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Roleplay / Ultimate Chat Fic of Mutual Memeing!

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Ultimate Chat Fic Of Mutual Memeing! is a Danganronpa roleplay hosted on Discord and posted on Archive of Our Own. It follows the trials and tribulations of the casts of all three games as they talk in class chats on discord. It takes place in a Non-Despair AU (which also seems to be a Cloud Cuckoo Land) and is shifted towards the "silly" side of the Sliding Scale of Silliness vs. Seriousness.

Things have been rough for this Roleplay. It was always a source of stress for the lead writer, and gaps between chapters tended to be long. The longest of which being the one between chapters 3 and 4. It got so bad that many members outright left the server. The failed attempt to gain replacements that followed led the lead writer to simply continue or restart the story on their own as a Fan Fic.


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