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Examples of Japanese Superlative Dubbing.

  • The Japanese dub of Rick and Morty is known even to fans of the original English version to be very well done. The script translation is spot-on, and the songs sung by the characters are translated well too.
    • Yohei Tadano as Rick Sanchez does a stellar job of portraying him similar to a typical Japanese drunken old guy, while still making him sound like Justin Roiland.
    • Keisuki Chiba's performance as Morty, while some may say loses the nervousness that Justin Roiland gave the character, still gives him the portrayal of a young teenage boy dealing with his psychopathic grandfather.
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    • Manabu Muraji as Jerry Smith deserves mention, as he keeps Jerry's insecurity and meek personality to a T.
    • Several of the things Rick and Morty is known for in the English version, such as Morty referring to Rick by name and several American pop culture references that are Lost in Translation, are changed in the Japanese dub for the benefit of the Japanese viewer. Children calling their elders by their first name is unheard of in Japanese culture, so Japanese Morty refers to Rick as jii-chan, which is pretty much on the same level as "gramps", which reflects the same relationship dynamic Rick and Morty have while making it relatable to the Japanese audience.
  • RWBY's Japanese dub features a combo-platter All-Star Cast of well-known seiyuu including Saori Hayami (as Ruby), Yōko Hikasa (as Weiss), Yu Shimamura (as Blake) and Ami Koshimizu (as Yang), with great line delivery. It's so good that many English-speaking fans watch it in the Japanese dub even though RWBY is as American as apple pie and the original language is English.

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