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  • As Keitaro's having a Heroic BSoD:
    Naru: Hey, who told you to go all Shinji on me?
  • Keitaro also jokes with Motoko about having Su find them an EVA to fight Tsuruko.
  • There are a lot of Star Wars references, Seta's van has a license plate reading "R2D2", and Naru gets (emotionally) stabbed by a lightsaber at one point.
  • A subversion of sorts – In the final episode of Love Hina Again, Keitaro falls down through the ruins of a haunted building holding the engagement ring he was going to give to Naru. His pose, and the fact that he's holding a ring, are immediately reminiscent of Gollum falling into the Mount Doom crater.
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  • The "Mecha Tama 3" from the Love Hina Spring Special looks like a turtle. It also looks like Thunderbird 2.
  • Final Fantasy shows up every once in a while. Such as: some of Mutsumi's costumes being based on Aerith of Final Fantasy VII fame, a Cactuar on a shelf (next to a starship) while looking for a job; in Volume 3, page 37, frame 6, you can see Squall and Rinoa sweat-drop at Naru and Keitaro crashing into a shelf of plushies; and in Volume 13, Keitaro mentions copying Motoko's Boulder Cutting Blade as being like "Kimahri's Lancet ability."
    • There's also a minor reference to Chrono Cross during Kanako's advertisement parade, where Suu is dressed as Harle.
  • The Pararakelse chapter where Motoko, Shinobu, Sû and co. discover through the latter's radar that they're surrounded by giant turtles, and then are chased by those, with team member rescue sequence and flight with the help of a transporting machine to boot, is a clear Aliens reference.
  • Su's Turtle radar is a reference, to the Dragon Ball series, as it looks just like the dragon radar. Keitaro even jokes about the possibility of getting sued.
  • Godzilla series reference in the anime – In the RPG dream there are two tiny twin Mutsumis who sing to call out a giant Tama in the same way the twins who sing to call Mothra from the Godzilla and its spinoff films.
    • May also count as a reference to Gamera, who is a genuine flying turtle Kaiju!
  • In Su's room there is a Sega Dreamcast.
    • It's shown in the manga that she also has a Nintendo 64. Naru points out she has pretty much every video game console ever.
    Su: You can get all sorts'a things in Japan!
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  • Ma-kun gets a cameo appearance on the cover of chapter 71.
  • During the festival in Chapter 118, Shinobu has a fan with Chiyo's father on it.
  • The manga chapter where Naru finally confesses she's in love with Keitaro with a screamed confession and a tasty deep kiss is called Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (the "Kill Me" part omitted, which is strange considering this is Love Hina).
  • In the first episode of Love Hina Again, Naru is seen sweeping the path in front of the dorm with a wicker broom and apron that are suspiciously similar to those often sported by Kyoko Otonashi in Maison Ikkoku.
  • Multiple reference to Lupin III:
    • In chapter 22, Motoko cuts up a radish in the air in front of a crowd of onlookers, and mutters "once again, I have cut a worthless object." This is likely a reference to Goemon Ishikawa who frequently says this after cutting an inanimate object.
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    • In volume 11, Naru gets tickled by a tickle machine shouting "But I'm not Fujiko!". This is a reference to the famous tickle machine scene in the episode 2 of Lupin III: Part 1 series.
    • During the Pararakelse arc in volume 12, Keitaro compares Kitsune to Fujiko Mine when she play the role of Femme Fatale.
  • A children's play staged by the main characters has Journey to the West as main theme.


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