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Series / Noel's Christmas Presents

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Noel Edmonds is here! Joyeux Noel! He's now playing Santa Claus.

Noel's Christmas Presents is a TV show that has run since 1989 on BBC1, and 2007 on Sky1, presented by Noel Edmonds, and is known for its heartwarming moments, giving gifts to those who help others either in a voluntary capacity, for charity, or have suffered illness/bereavement or are in dire straits financially.

An annual fixture on the British schedule, it takes the Very Special Episode concept Up to Eleven and went on hiatus temporarily, returning to SkyOne in 2007, and now it's about to Channel Hop again, although production company Twofour have not yet said which channel it will move to, but speculation is rife it will be on Channel 5, since Sky are ending their contract now to broadcast it.

This show, like Top Gear (UK) and Phineas and Ferb is Trope Overdosed.


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