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The Sociopath / Star Wars

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The Star Wars universe has provided Loads and Loads of Characters from different planets and species. It was only inevitable that there were a select few that displayed sociopathic traits.

Pre-Disney Era

  • Emperor Palpatine certainly qualifies in every single appearance he has. Lack of Empathy? Check. Manipulates people like chess pieces and only emitting shallow emotions? Check. Experiences extreme rage and is uplifted when hurting enemies? Check. That's just in the movies. The expanded universe has him being a sociopath even when he was a kid (including murdering his parents and siblings), and is incapable of feeling regret when committing heinous actions and various misdemeanors (including manslaughter when driving like a maniac). His cloning attempts only make his sociopathy even worse.
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  • Grand Moff Tarkin is a ruthless Imperial officer, and one of the Emperor's top agents. While in command of the Death Star, Tarkin had Princess Leia tortured and threatened to destroy Alderaan, Leia's homeworld, if she didn't give him the location of a Rebel base. When Leia gave him the information he wanted, Tarkin destroyed Alderaan anyway, killing billions of innocent people, solely to demonstrate the Death Star's power, then ordered Leia's execution. After discovering the location of the Rebel base, Tarkin attempted to destroy that planet as well. Unfortunately for Tarkin, he put too much faith in the Death Star's defenses, and furthermore failed to realize that the head gunner for the superlaser was not a sociopath, and was so full of remorse over Alderaan that he stalled for time at Yavin.
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  • The Revenge of the Sith novelization has Dooku, who checks all of the boxes except for number three: he is incapable of caring about the countless victims of his dreams of empire, he has managed to fool even the Jedi into thinking he's a decent person, he's a tremendously smug asshole when facing Anakin and Obi-Wan, and the closest attachment he develops to anyone is viewing them as an asset rather than a threat.
  • Director Orson Krennic from Rogue One certainly demonstrates many of the disorder's traits. He has a decided lack of empathy for anyone that isn't Orson Krennic, being willing to screw over anyone to get what he wants and willing to run a test fire with the Death Star on a populated city. He also shows a great deal of superficial charm, especially just before he attempts to murder Galen's family; he acts like an old friend while clearly threatening Galen. This is all topped off with a grandiose sense of self-worth and self-entitlement, seeming to think that the acclaim and positions in the Empire he wants are owed to him in some way.
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  • In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Darth Maul has been shown as this. Lack of Empathy? He's either killed, tried to kill, or would be willing to kill almost everyone he's come across in the Canon and Savage at several points seemed no different up until Maul showed genuine sadness over his death, and still grieves years later. Consummate deception skills? He managed to con Pre Vizsla into an alliance, and it was Maul's plan that convinced Mandalore that the Death Watch were heroes and liberators. Superficial charm and persuasion? He manipulated Vizsla, Almec, and legions of criminals into serving him. Troubling childhood? He was "raised" by Darth Sidious. Maul is a high-functioning example, but he fits all the criteria of a sociopath. Ultimately subverted, however; while Maul is very callous, cruel, and manipulative, he's capable of genuine love and affection, which he demonstrates towards his brother, his mother, and, in a rather twisted way, to Ezra.
  • Pong Krell displays politeness whenever he has to, but has no empathy whatsoever, callously manipulates even the Clones who were unquestionably loyal to him, and actively enjoyed massacring them once his duplicity was revealed.
  • Aurra Sing is a bounty hunter who definitely enjoys killing and violence. She attempts to mold Boba Fett into a similarly ruthless killer and only shows annoyance for his moments of moral conflict. She has a friendly and personable demeanor, but it only masks her true sociopathic self. The only people she seems to have some consideration for are Boba, Hondo, and Bane, but Boba was left behind when Aurra was left to choose between helping him and saving herself (she chose the latter).
  • Cad Bane is a ruthless bounty hunter who is high-functioning enough so that it doesn't get in the way of his work, but he is most definitely one of these. He's a convincing liar when necessary, such as when he is convincing mothers to hand over Force-sensitive children who he'll end up handing over to Palpatine. He also shows superficial charm even just before murdering someone. And once he takes a job, he is notably willing to do anything for that paycheck.
  • Emir Wat Tambor has a callous disregard for the lives of others and is solely driven by profit for himself and his company even if it undermines the Separatists in the long run. The closest he's shown to any emotion is anger over his laboratory and "years of research" getting destroyed.

From the New Trilogy

  • Supreme Leader Snoke's generally calm demeanor hides a callous monster who has no qualms about ordering the deaths of billions. He's extremely manipulative and controlling, sports an inflated sense of self (evidenced by his line "I cannot be betrayed, I cannot be beaten"), and demonstrates a sadistic streak when he telekinetically brutalises Hux and tortures Rey.
  • While he was apparently a decent child, as an adult, General Armitage Hux is a rabid fanatic who proudly exterminates billions of lives for the First Order, gloats over helpless enemies, has no empathy for anyone but himself, and has an inflated opinion of himself to match his low opinion of others. He was also an accessory to the murder of his own father, and was prepared to murder an unconscious Kylo Ren to seize power over the First Order for himself.
  • Captain Phasma is a high-functioning example in that she's able to hide behind a Mask of Sanity while making intelligent and well thought out plans to secure her future. She's also absolutely ice cold as she's able to willing straight up murder countless of her own men (Starkiller Base's population is classified, but it could've been hundreds to millions) and her entire own family just for her survival, and also pin the former on an innocent person just to save her skin.
  • The character known only as DJ from The Last Jedi. While he does help Finn and Rose, he is ultimately this: not caring that the information you sold out murdered hundreds of people is just as despicable as cackling in evil glee about it, especially if you coldly add that the hefty amount of cash you got for said betrayal is an adequate justification for doing so. Then again, his body language does indicate some genuine resignation, if not even guilt. Keep in mind that it was either "sell out your allies for wealth and leave unharmed" or "certain brutal death". Being a "True Neutral" with no dog in either fight, what would be the sense of dying for a cause one doesn't believe in? He comes across as less "evil" and more "selfish cowardly jerk".


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