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Tear Jerker / Love Hina

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  • Love Hina: Christmas Special. After an entire series of Keitaro's ass getting kicked, Naru's reveal that she'll go to Tokyo U with him gets 'em flowing every time.
    • It comes full circle in the Spring Special wherein Naru's sister congratulates Naru for making it into Tokyo U. Even she can't hold back the tears.
  • And in the TV series, the story of Moe the automaton and her awakening, restoration, and descent back to motionless silence provides a surprisingly emotional diversion in a normally lighthearted story. The scene that plays out to Yui Horie's "Yakusoku" song in episode 24 qualifies too.
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  • The end credits for the series, the score is so intimate and melancholy at the same time.
  • Shinobu's backstory; dealing with a divorce and having a Friendless Background. It gets more focus in the anime where she moves in and meets the others, turning it into a Heartwarming Moment in the end.
  • Keitaro is kicked out of his home at the beginning of the manga by his parents after failing to get into Tokyo U. twice. Leaving home is hard enough, but being kicked out is even worse.


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