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Roleplay / Twilight Academy

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I, _____, hereby declare my intent to attend Twilight Academy. I swear upon my life to speak not a word of it to any person, being, or spirit not of the Academy, and to uphold its laws and tenants to the best of my ability. I also attest that all of the following is true and accurate, and that I am not omitting any information from the Academy within this Contract. I understand that the Twilight Academy is concerned with ability, not morality, and that any criminal past is not a bar to entry, but I will be expected to refrain from acts which might reveal Twilight Academy to the public, including being caught breaking any federal laws or using my powers before any person not privy to this information already.
-One of the entry contracts signed by newcomers to Twilight Academy.

Twilight Academy is yet another Bay 12 roleplay, found here. It details the lives of several students within the titular magical academy, as they get around romance, friendship, studying, and life.

So basically, your typical magical academy.

This roleplay displays examples of:


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