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Heartwarming / Love Hina

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  • The time Naru got to spend with Keitaro while his flight to the United States with Seta was delayed, or as she puts it, "the three hours God gave us". She very nearly spits it out, being clearly uncomfortable at letting him go throughout and afraid to get lonely for the next half year. Keitaro manages to catch on and makes a(nother) promise with her, that they will be together when he gets back. Later on, at the departure lounge, they fall asleep together, and while Naru wakes up in time for the flight to depart, she sees Keitaro had already left (though not without one final caress), and she looks longingly as his plane takes off. Easily one of the sweetest moments in the whole series, which shows what Naru's heart is really made of.


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