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A list of Shout-Out from Yaiba.

  • One cover depicts Yaiba, dressed as a ninja, referencing the Tale of Galant Jiraiya (And not Naruto as some people may assume; Yaiba is several years older).
  • Dry Dry/ Supergorilla's costume and powers are a blatant homage to Superman, to the point that he dons a completely different outfit in the anime.
  • The whole seven orbs of the Dragon God thing is one to Dragon Ball.
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  • While trying to open the secret door leading to the Golden Orb, they try out several magical spells. Sayaka says "Alohomora.
  • Goemon Ishikawa looks like a larger and fatter version of his Ganbare Goemon version.
  • When Goemon introduce himself:
    Goemon:" Before you stands the World's Greatest Thief..."
    Musashi:" What!? You're... Cat's Eye !!??
    Goemon:" You Moron!! Do I look like three beautiful girls to you!?"
    Sayaka:" I got it! You're Kaitou Kid!!!.
  • Also when Goemon looks for the Legendary Orb of Nara, in the Italian manga he bumps into a music band singing the opening theme of 'Dragon Ball GT.
  • When Jubei first transform into a werewolf and is asked who he is, he answers:
    Jubei:"Juubei? Who's this guy? My name is Yajirobei!!"
  • Onimaru hit by the Carbon Freeze looks a lot like Han Solo...
  • At one point the Spider Man pulls out a small ball that, when wet, turn into 150 costumes for disquise, prompting Musashi to comment:
    Musashi:"Do you just happen to be a relative of Doraemon?
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  • The first time Yaiba met Gekko.
    Hangetsu: G-G-Gekko!?
    Yaiba: What? Gekko Kamen??
  • How Yaiba calls himself after wearing Sayaka's panties and bikini as a mask against some poisonous pollen?
    Yaiba:" The hero of Justice, Kamen Yaiba!!!"
  • Gozuma looks like Terminator.
  • Princess Kaguya's real form is awfully similar to the Dragonosaur, a Sea Monster showed up in a Crossover movie featuring characters and Humongous Mecha from Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Ufo Robo Grendizer and Getter Robo G and several Super Robot Wars games.

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