hours worth of content was removed from the game, including several returning characters, new levels, Gameplay mechanics that were more combat based similar to the later games, Minigames based on classic games, and a Villain Song for Dr. Cortex entitled "Take a Walk Inside My Brains". Two members of the development team released a great deal of information on these removed items, which can be viewed here.
    • At least two direct sequels were also planned, but never made it past early planning due to Traveler's Tales' Oxford unit shutting down.
    • There were plans for a Nintendo GameCube port, but due to difficulties with porting the engine, the port was scrapped. Similar issues plagued the GameCube port of the previous game.
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  • Working Title: Crash Evolution (In its early stages)

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