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  • A New York City cable provider, Cablevision, overwrites ads on channels like The Hub and Disney XD for local ads. Sometimes, on a particular program, these are the same ads. While Disney XD varies these ads all of their shows, there is one that doesn't — Crash and Bernstein, which only airs two: All Island Jewelry and Loan, and an Optimum ad.
  • On Disney XD, during the last ad break of each show when it was coming to said area in late March 2015, the ad for Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales showed up each break. Also, ads for Skylanders, Big Hero 6 and Power Rangers Dino Charge toys kept playing.
    • During its release, Disney XD would show ads for Inside Out and its related tie-ins, as well as an ad for a Popin' Cookin' like toy called "Yummy Nummies" during each break. The latter ad also shows on Cartoon Network a lot, and it played twice in a row during an airing of Steven Universe.
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  • One rerun of Star vs. the Forces of Evil on Cablevision played an ad for Wicked twice during the local slot.
  • During Toon Disney showings of Garfield and Friends, Gerber Life ads (much like this one) would show up during every single one of them.
  • During airings of Yo Kai Watch, ads for the film Goosebumps, Nerf zombie guns, Little Live Pet Turtles and Monster High showed up on every single episode.
    • Speaking of Yo-Kai Watch, ads for the show seem to play every break. The same thing can also be said about Pickle and Peanut and Kirby Buckets.
    • Neutrogena ads were also common during this show.
  • An airing of Gravity Falls had the same commercial for La La Loopsy dolls twice in a row, right before the show came back from commercial.
  • The DXP block suffered from this in its first few months due to the lack of companies that signed on to sponsor it. Some of the most notorious offenders were, oddly enough, commercials for hygeine companies like Lysol.
  • During the first season of Doraemon, Lunchables and Crashlings ads would always show up during ad breaks, along with promos for Gravity Falls.


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